Looking for a Great Gift? Consider These Classic Collectibles

Shopping for birthdays or holidays can be difficult. You wander around the mall with your head spinning over all of the people you need to buy for. What would they like? What do they already have? What could they use?

This can make the holidays even more stressful than they already are. Sure, it is the thought that counts, but you also want to give someone a gift that will make his or her day. To show them that you really thought about who they are and what they would like.

Here are a few options for timeless gifts that would be perfect for a wide range of individuals. Think about what the people who are close to you are like, and then the choice should be easy.

Buying for a classic car buff?

Sure, it would be nice to buy the vintage car fanatic you know a top of the line classic ride, but most people do not have the money to do that. Split the difference with a limited edition model car that they can proudly display in their study.

You can get a limited edition model of the 1970 HEMI Plymouth Barracuda Mod Top. This was one of Chrysler's most impressive muscle cars of the time, featuring a powerful engine and sleek design. This model is limited to just 1,00 pieces.

Or does the motor-head on your list like something with a little bit more style and class? A model of the 1958 Chrysler 300D would look great on their desk. This convertible had long rear fenders that made it look as if it was about to take flight. It had a dramatic front grille and looked always ready for summer in its baby blue paint job.

These are just a few of the amazingly detailed model cars on the market. Take a look around and see which one fits the personality of the person on your gift list.

Know someone who can not get enough of The King?

Every family has one … a music lover with an unquenchable thirst for all things Elvis. If you know someone who loves The King, your gift list for him or her is always going to be easy to fill up. There are all sorts of great Elvis memorabilia items out there.

Fill out their collection with Elvis: The Complete Masters Collection. This fantastic 75th Anniversary set includes 711 digitally re-mastered recordings on 36 different compact disks. These hits span the decades from Elvis' first single, "That's All Right," all the way through the '60s and into the' 70s.

Or give your Elvis-obsessed family member a stunning piece of art to hang in their living room with The King of Rock and Roll Framed Print. This dynamic fine art print features a full body portrait of Elvis in the foreground, as well as his face magically backlit by the sun off to the side. The Graceland seal is displayed on the matte and is accented with 24 karat gold. And what color is the matte inside the hardwood frame? Well it is blue suede of course.

Want to dazzle your wife?

Whenever it is time for a holiday, buying that special lady in your life a piece of fine jewelry is always a safe bet. Just be sure you take the time to look at what she usually wears before you go out and buy anything. You want to make sure it is something that will fit her style and wardrobe.

The Ring of the Renaissance is a delightful piece that is a work of art in its own right, while showing off another one. A replica of Michelangelo's painting "Testa Femminile di Profilo" is carefully sculpted in mother of pearl in the center of this ring. It is surrounded by a sterling vermeil band that comes in either black onyx or gold. If the love of your life has a passion for the fine arts, treat her to this intriguing option.

Does a woman in your life have a classic and timeless style? Then consider buying this elegant replica of Jackie Onassis's legendary pearl necklace. Three strands of European glass faux pearls were crafted straight from the molds of Jackie O's famous necklace. The original necklace sold at an auction for over $ 211,000! This is a great gift for a working woman who still demands a touch of style and class.

When out shopping for a gift, try not to let all of the options out there overwhelm you. Take some time beforehand to make a list. Not necessarily a list of exactly what you want to buy, but make a list of characteristics of the people you know and love. Write down their hobbies, their interests, their favorite movies, colors, and fashions. All of these things are what will make you see something and finally say, "That is just right."