Such A Precious Gift Called Life

Life is a beautiful journey one channels through. Filled with up and down moments; one has to appreciate the precious journey given by the Creator, the source of life. A precious gift which is full of many possibilities, we are to receive life with open arms. Nevertheless, no one was promised a smooth journey. It wasn’t meant to last forever, thus a temporary task, one has to complete. It is a race one has to run. Those who win the race of life, for surety eternal life is granted.

You the pinnacle of Life, accept your existence on this planet. Life is made dull without your presence as each moment of laughter, tears and joy fulfils life. Your purpose in life is to enhance it with love. Life challenging moments are not out of the picture but you exists as a survivor knowing you can channel through them. You are important you have dominion over the birds of the sky. You are to rule with authority fulfilling your primary task to be like a god. Purpose for the entire human race is to multiply and be fruitful fulfilling the earth with creations. Remember, you are a life-giver to many motionless ideas that benefit the human race. Know that the journey you are running is incredible. Out of you should flow rivers of living water to nurture and give life to many creations. Life is a treasure that only you can have which is too expensive to buy and too precious to give away. Live your life as if it would be taken away from you today by the Creator. He gives and also takes life.

We are tenants of something much greater than we could comprehend. Like a tree in the forest, you grow bending and twisted by the seasons of life but still have dignity and beauty in your condition. Created to live a life of abundance that overflows with His love, you are blessed to be alive.

Hard trials come and go leaving you in a stronger state than you were. At times you are to be heartbroken to know what it feels to lose the one you love. You are to face reality of failure for you to appreciate imperfections of yourself. Life will throw you to hit rock bottom at times you least expect it. Some will bruise you, some will hurt you whilst other will reject you but that is the cycles of existence. Incredibly, you are to face and live through many experiences but you are to survive. Just know you are the pinnacle of such a precious gift called Life.