Luxury Streetwear: Why Abloh’s Business Model Is Moving The Fashion Industry

Streetwear is moving the entire fashion industry since 2013. With the rise of many independent designers and niche brands like Bape and Anti Social Social Club, we can clearly state the fact that what was once known as “cheap”, “boor” clothing, now is easily associated with terms like “luxurious”, “designer-based” and “exclusive” after Virgil Abloh‘s OFF-White brand became the colossus that now is. Let’s break down why Virgil’s business model is the most successful one when it comes to mens designer fashion.

From Kanye To Louis Vuitton, The Rise Of A Design Idea

When Virgil launched his brand OFF-White, he was famous already, given the fact that he was Kanye West’s creative director. From that, Abloh was able to develop his career as a fashion entrepreneur, designer and most of all, icon. Being the current Louis Vuitton’s creative director, Abloh has the power and (most of all) the intention of bringing designer streetwear to the mainstream, by creating flashy yet high-class pieces for an increasing audience. Everything is iconic within his realm, from a plain black tee to his designer trucker caps.

The Evolution Of Other Brands

OFF-White had a significant impact on many other brands’ planning: Gucci, for example, decided to heavily invest on the matter by producing 5 different lines of streetwear clothing within a single year timeframe, which was something that any boutique-related brand has ever done. While Gucci is probably the brightest example, many other well-renowned brands like Fendi decided to follow the same path, embracing the streetwear movement combining their trademarks with the market’s trends.

From Fashion To Everything

Virgil is one of the most wanted creative people in the world. Not only as a fashion designer but also because of the fact that his creativity has a natural predisposition towards “becoming viral”. OFF-White’s shapes and style are indeed very flashy and that is the reason why the entire line of products is a fashion icon. With that in mind, it’s easy to then understand why Virgil was able to collaborate with brands like IKEA and Nike.

To Conclude

Virgil Abloh was able to deeply brand himself as a businessman and as a fashion director and therefore became a global sensation. At the moment, saying that Abloh is the biggest fashion sensation is not an exaggeration: with $ 3 million net worth, we can surely expect big things coming from him and his brand(s). Many hypebeasts are currently waiting for the already announced collaboration between Louis Vuitton and OFF-White, which is coming right after the second “AIR” one with Nike, due to November 2018.