Why Women Like Naughty Boys – And How You Can Become a Seductive Bad Boy Yourself

Girls are actually easier to understand than you think. One thing you need to know is that if you confuse a girl a lot, she will be even more likely to fall in love with you. Girls tend to get attracted to guys who are more challenging than most and are termed as “bad boys”.

However, if you are the kind of guy who spends his weekends at home alone, you really need to get rid of your barriers and make some changes as soon as you can. Stop trying to become the perfect guy for the girl you are eyeing. From this moment onwards, your weaknesses no longer exist.

Only nice guys focus on working on their weaknesses and you should not strive to be one of them. Read on to figure out how you can become a bad boy and attract any girl that you want today….

How To Become The Bad Boy That All The Girls Want To Sleep With

Tip #1. Control How You Feel. You have to find out how you can take full control of both your body language and your voice, so as to seem like the leader in everything that you do. Girls are generally born to be submissive, so a trait of dominance is sure to make you more attractive in the eyes of girls. Become a dominatrix and watch girls follow you everywhere you o.

Tip #2. Challenge How She Feels. If you want to keep a girl guessing, you have to pretend like you aren’t interested in her at all so as to challenge her properly. Guys who are always longing for a girl’s attention become boring after a while and the girls will then start to look to other guys for entertainment once they have had enough. Do not work hard for any girl’s attention; make her work for yours instead.

Tip #3. Try Out Hypnosis. The best bad boy technique out there would be hypnosis, as it is both easy and incredibly effective. In fact, it even has the power to make girls fall in love with you in under 15 minutes. You just have to use certain kinds of hypnosis techniques whenever you talk to girls.

If done the right way, a girl’s feelings will peak and each emotional high that she goes through will then get anchored to you. This will make her long to be with you on a subconscious level and she will never be able to stop thinking about you anymore after that.