Drag Racing Books – A Gift For Anyone Who Loves Drag Racing Cars

There are plenty of unique gifts you can give to a drag racing fan, but drag racing books must be at the top of the list. Why? Because books contain knowledge and with knowledge comes power. What the heck am I talking about? Well, think about it. What do race fans love to do? Watch racing, of course … and drink beer. And what happens when racing fans drink beer? They make bets about racing trivia.

Who ran the first 300 MPH pass in Top Fuel Racing? What was the name of the old drag strip at McGuire Air Force Base? In what state did the NHRA get it's start? The fan who knows these and all the other trivia about drag racing will not only win enough bets to buy his wife something nice, he'll claim bragging rights as the most knowledgeable motor head on the block.

The next best thing to drag racing books is merchandise. This can range from the useful to the "what the heck is that?" What guy is not going to love his "Christmas tree" alarm clock or his "Drag Racing Maniac" hoodie. For cool, vintage stuff, check out the swap meets or eBay. You'll find posters, decals, old magazines and plastic models. Keep a special eye out for any Rat Fink memorabilia from "Big Daddy" Roth. It's very collectible now.

If you're looking for a gift on line and you do not know much about the quarter mile yourself, search under "top fuel dragster," "funny car," "gasser," and "pro stock." These are all types of dragsters and will give you more gift ideas.