How to Tell If a Man is Just Dating You For Sex

Any woman can get a man. But the game a woman has to back up her looks will help her keep a man. When a man is first getting to know a woman, he usually puts her into one of two categories:

1. The potential girlfriend category.
2. The potential sex partner category.

Now the requirements for a woman to be placed in the potential girlfriend category varies, depending on a man's particular needs and needs. Before a man places a woman in this category, he looks at her credentials. And the credentials could include a hundred things. A man might take a woman's educational background into consideration. He might consider her culinary skills. He may take her sense of humor, her diet regimen, her sex appeal, or a host of other things into consideration before he puts a woman into the potential girlfriend category. But it does not take much for a man to put a woman into the potential sex partner category. The requirements are minimal. As a matter of fact, a woman just needs to have two things in order to get placed into the potential sex partner category:

1. A sex organ
2. A pulse

In most cases, when a woman is first dating a man, if she does not meet any of his qualifications to become a potential girlfriend or mate, she automatically gets placed in the potential sex partner category.On the other hand, a woman in Most cases actually has to like something about a man before she will have sexual relations with him, and she will require him to have certain credentials before she gets physical with him. So a lot of women end up thinking that just because a man wants to sleep with them, he must see some special qualities in her as well.

Which brings us to: A man does not have to like you to have sex with you. A very common question that I often hear women ask is, "If a man just wants sex, how come he does not just say that in the beginning?" The answer is, most men at least have some common sense. Let's be realistic, ladies. Do you honestly think that a man is going to step to you and say "Hey look, I just want to hit that ass?" If he did, you would dismiss him with the quickness. Men know that, so guys at least have enough common sense to know what to say, and what not to say, to get what they want and not salt their own game. So ladies, it's up to you to figure out what a man's true agenda is, instead of complaining about what he should tell you, and what he bought to be doing.