Why Do Some Churches Stereotype a Christian Rapper?

Part one:



Very well. But, I ask you this: What culture did Christian originate from? And what was that culture like? How did they speak? What did they wear? What kind of music did they listen to?

Christianity began in Israel, in the Middle East, with the followers of Jesus Christ.

So, when you say you do not agree with the language or "slang" that a Christian rapper may use, are you aware that speaking English, Spanish, French, German or any other language, other than Hebrew (or perhaps Aramaic) is Taking the language of your own foreign culture and injecting it into the church? And that the culture that language originated from, was definitely a PAGAN culture? Only one culture had belief in Jesus as our Lord and Savior. He went to the Jewish people, first. ALL other nations were considered gentiles and unbelievers. So, ALL other cultures were pagan.

(By the way, because you reprinted the word of God from Hebrew and Aramaic into English, if you say language outside of the Christian culture (Such as "slang") should not be used, you just corrected the word of God. Languages ​​outside of the native Israeli tongue comes from worldly cultures.)

HERO OR HYPOCRITE? Point 1: If you believe what you say, then you will no longer speak or read any other language, other than what the original Christian culture provided in dealing with the things of God. (Hebrew or Aramaic.)

But, it's also the clothing.

"These Christian Rappers, they dress just like the world, with their baggy jeans, chains and T-shirts."

Okay, fair enough. But, here's the question: "Did the 3 piece suit originate in Israel?" Egypt "Was the modern day dress designed by the original Christian culture?" No. Those things were created in Europe. PAGAN Europe. The 3 piece suit originated in England to be exact. The original Christian culture from Israel, worn tunics, robes and sandals. So, when you come to church to worship God in your double-breasted blazer and pleated slacks, you are injecting European culture and dress into the body of Christ. (Again, that culture is PAGAN and worldly in its origins.)

However, you believe that Christian rappers should have dressed differently from their worldly counterparts. That you should be able to tell LeCrae (Christian) apart from Ludacris (Secular). Now that we've been redeemed, we need to show it in the way that we dress. Not baggy jeans, chains and jerseys, but clean and respectable things like suits and ties.

So, as you come against Christian Rappers and youth for dressing just like "thugs" and "hoodlums", the suits and ties you wear are the outfits of choice for "Genocidal dictators", "Islamic extremists" and "Cocaine Kingpins". Oh, and also for the man who would probably win the title of "Most evil man that ever existed on earth, ever."

Now, I am not saying that Christians and pastors who wear suits are like Adolf Hitler. Again, to make it clear, I AM NOT CALLING YOU HITLER. What I AM saying, is that in the same way that wearing a suit DOES NOT make you a maniac, wearing "Urban" clothing DOES NOT make you a worldly thug. If I did (and I'm NOT) say that wearing a suit mean you were as wicked as Hitler, would not you be offended? Well, think of how the Christian Rapper feels when you compare him to murderers, drug dealers and pimps.

It's not about the clothes. It's about the Christian in them. This is why the word tells us that God is not concerned with the OUTER man.