How to Hit Her G-spot & Give Her an Astonishingly Fast Orgasm – You Simply Can not Afford to Miss This

Nothing can be more pleasurable for a woman than a strong G-spot orgasm. Stimulation of her G-spot makes most women orgasm faster than you can possibly imagine. But the main question most guys have is where is this G-spot located and how can one effectively stimulate it to ensure maximum pleasure for the girl? Read on to discover where this G-spot is and how you can effectively stimulate it to give her that ultimate pleasure in bed ………

It's two inches at the opening of the vagina- The female G-spot is located right two inches from the opening of the vagina at the top. This means the real G-spot is right below her pubic bone and feels like a spongy tissue when touched.

Use the right motion- Now you actually do not have to know the exact location of it but by using some simple yet effective techniques you can directly hit the G-spot and simplify her to help her achieve an event orgasm. This can be easily done by using your middle two fingers and going in the up and down movements instead of going in the in and out motion. You see going up and down would directly pilot her G-spot to the extreme and she will achieve greater levels of pleasure within no time.

Use the right position- There are positions too which directly activate her G-spot very effectively. Missionary position has been known to be one of the best when it comes to the matter of stimulating her G-spot, at the same time standing position is also known to be real effective as again it directly hits the G-spot.