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How To Lose Stomach Fat Safely, Effectively and Finally Keeping It Off!

How To Lose Stomach Fat Safely, Effectively and Finally Keeping It Off!

How To Lose Stomach Fat

Have you ever wondered if there’s a ‘secret’ to losing stomach fat? So many of us read and practice healthy lifestyles, exercising and making sure our protein intake is sufficient to keep us from bingeing, and yet many of us still battle the bulge.

Well, I believe I’ve found the answer to this battle and I’m very excited to share with you what I’ve found. There’s a new product on the market by Herbalife, a tried, trusted and true leader in the health and wellness industry with over 30 years of science and products. I tried the product myself and had absolutely AWESOME results. The best part was that all I had to do was incorporate this amazing product into my every day lifestyle and watched the belly fat melt away! I found it to be simply one of a kind and give it a two thumbs up – a definite winner in how to lose stomach fat and even inches in hips!

Prolessa Duo’s One of a Kind Unique Proprietary Blend

Prolessa Duo is a revolutionary product with three key ingredients:

  • Palm Oil– one of the edible plant oils derived from the fruits of palm trees. It’s extracted from the pulp of the fruit of the oil palm, is naturally reddish in color because it is just loaded with beta-carotene. It’s one of the few saturated vegetable fats that has no cholesterol and is known for its ability to suppress appetite.
  • Oat Oil– is extracted from oat in a manner that leaves its biological value intact. It’s rich in oxidation resistance agent such as vitamin E and sterols which can remove the active oxygen free radical resided in the skin cell, defer the aging process, depress the formation of age pigment and protect skin cell from damage. It’s very well known for its use in lotions because of its natural emollients.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid– perhaps the most unique of the three products in the proprietary blend. CLA for short has been beneficial in human health for a very long time. It’s been known to hinder the growth of tumors and is a well known anti-cancer agent. CLA is mostly found in grass fed beef and it’s important to understand it’s capabilities in firming and toning. It firms belly fat, firms the carcass fat and increases lean body mass and reduces body fat.

It’s important to understand that lean body muscle burns more calories than body fat, thus increasing the resting metabolic rates and hence the weight loss effect.

How To Use Prolessa Duo

Prolessa Duo can be added to your favorite beverage, or, you can use it in conjunction with other Herbalife products like the Formula 1 Shake. You can use it like i did by simply putting one scoop of Prolessa Duo into your favorite cold beverage. It comes with a scoop in the container so there’s not need to worry about measuring the exact amount. Simply put one scoop …

Pros and Cons of RFID Technology

Pros and Cons of RFID Technology

I. RFID Advantages

Radio Frequency Identification provides a valuable service that is capable of revolutionizing the way companies track products. There are many benefactors of this technology: the military, retailers, suppliers, consulting firms, producers of the technology, and consumers. RFID provides companies with a better alternative to bar-coding because no line-of-sight is needed to read a pallet, a carton, or a product with a RFID tag. RFID tags also contain information on the product that is easily readable and accessible for the reader. RFID will also begin to automate company’s supply chain, reducing labor costs, human error and time spent checking in products.

In 2005, manufacturers and suppliers requesting new bids from the military must be RFID compliant on four different levels: packaged operational rations, clothing, tools, and weapon system repair parts and components. The military requires that all cartons and pallets are shipped with a Military Shipping Label which displays shipping data. The Department of Defense has created the RFID Military Compliance Solution as a way to help suppliers and manufacturers meet the military’s new standards for RFID. The program is run by Avery Dennison Retail Information Services, and they were commissioned by the RFID Military Compliance Solution. Avery Dennison Retail Information Services sells the RFID tags to companies which must be affixed close to the Military Shipping Labels to comply with Department of Defense regulations.

The U.S. military is saving an enormous amount of money by using active and passive RFID systems. By using RFID for communication and transportation systems in Iraq and Afghanistan, the military is able to diagnose and fix problems much faster than before. The implementation of RFID in just this area will save the military close to half a million dollars this year. The U.S. government has contracted IBM to do research on the current RFID being used currently in the military and the potential future applications for RFID in the military. The military has been successful in creating better visibility throughout their supply chain increasing their productivity and stability.

Retailers and other companies that have a demanding supply chain can gain an advantage on the field by using RFID in the supply chain. By demanding that all levels of their supply chain be RFID capable is a sizable investment. The productivity increase that follows the initial investment and implementation for companies will pay for their investment. Wal-Mart was the first retailer to use RFID in their distribution centers and warehouses, prompting many companies to follow in their footsteps once Wal-Mart’s success was realized.

RFID is very successful with retail companies because it improves productivity, saves on human labor costs, and gives companies real-time visibility with all their products. RFID tags use an Electronic Product Code (EPC) which is an upgrade and a replacement for the Universal Product Code (UPC) system. “EPC has a 96-bit code that has digits to identify the manufacturer, product category and the individual item. Manufacturers obtain registration numbers & assign them to products. Each number is unique to a …

I Lost My Cat! What Should I Do?

I Lost My Cat! What Should I Do?

Thousands of pets get lost every day. This is why 49% of all cats are kept indoors. You can triple their life span and have a better bond with them by keeping them indoors. I know they are natural hunters, but that was in the beginning when we did not live in cities where danger triples at every turn. This is why I advocate that you keep your cats indoors.

Make sure your pet has a collar and tag. Put the words Reward, I’m lost, Indoor only, call my human on the tag along with the phone number. This way if anyone finds him they will know how to contact you.


Calm down! Stop assigning blame and take a deep breath. You are going to need all your wits about you to follow the steps to be reunited with your companion.


Check your house from top to bottom. Attics, crawl spaces, cupboards, closets, garages, drawers and basements. I have had hundreds of calls from panicked humans who can’t find their beloved Fluffy only to discover that he struts out of the back of the kitchen cupboard the next day. Be methodical and calm.

Remember, animals can pick up on your energy. If you are frantic he will be frightened to come out because of all the commotion. If he is the only pet put down bowls of food in the middle of each room and sees if they get eaten. This is a definite sign that your fur angel is still somewhere inside your house.


If your baby is outside it’s time to start the search. Sweat as much as possible and grab a blanket or towel that has your smell on it. When you walk around the neighborhood with an open can of tuna you should be an olfactory beacon for your cat. The sweat on your clothing, the blanket or towel and the tuna is an irresistible combination.

When you walk around make sure to call the kitty in a soft, loving, normal tone. Use a nickname if he has one. If you see him and he does not come to you, sit on the ground and put the tuna in front of you to coax him.

Keep calling him, be patient. After a cat has been out of his environment for a while he can go feral (survival mode) and may have trouble recognizing his human. Once he gets close enough, reach out slowly and wrap him in the blanket and towel and take him home. Remember, the tone of your voice should be sweet and enticing.


Call the Humane Society and inform them about your lost pet. Rent a humane trap and place it by the door where your pet got out. Cover the trap with clothing that has a familiar scent and put his favorite food in it. You might catch some other babies, so know how to release them from the trap.


Getting the …

3 Stop Smoking Patch Reviews – Do They Really Work?

3 Stop Smoking Patch Reviews – Do They Really Work?

Barriers to Quitting Smoking

Out of the many different products available to help smokers quit, patches have been by far the longest and most established methods. But now, in 2010, there are more cigarette smokers than ever before in the United States. Given that these products are very well known, the question must be asked whether stop smoking patches really work. What follows in this article is an examination of the features of 3 patches to find the answer.

1. Equate:

Found exclusively in drugstores, Equate is basically a generic version of brand name Nicotine transdermal patches. They are identical in function and effectiveness to their competitors. Depending on the amount purchased, savings you will keep with Equate or other store brand patches may range from $10-$20.

Because these patches contain Nicotine, however, the calming effects of the patch will wear off as soon as their use stops. The patch user inevitably goes back to smoking because he never actually severs ties with the active ingredient in cigarettes: Nicotine. For this reason, smokers who genuinely wish to quit with stop smoking patches should find another solution if possible.

2. Nicoderm CQ:

This is the flagship brand of Nicotine transdermal patches. Since their original release many years ago, Nicoderm has come out with many new innovative modifications. They come in varied Nicotine strengths, and even offer a clear patch to help conceal visibility on the body. When compared to Equate or other store brand patches, however, Nicoderm offers absolutely no difference in effectiveness.

Despite Nicoderm’s identical formula to generic brands, the company is able to sell considerably more of its product. The only logical reason users buy this product over the cheaper competitors therefore must be from its strong marketing campaign, from tv ads to coupon offers. In the end though, because Nicoderm also continues to deliver Nicotine to the body, its users will invariably return to smoking cigarettes. Less than 5% of Nicoderm users actually quit smoking for good. But there is an alternative.

3. Zero Nicotine:

This natural transdermal patch is distinct from other stop smoking patches because, as its name states, the product does not contain Nicotine. Using an array of natural ingredients, the patch reduces cravings by treating your Nicotine addiction rather than satisfying it. Among all other stop smoking patches, this company takes a clearly unique approach.

Unfortunately, because Zero Nicotine is relatively new to the heavily marketed stop smoking patch market, most consumers looking to quit never discover this alternative. But with time, as more and more smokers discover that continuing Nicotine use will not end their addiction, Zero Nicotine will naturally start to rise in popularity. For smokers who are seriously looking to quit, this stop smoking patch is the best choice.…

High School Wrestling: John Jesse’s Wisdom on Strength and Conditioning

High School Wrestling: John Jesse’s Wisdom on Strength and Conditioning

In 1974, a book entitled Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia was published. This book was written by a man named John Jesse.

Conditioning coach Vernon Gambetta writes, "You are probably asking who is John Jesse? John Jesse was an expert on strength training, injury prevention and rehabilitation from Southern California."

I never knew of this book’s existence until recently even though it’s obviously been around a long time. I came across it while surfing the internet and researching wrestling conditioning.

I borrowed a copy from the public library and found it really fascinating. John Jesse’s book doesn’t seem that outdated even though it was published 38 years ago. He really knew a lot about strength and conditioning.

So, what did he know?

Year-Round Training

Jesse emphasizes the importance of continuity in training. Continuous year-round physical training is imperative if a wrestler wishes to be successful. When discussing the importance of continuity he points out that, “Repeated efforts are required for the formation of conditioned-reflexes in the nervous system required for the development of great skill.”

A wrestler needs to train continuously the entire calendar year. However, Jesse recognizes the importance of breaking down the yearly training into cycles. Jesse divides the year-round training into four cycles.

The Four Cycles

  • Transition (Active Rest) Cycle – a period of one month immediately following the competitive season
  • Basic (Foundation) Cycle – a period of five months divided into three stages
  • Principal (Specific Preparation) Cycle – a period of two months
  • Competitive – generally a period of four months

Jesse advises to take one week totally off immediately following the season and then begin the transition cycle. However, you are not to engage in any wrestling or skills work during the transition cycle. During that cycle one should abstain from any wrestling, but you need to begin training for strength, endurance, and flexibly again. If you take too long of a break the physical attributes you’ve gained will begin to dissipate.

I’m sure that most of you have learned about the concept of periodization. Well, as you can see, that’s exactly what John Jesse is writing about.

In this current age, periodization is still used. Periodization is basically just planning your training. Dr. Fred Hatfield (a.k.a. Dr. Squat) is a big advocate of periodization. In an article entitled The Simplicity of Periodicity he writes of the “tremendous value of short-term periodization in your training.”

Moreover, he adds, “As your competition draws nearer and nearer, your training objectives change, and therefore your training methods change commensurably.”

Sports scientist Tudor Bompa has said, “We either have periodization or chaos.”

John Jesse writes something very similar in his book. He states, “Without a long-range training plan the athlete’s training can easily degenerate into chaos.”

Jesse knew what he was talking about.

Do you think champion wrestlers only work out during wrestling season? Do you think they train in some haphazard fashion? No! They train year-round with a well developed plan in mind just like John Jesse advocated and …

The "Un-Wedding" Wedding

The "Un-Wedding" Wedding

Getting married is as popular as ever these days, but no so the traditional wedding. It seems like more and more couples are opting for celebrations which are as unique as they are and which have more in common with a great party than a typical wedding reception. Take a look at the trend for fresh and fun “un-wedding” weddings.

What truly sets an “un-wedding” reception apart from its more traditional counterpart is attitude. An un-wedding celebration is rarely formal, never stuffy, and a lot of fun. The emphasis is on throwing a party which promises a great time to friends and family, full of delicious foods, wonderful wine or cocktails, and relaxed conversation. This style of wedding celebration can take place at a traditional venue, but may also be somewhere other than the standard club or hotel.

Restaurants are a great venue for an un-wedding reception. A party in a restaurant is going to feel more like a great big dinner party than a standard wedding reception. And by choosing your favorite restaurant, you can be sure that the food will be utterly fantastic, a far cry from the usual chicken or beef entrees served at most receptions. The bride and groom can choose relaxed attire, rather than a heavy looking tuxedo and ornate ballgown. A modern silk organza gown with a black ribbon trim and handcrafted bridal jewelry would be tres chic.

Keep the decor informal and interesting. If it fits the room, a few long tables will feel more family friendly than many small ones. A great look for the table decorations would be a long runner over a simple tablecloth with a variety of decorative elements loosely arranged to tumble down the length of the table. A mixture of flickering votive candles, fresh seasonal fruit, and flowers in short vases will suit the restaurant venue perfectly. One word of caution: not all restaurant venues have room for a dance floor, so decide if that is important to you, and select your restaurant accordingly.

Unusual settings are also popular for un-weddings. Why not select an interesting site like an aquarium or a trendy art gallery for your reception? The space itself will be so visually engaging that you will need to do very little in the way of decorations. Plan your menu to suit the space. At an art gallery, stations featuring contemporary and unique cuisine would be ideal for dinner. Naturally seafood would be appropriate for a wedding in an aquarium.

When working with an off-beat venue, choose your colors to suit the locale. Watery blues and greens would look wonderful for an aquarium, for instance. At a site like a gallery which will have a lot to look at on the walls, a restrained color palette like white and charcoal would blend well. This color combination is one of the most popular for weddings this year for everything from bridesmaid dresses to invitations to handcrafted bridal jewelry. Charcoal dupioni tablecloths with a bit of shimmer …

4 Tips Before You Begin a 3D Origami Model

4 Tips Before You Begin a 3D Origami Model

3D Origami is an ancient paper folding originated from China; it consists of making triangular modules using a small rectangular sheet of paper. Each finished 3D Origami model may consists of a large number of triangular modular units. Below are the 3 tips that can help you to have a smooth journey in your model creation.

1. Choose the right kind of paper

Choosing the right kind of paper is critical in making your 3D model because it is recommended to use a thicker paper rather than the usual origami paper. For my models, I use the paper for printing, where you can find it in any store.

2. Visualize, draw or sketch your model

Have a sketch or a visual of the 3D model that you are creating. You must always plan first before making the model so you will have in mind the colors, materials and pieces that you will need to complete your 3D origami.

3. Star off with easy ones

Don’t start off with big projects, which requires a lot of pieces or projects that includes different kinds of shapes or forms. Start off with simple shapes, like a circle. As you makes more and more you will be able to grasp the techniques or creating and shaping into make different forms and shapes.

4. Pause and take a break

Don’t rush to finish your craft, from my experience I have realized that when I rush to finish a project the quality degrades and you might have wasted all your time and sometimes you might have to redo the full model again. Therefore, take a break as often as you can. The purpose of doing origami is for you to relax and have fun.…

Should You Get A Wedding Planner?

Should You Get A Wedding Planner?

A lot of brides do not think about getting a wedding planner until after the wedding. Not everyone needs a wedding planner. If you are going to plan your own wedding, you need to be very organized, responsible, and you should have plenty of time. Wedding coordinating takes time and that can be a challenge, especially if you work full time. You'll also want to have several family members or friends who are willing to assist; People who will assist you along the way in addition to serving as coordinators on your wedding day. If you do not have all of these elements, you should seriously expect getting a wedding planner.

If you're excited about incurring the extra cost of a wedding planner, know that wedding planners are experts in their field and are skilled at working within a budget. They can often negotiate better deals or rates for you because they have established relationships with vendors.

You pay them to take charge of all the hidden details that you do not even know to think of. The role of your consultant varies depending on what you hire them to do. Coordinating and working with vendors, directing the rehearsal, assisting the wedding party and creating the wedding day itinerary are just a few of the jobs a consultant can take on.

Some wedding planners work exclusively with certain vendors and get x amount of dollars for each wedding they book for them. Make sure that if this is the case you are completely satisfied with the vendors your planner books.

Many brides are willing to coordinate the wedding but need assistance on the day of the wedding to ensure everything goes smoothly. Your planner may be willing to assist you on the day of your wedding only; Inquire about the fees and charges for only this service.

Wedding planners have several methods of setting fees. They may require a percentage of your overall budget; They might bill you a lump sum based on their estimate of the time they spend on your wedding [or they might bill you by the hour. A efficient wedding planner is worth his / her weight in gold. …

Inline CSS Style Is a Google Rank Destroyer

Inline CSS Style Is a Google Rank Destroyer

Valued Reader,

Once you know where these Cascading Style Sheets are, you can remove them by simply repositioning and / or removing these images all together. Those are the two options of ridding your site of Inline CSS Styles. But first you need to know if your site is using these style codes.

Bonus Insight – Once your site is at a Google rating of 88% there are only two ways to take it to a Google Rating of 100%. By boosting your site Domain and Page Authority, which I did cover in another post. Basically it all comes down to content and the quality there, which is why it is so important to install spam check Plugins on your Blog.

You Boost Domain Authority by posting over 1000 words minimum per blog post, and avoid using any characters where you make use of the "Shift" key like question and exclamation marks. However, should you exceed 2000 words that will just be so much more beneficial if your primary goal is to impress Google? This does not apply to uppercase letters, only characters.

You Boost Page Authority by gaining high quality comments and back links to indexed sites. Bad comments often have no profile images, and the website entered in the comment window does not open or hosting has expired. These are the kind of back links you do not want. A simple way to test this is to open the URL shared by the person commenting and also test to see if the email address is active. When everything is active, then even a faceless profile may be a good back link.

How Will You Know If Your Site has Inline CSS Styles?

Well, on this blog's "Tools I Use" page you will find the "Small SEO Tools" site which has 68 different SEO tools you can use at no cost to you. Focus on the 7th Tool titled "Website SEO Score Checker". When you run the search, make sure you are using the Primary Domain only. This typically ends in dotcom, dot net and dot co etc.

Now this tool will reveal more than just the presence of Inline CSS Styles, it also checks for Meta data and tags as well as title. And all it takes is a little research from your side to know how to fix all that, but for the purpose of this article we will just look at Inline CSS Styles and how to remove them for a higher Google Rating.

What Exactly Are Inline CSS Styles?

Inline CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Styles are codes within the HTML of a particular image. It is very likely be recorded as a <style> element in the <head> section. And because the HTML is used for adding images, it automatically get embedded within a particular blog or website. Not all images have inline CSS Styles and we will take a look at where these codes are more likely to be present in the HTML.

But the …

Gold Chains For Guys – The Perfect Gift For Your Boyfriend?

Gold Chains For Guys – The Perfect Gift For Your Boyfriend?

A lot of girls are hesitant about buying gold chains for guys. But if you ask me, I think it’s one of the best gifts that you can give to your boyfriend. More and more guys are wearing different pieces of jewelry everyday and gold necklaces may be right up your boyfriend’s alley. The best part is that they are widely available in many different places and they’re not too expensive if you know where to look. So have you ever thought about getting a gold chain for your man?

First of all, you need to consider whether he would like it as a gift or not. Take a look at his wardrobe and how he accessorizes it. Gold chains are most often worn by men who value fashion. Take a look at how he dresses. Does he wear rings? Does he wear other types of jewelry? Does he pay a lot of attention to the way he dresses? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then a gold chain might be a good fit.

Even if your boyfriend does not value fashion but likes classy items, he might enjoy wearing a necklace. Some guys feel a bit of trepidation about wearing a chain around their neck, but once they realize that it is okay with their girlfriend to do so, they might realize that it is a growing fashion trend. Even though men have been wearing necklaces for years and years, only within the last few years has it really become a trend. Perhaps it is time to bring your boyfriend out of his “fashion shell” and introduce him to something new. Who knows? After a while it may latch on and he could start wearing nicer clothes and caring more about his looks.

Think about how much you would like to spend on your gold chain before you go out to make a purchase. Even though you could easily spend thousands of dollars on high quality gold jewelry, gold chains for guys can cost as little as $30 to $50 if you shop in the right places. What are the right places? Most people would say you should shop online. The internet is your source for an unlimited number of great deals. All you really need to do is hop on your favorite search engine and search for “men’s gold chains” or “gold chains for guys” and you should see tons of online shops in the search results. Take some time to look around at the inventory of these online shops to see if you can get a good deal. Remember to always factor in shipping and handling costs.

So, whether your man is already into good fashion or you are looking to introduce him to it, gold chains make excellent gifts for men. Think about purchasing one for that special guy in your life during the next holiday or special event. Do some searching around the web and you will certainly be able to …