Rose Symbol for Friendship

Valentine’ day is also called Saint Valentine’s Day and Feast of Saint Valentine. It is celebrated in esteem and praise of Roman priest St Valentine or else Valentines. Later called saint who was crucified in AD 269 at Via Flaminia. Thus February 14 is celebration in remembrance to the saint.  Beloved exchange gifts and flowers and pledge love for each other. Since 19th century the day is celebrated in Europe, and North America.  In Europe feast is served in name of the saint.  Valentine Gifts for rose day is glorified on February 7 each year all over the world. Rose flower is offered to the sweetheart as a token of love.  Rose day is acclaimed with joy, enthusiasm, devotion and eagerness by younger steady going couples, new acquaintance are made and elder couple go out and feast on this day. Rose makes the integral part of the celebrations.

Rose is a representation of love and is indicative of beauty in the nature.  The rose presentation makes you feel the vibes of love at heart you feel overwhelmed and happy.  Feelings are reciprocated and relationship becomes a binding one.  The smile say it all about the mood and intention.  If the word rose is seen as an abbreviation it means rare ones supporting entire life. Most people on this day date each other but some occupied elsewhere send gifts for the sweetheart. Gifts for Wife by doting husband is picked thoughtfully. Card is scribbles with love messages or SMS is sent which is a quicker method. Husbands absence makes the wife sad and message from the husband brighten up her day. She is joyous and wait for him eagerly, emotions are reciprocated. Some of the messages are as follows;-

Spend lot of time thinking of you and look forward to being together again so that I can express my love once again.

I have found your soul; you do not now require makeup to attract me ours is a lasting relationship. Our relationship is based on love and feelings of care.

Lovely roses for a lovely person of words and action; never suspect our love is true, it is a relationship of heart

May difficulties never cross your path, May life keeps your smile intact, May God bestow happiness in your life; this is my wish for you now and always.

With passage of time my love for you has evolved; aging will not diminish it and I will love you till I live.  Your love has made me a strong person that is why you are so special for me. Roses for a wonderful person.

There are many options to celebrate the rose day. You can send your wife roses with sweets like cake and chocolate; add a greeting card to the list. Traditionally Romans gave heart shaped message written doves and cupids. The tradition is alive today and makes a good gift. A single branch of rose sends across the message that the sweet heart is a unique person in life. However a bunch of roses conveys the feeling to the receiver that hope to get special place in your heart.  It is a symbolic way of saying ‘I love you’. Roses say unsaid words.  Rose thus represents since time immemorial affection, tranquility, love, tribute, fondness, praise and so forth.