Women in Thirties Are Men’s Favorite

Once you were wondering if all men love younger girls who are in the twenties. They are young, beautiful, sexy, fashionable and hot. But the truth actually is a little different. As men say, they love the women in thirties best.

First, women at this age have a stable occupation. They have been highly educated and have struggled a lot to be at the position. They are women more than little girls. They have clear plans for their future. Also they analyze themselves more objectively. This results in their economic independence. They no longer rely on the men. They may even drive a luxurious car and live in an elite house. They can drink red wine in an elegant restaurant. At the same time, they can also prepare meals for themselves if they would like to. They have got independent personality and a social status.

Second, they pay great attention to the appearances. Women at a younger age would be proud of youth. Sometimes they may ignore the importance of being look decent and respectable. Women in their thirties know what they should wear in different occasions. They also take excises to keep fit and healthy. After so many years’ practice, they understand what kind of makeup or cosmetics suit them the best. Thus they would not make mistakes and always show their maturity.

Third, their mentality will be more watery. They are not excited as they were younger girls. Once they may cry for a cat’s death, a movie’s sad ending or an unanswered call which the lover forgets to pick up. But now, they know what is really important and what is just emotional. They will not be so mad at the government or other social issues. On the contrary, they are more tolerant and have a second thought on the things or problems they face. They would not draw a conclusion easily but tend to think the whole thing more thoroughly.

At last, they are not shy like young girls when they talk about sex. They will not passively accept it. Instead, they know how they can feel best in this process. They may even take control of it. They can share it with the men with a brave and open-minded attitude. Besides, they will also try their best to make their lovers happier.

In a word, women in thirties are independent, mature, tolerant and beautiful. They are confident and gentle. They know when should they give up while when shall stick to. They can be repressed sometimes while other times make a public appearance. They can be attractive as well as toxic. Thus they become men’s favorite.