Successful Cold Readings – How To Attract Girls Using Psychology

Cold reading means when the TV psychic tells an audience member something that they're thinking and – "Yes, it's true! How did you know !?" It's not psychic power at all but a simple psychological trick. If you're looking for cold readings to help in how to attract girls, here is a list of ones that work beautifully:

"I bet you've got an older brother that you get along with really well."

This is a shot in the dark, but if it hits, she'll think you're a genius. Most women feel like they get along better with older men, and also most date older men.

"I bet you're kind of dramatic when you're with your friends."

This is a quality that probably every woman earth has. The point of it is to lead her to thinking about emotions.

"I think you're the type who's good at keeping secrets."

Most women, and men for that matter, think that they're good at keeping secrets. But what you're really getting her to accept here is that the two of you can open up with each other. The things you do tonight will not leave the bedroom. You are leaving an impression that you are not the kiss and tell type of guy.

"You've probably had to deal with issues more than I have."

By "issues," you can plug in whatever you're talking about. This one works great when you're talking about society's judgments. You want to establish that it's just society that says women should not be fully sexual. She's had a hard time with this, and you can understand. It shows you to be non-judgmental.

"I can tell that you're the independent type. You do not care what people think about you."

The idea is to frame her as independent, meaning that she's sexually independent. Lots of girls hold back because of the things society has said to them. This will get her to go along with her gut feeling. Make her feel that she is the sexual aggressor!

The idea behind all of these is that they're true of most women, but when you say them, it sounds like you reached right into her heart and dropped it out. It makes you look perceptive, like you're a great reader of people. Once she thinks you know more about her than she knows about herself, you've got her in the palm of your hand. Give these a shot the next time you're working on how to attract girls.