Give Give Up Now!

You need to decide when you will give up.

While that might sound like a very negative comment, it might just be the key to keeping you going.

Right now I can tell you some of the things that WILL come to you as you run your online business:

* Someone will steal your product, your money or both.
* Your website will be down through no fault of your own at the same time your largest advertising campaign ever hits.
* You will be shut down for unsolicited email – without even the chance to defend yourself.
* You will go a day, a week or even a month without a sale.
* Everyone you know will tell you you're crazy.
* Your product will be ripped to shreds in a scathing review.
* Your traffic will drop to almost nothing overnight and you will not be able to figure out why.
* You'll spend hundreds or even thousands on a sure-fire. can not miss ad campaign that produces * zero * sales.

I will * guarantee * that most – if not all – of these things will happen to you in your online business. So, decide now if any of these things will defeat you.

How is this an advantage to you? Simple: You then do not allow yourself to quit until that thing happens.

Here's what I would recommend be your time to give up:

Give up when you have enough passive income coming from your business and enough money in the bank to support you for the rest of your life.

If that's when you decide to give up – and not before – you will certainly be a success.

Copyright 2003 by Kevin Bidwell