Some Tricky Job Interview Questions and Their Expert Model Answers

Here are some great job interview questions and their model answers.

How would you describe yourself as a person?

Two parts to this answer, the work related person and the person outside of work. For the work related person this is part of your personal pitch and should closely reflect that statement. Everyone will have a different personal statement that you need to memorise. These are all soft skills. Here are some examples which you can use to impress the interviewer. Soft skills such as communication skills, team-work, enthusiasm, professionalism and perseverance will cover all the bases. Additionally add what you are like as a person outside of work. Start the statement with a 3rd party endorsement it sounds better even if the question is how you would describe yourself.

I think work colleagues would say I am a hard working, enthusiastic team-player. Someone willing to overcome obstacles and persevere until a job is done well and professionally. They would say I have a solid knowledge base and I am delivery focused and an ambitious achiever. Outside of work I am very similar in with enthusiasm and positiveness with a wide range of friends and interests.

Often it is not what you say but how you say it that counts. When you state the above make sure you smile and say it with enthusiasm and cheeriness. It will reinforce the impression the interviewer sees!

What additional qualifications have you taken in the past years to better your skills?

Bit of an unexpected question but don’t just answer ‘none’. List any training, membership of professional organisations, formal qualifications and even things like focus groups. The interviewer is looking for an answer that shows ambition, awareness of the needs for continual improvement and commitment.

Have you ever lost your temper at work?

”Never”…but don’t say it like this in a one word answer. Soften the harshness of the reply by saying…’ Fortunately I don’t recall ever having to lose my temper.” Don’t try to elaborate it may make you sound as if you are hiding something. Talking endlessly to fill silence does not look good and comes across as untrustworthy. Also again notice how to avoid using the word NO or NEVER, the sound negative and needs to be avoided.

Have you ever come close to losing your temper?

Need to tread a bit more carefully. You would not be human if you didn’t get angry inside. Play down the answer. It is bordering on negative territory so try to close the question off.

”There are times when like everyone I have been frustrated and annoyed. But I like to maintain a professional approach to all such situations. Fortunately I have never lost my temper.

Have you ever lost your temper outside of work?

”Fortunately not recently, but I can get irate like anyone when I see injustice or unfairness.” Important to keep this line of questioning brief. Also it would be unnatural to deny you have ever lost your temper outside of work. Referring to any recent events side steps having to discuss this further.

How would friends describe you?

Similar to the previous question but more directed at you socially. Bit of a silly question but quite a common one which gives you a chance to shine. Add in some light-hearted remarks and throw in some attributes which would very much apply to you doing your job effectively. Don’t mention drinking, gambling, sex as recreational activities you enjoy with your friends. Keep the answer light.

”I believe they would say I am sociable, down to earth, good fun, honest, straight talker, enthusiastic and good company.” All of which could be good characteristics in the work place.