Trains, Planes, and Automobiles – My First Wheels!

Every child has a love affair with locomotion that only grows when you add wheels. Most of us can remember the Christmas when we got that monumental gift of childhood: our first bike. The desire to create unforgettable moments for our own children is what spurs the hoards of many of us parents out into stores holiday shopping for the perfect gift.

This effort is usually rewarded with guided faces after the holiday shopping has been concluded and the gift given. There is nothing like the face of a child when they first lay eyes on their very own wheels. There is certainly nothing like hearing their squeals of delight and their expressions of freedom when they are zooming up the sidewalk under their own power, with the wind blowing through their hair.

Some parents are hesitant to purchase riding toys for their children because of the rate at which babies and toddlers grow. Do not let this put you off. Most toys are built to grow with your baby and will provide them with hours of fun through their toddler years.

For children who are not able to walk on their own there are push toys that convert into sit and scoot bikes once your baby can walk. These are very popular with children because they can use this as a training toy to help them walk with supervision and without assistance. This provides play for your child over the course of two years!

There are ride on toys, which are also called "feet on the floor" toys that are perfect for the child that is walking. Even before the child is walking steadily, these ride on toys are fun to push with the child sitting on the toy, while you hold him or her stable. You can push them back and forth or even around the room.

There are all sorts of tricycles your child will love. Tricycles offer the next level of freedom after the ride on toys because now, the child can use a pedal mechanism to make the toy go. This is oftentimes, the first opportunity for the child to learn how wheels, pedals and steering wheels work in tandem. Watch their eyes when they first learn how to avoid running into something by using their own hand and eye coordination to get the toy to do what they need it to do. It's an example of freedom, which wheels have always symbolized for all ages.

Pedals come on other wheeled vehicles in the form of pedal cars. In fact, there are not only pedal cars, but pedal trucks, including tow trucks and fire trucks. There are pedal trains for the train-lover. There are also a variety of pedal planes, designed and painted for boys and girls. It sees the younger generation understands equal opportunities in toy options. The pink planes are just as classy as the silver, red and blue ones. And just as much fun.

And with all this talk about wheels, we can not leave out the traditional "little red wagons". Wagons are just as popular as they ever were. In fact, wagons are not just used to carry the children around the neighborhood for a nice walk. You will find them being used at local events, taken on vacations for ease in sightseeing. Not only the kids, but also the gear for the afternoon will fit in the vehicle.

Whatever you choose for wheels for your child, I am sure the toy will provide many years of enjoyment and may even end up being the toy that is passed down to the next generation of freedom-lovers!