Nine Things Every Woman Should Have

Every woman needs certain things in her life to either make life a little easier or better. So many items could be mentioned but everyone needs a good starter list that covers beauty, fashion and more. Here is short list to help them out.

1. A great pair of jeans. No matter your shape or size every woman wants to have pair of jeans that fit her just right. Jeans are a cotton product and come in many different styles and fits depending on the curves of a woman’s body. Polyester or spandex is added to the denim to give the material a stretchy effect and this allows to move with the body and hug it. If you are looking for more wardrobe staples, jeans and other clothing are on this list.

2. Pajama’s/lingerie that she feels sexy in. It doesn’t matter who is seeing it or if anyone ever sees your pajama’s or lingerie at all. Either way what you have underneath your clothes and what you wear to bed should make you feel amazing.

3. A skincare regime for her skin type. Skincare is custom made, not one size fits all. Every woman should know her skin type and if it changes in different environments, with the changing of the season or with the foods she’s eating. Skin can be very sensitive and a lot of the times it is showing us what is going on within our bodies. The products you use on your face don’t need to be expensive or a bunch of things. Every face needs a cleanser, sometimes a exfoliator or a spot treatment and a moisturizer. Sephora is the perfect place to find any skincare needs.

4. A great pair of comfortable but cute shoes. For every woman this is going to be different. Every foot has different needs and feet do not come in one shape or size. A woman should try on many different shoes and find a pair that she doesn’t necessarily have to run a race in but that she can go throughout her day and not want to burn them in the end.

5. A great lipbalm or lipgloss. First off, it’s best to start with smooth lips before applying any lipbalm, gloss or lipstick and a scrub with sugar and water will help take off dry skin. Once your lips are ready there are so many great lipbalms and lipglosses. Which product to buy all depends on which colors you like and if the gloss or balm fits your needs.

6 & 7. A great tote bag and a sturdy set of luggage. You never know what opportunity may come up within the week, month or year and no one wants to carry their products around in a garbage bag. Investing in a great set of luggage is a must because you want everything you packed in your bags to make it to the end of your trip. Also, a great tote bag is needed because it can be a carry-on or an overnight bag that can hold all your necessities. A list of tote bags across several price points can be found at the following page

8. Some awesome sunglasses. Whether you want a statement pair of sunglasses or just something to cover your eyes from the sun, every woman should have at least one set of sunglasses. There are so many different types of sunglass shapes out there from aviator, cat eye, square, pillow, butterfly or rectangle. Every face shape has multiple options in styles so that the right one can be found just for them. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a great pair of sunglasses because you can find them in every price point. From a no name pair in a convenience store to Ray-Bans to Michael Kors and even Prada.

9. A journal. It is always important to have something where you can write down your thoughts, sketch something or compose the next hit song or movie. Having a journal allows you to not have to search for a piece of paper when you have something on your mind. It also allows you to have a place to put all of your ideas in one place without having to worry about a program shutting down before you saved what you were working on. A journal can be a sounding board when no one is around or a creative outlet.