How To Save on Wedding Jewelry

Your wedding should be the most beautiful day of your life – and you deserve to look the part as the bride. However, wedding jewelry can quickly get much too expensive, especially if it is going to be something that you only wear once. There are ways to cut down the cost of your wedding jewelry, and save money overall.

First of all, deciding on an overall theme right away can help you look for pieces leading up to the wedding, so that you can take advantage of deals right away, and are not stuck buying wedding jewelry at the last minute. If you are able to decide on the type of jewelry you'd like months before the wedding, it will give you plenty of opportunities to find good deals. Next, keep in mind the overall style, and try to shoot for something that is not at the top of the expense list. For instance, if you can go with mainly silver pieces instead of gold, you'll find that your items are cheaper.

If you are able to buy your wedding jewelry ahead of time, you can also take advantage of the changes in the seasons. As new jewelry comes out each year, the older styles are often retired and some are sold at discount prices. You can keep your eye on a piece of jewelry that you'd like for your wedding, and then be sure to wait until it has been discounted to buy it. If you are buying jewelry from a place that you know will do this, be sure to keep careful track of the time so that you do not miss out on your perfect piece.

If you want that diamond look, but do not want to have to pay for it, try using Swarovski crystal pieces instead of diamonds. They'll sparkle on you in just the same way, but you will save money.

Another way to save money on your wedding jewelry is to think about where you are buying it. Designer jewelry may have the perfect look for you, but it is going to be the most expensive jewelry. If you can buy custom made jewelry from a good vendor, you might be able to find pieces that look just like, or similar to, the expensive designer jewelry that you can not afford. You will also find that this type of custom Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry can be more rewarding because the pieces can be unique, which will mean that you've got something that no one else has for their wedding.

You can also see if your mom or any other female relatives have jewelry that they'd allow you to wear. It can be a perfect way to incorporate your "something old" into the tradition. However, if you find that perfect piece to buy for yourself, someday it can be your daughter's something old!