How to Give a Girl a Dripping Wet Orgasm

Female ejaculation is real and it is possible for your woman to have a soaking wet orgasm. You can give her an orgasm that she will absolutely forget and that will easily be one of the most amazing and powerful experiences of her life. You want to be able to do this for your girl so it is time that you learned how to give a girl a dripping wet orgasm.

The biggest obstacle to overcome has nothing to do with you and everything to do with your girl. Every woman has the ability to ejaculate but a lot of women don’t want to. This is because the ejaculation sensation is similar to that of having to urinate and this is something that worries women. When the having to urinate feeling comes, they hold back and never let go. Once they get over that hump, the urinating feeling goes away and they are sent into pure bliss. You need to assure and reassure your woman that everything is going to be okay and you don’t care what happens.

Once she gets into the right frame of mind, then you can start to give her the biggest and wettest orgasm of her life. Start by stimulating her clitoris first. This will help to get her more aroused and ready for orgasm. Then slide two fingers inside of her and work the g-spot. The g-spot is the powerhouse for the female ejaculate so this is the most important area to stimulate.

Keep going and going until she says it is time, then you must remove your fingers from her body and keep stimulating the clitoris. This gives room for the ejaculate to expel itself from the body. Keep going on her clitoris though, because you don’t want her to lose her orgasm. Use these tips to give a girl a dripping wet orgasm tonight.