Five Great Texas Tourist Attractions You’ve Never Heard Of

If you are a fan of trying to find some of the more off-beat attractions a state has to offer, you need to rush right over to the Lone Star State, where you will be completely taken back by the sheer number of unique Texas tourist attractions. Given the size of Texas (roughly a quarter of a million square miles), it’s no wonder that you’ll come across some tourist attractions that aren’t quite on the radar.

Rather than try to search endlessly for a list of these “must visit” places, here is a list of five very cool tourist attractions you need to see ASAP. It’s important to mention that part of why they are included in this list is that they have significant cultural & historic importance to the area, and these places share similar features to other more well-known landmarks both in Texas and across the country.

With that said, here we go:

The Gallery at Round Top in Round Top, TX – Round Top is already very well-known for its antique shows, but they also have the distinction of having one of the more interesting art galleries around. World-class artwork is on display, and right away, you notice a very relaxed feel to the place. After all, it is housed in an old barn, and visitors are lulled into a relaxed state by some light music & soft, flowing water. There is not an attempt to move visitors based on volume visits or a need to purchase the art work. Rather, staff welcomes visitors to take a leisurely pace when checking out all that the gallery has to offer.

Brenham Heritage Museum in Brenham, TX – Sometimes, the best museums are those located in small towns & with a desire to preserve the history of said small towns. The Brenham Heritage Museum is housed in an old federal building built about a venture ago, at which time it operated as a United States Post Office. Not only does the museum aim to reflect the history and culture of the town of Brenham, but it also aims to preserve the history of Washington County, considered to be the epicenter of Texas Independence. As if this weren’t enough, the building itself is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. (Note: the museum is currently closed for renovations due to flood damage; check museum website for updates)

Flying Horses Antique Carousel in Brenham, TX – Fans of early 20th century craftsmanship are sure to be a fan of this amazing carousel. Not only does the carousel carry weight for the horses’ maker, but there is a lot of history behind the way the carousel came to be in Brenham in the first place. The Flying Horses Carousel is only one of five surviving classic wood carousels that exist in Texas, and per the National Carousel Association, the Flying Horses Carousel is the oldest in Texas and one of the few remaining carousels consisting of Charles W. Dare horses. This carousel was discovered in 1930. It was left in a pasture years earlier, during the Depression, by a carnival that couldn’t afford to pay rent on the land they used for their carnival. The Washington County Fair Association was convinced that the carousel could serve the community, and the restoration took place.

Texas Baptist Historical Center/Museum in Independence, TX – The Independence Baptist Church was begun in August of 1839 and is the oldest continuously serving Baptist church in Texas. Independence Baptist Church was the church of Sam Houston, one of the fathers of Texas Independence. The efforts of Independence Baptist Church were instrumental in founding Baylor and Mary-Hardin Baylor colleges. Due to the progress of railroads & the changing times, accessibility to the colleges got harder, causing them to move (Baylor University in Waco, TX and the University of Mary-Hardin Bay in Belton, TX). This museum is a true Texas treasure.

The Lone Star Gallery in Warrenton, TX – If you’re an antique junkie,The Lone Star Gallery is the place to be for all things antique. The Lone Star Gallery has all kinds of antiques including pieces that are American, French, industrial, vintage, Jewelry, Mid-Century Modern, Western, repurposed, and more. If you happen to be looking for a specific piece, the gallery has also added dealers for the discriminating shopper looking for that one-of-a-kind original. With over 30,000 square feet of space, every visitor are sure to find something.

Texas tourist attractions, especially those that have remained rather unknown, are an absolute thrill to explore. If Texas is on your “must visit” list, head over soon & bring your adventurous side along!