What is Online Counseling?

The benefits of online counseling from the privacy of your own home or business have become reliable, safe and most often less expensive than the cost of conventional counseling clinics. These services are used as a source of personal growth through problem identification and problem solving. The advantages of online counseling are numerous:

By using online counseling the subscribing client has more of an opportunity to gather their thoughts and carefully select the words that best describes their situation, which allows the counselor to gain greater understanding. This will lead to a more successful counseling experience.

Using the Internet as a median for counseling allows subscribers to articulate their emotions and thoughts in a non-threatening environment.

No one will know or can see that you are receiving professional consultation or mental health advice. Most of the people who ask for help find the online anonymity convenient and useful. This anonymous approach has a powerful impact, because people are sometimes more willing to disclose their private and personal information, which is a vital element for any successful counseling.

Whenever you send me your personal problems and ask for our help, you have to write an email. Writing down and phrasing your problems, emotions and thoughts is considered as an essential part of the therapy process.

Online counseling is fast and efficient. Depending on your situation, some face-to-face clinics require an appointment that may require a wait time of several weeks to months.

Many individuals who need counseling support do not live in an area where this service is available. Since the Internet is available to over 85% of the home in the United States, England and Canada, online counseling is an effective means of communication between a counselor and a client.