What a Buyer Needs To Know About Dominican Blue Amber Beads Before Buying

Ever since the ancient times, for that matter since the Neolithic period, people have appreciated amber for its beauty. The gem is much renowned for its color, shape, and size. Resin extracted from trees happens to be the sourcing material of this exotic piece of the gemstone which has rendered itself to jewelry making. In this context, you will also like to know that Amber derived from tree resin is also used for making perfume and decorative agents. According to some, the stone is also supposed to have healing properties.

See if it floats

As a buyer, you should be aware of the defining characteristics of the Dominican blue amber beads. Only then, you will be in a position to take the right decision. Otherwise, you may be duped into making a fraudulent purchase. So, it is important that you exercise care and caution. It is said, that the authentic beads are found floating on saline water. You can dip the bead that you are going to purchase in water treated with salt. If the stone melts, then, you can be sure about its fakeness. On the other hand, the real authentic ones keep floating on sea water.

Check for the presence of fossilized element

These stones are considered mysterious. What contributes to the mystery is the presence of organic matter that lies embedded in the resin, since the prehistoric times. The Dominican blue amber beads, in particular, preserve insects inside them. So, if you find a stone with organic matter or an insect, you can be sure that it happens to be from this particular region of Dominican Republic. Whether the insect or any other fossilized element is there or not, is thus another aspect to watch out for. Stones with insects inside have a long heritage of some million years.

Know the different shades

Amber beads that are genuine come in different color shades. Yellow and its different shades are most common, but you can also get beads which are green, blue and red in color. As a buyer, you will also like to note that stones red in color are more precious than the other color variations. You will, of course, purchase according to your choice, but do make a note of the color intensity. The more intense is the color, higher is the value of the gemstone.

Assess the intensity

While evaluating the color intensity, you should know how to read between the lines, and distinguish the coated colors from the original color shades. That’s because some of the jewelry designers are found using color coatings, with the intention of enhancing the shade. Do remember that such coated surfaces out with time. But the heat treatment which is given to the beads contributes significantly towards improving their value.

Another point to note

You may come across stones which are transparent, and allow light to be passed through. Similarly, you will bump into options which are opaque. There is an important thing that you should know about the texture of amber beads. They are soft to touch. Consequently, jewelers can mold them to give a wide variety of shapes. The bluish and the greenish stones which are excavated from the Dominican region are softer than the other types of amber.