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Top 11 Australian Beauty Brands That Every Aussie Lady Must Know

Top 11 Australian Beauty Brands That Every Aussie Lady Must Know

Australia is one of the leading countries in the world when we talk about beauty development. Australian cosmetic products are manufactured and formulated while having their lifestyle and need in mind. Here is the list of top Australian beauty brands that every Aussie babe must know. Let's dig deeper into each of them.

1. Jurlique

Jurlique is a luxury and one of the most iconic skin care brands, which beauty products are made from ingredients planed and harvested on the Jurlique farm. The good thing about Jurlique beauty products is related to its ingredients which are handpicked and preserved when they are at their best naturally. Aussie ladies love the Jurlique Nutri-Define collections that have many anti-aging and plumping advantages.

2. Sodashi

Sodashi is one of the most luxurious Australian spa and skin care brands that delivers awesome skin care without using any harmful chemicals. The brand offers the purest skin care collections throughout the world. Rose body lotion and Jasmin skin treatments are the best examples of this brand.

3. The Base

The Base offers the complete collection of self-bronzing products including graduual and instant tanning products, bronzing illuminators, skin perfecting creams, and cheek tints. In general, these beauty items are the base of any makeup look. Ladies will love to get them because they help to make gorgeous skin without skin looking like you covered on your bronzer.

4. Aesop

Aesop beauty brand is dedicated to providing best quality and highly effective products. Their products are backed by deep research and natural ingredients. They have their own chemists that work in a custom laboratory. And the most exciting thing about the brand is that it never minds to the voice of their customers. And they constantly improve their products according to the demand and trend of their customers.

5. Inika

If you are in search of high quality, pure, and organic cosmetic products, Inika is the answer. Almost all the Inika products are made from organic materials, without any mixing of animal origin, chelating agents, and parabens, etc. The brand has already achieved several awards due to its great highlights and foundations.

6. ModelCo

The brand is popular for providing supreme quality, quick-fix, and cheap price products for Aussie ladies. The iconic Tan in a Can was the first of its type, developing the idea of ​​an aerosol self-tanner. Other well-known products are related to the LED illuminated Lip Lights gloss and the revolutionary LashWand heated eyelash curler.

7. Eleven

Eleven better reflects the Australian lifestyle. Their beauty products are not only simple but work beyond the expectations. All products are well maintained as well as highly effective, and available at affordable price tag. And the most prominent thing about the brand is that it is PETA verified and free from parabens. Do some comparison shopping, and you will be amazed how much you can save on these beauty products.

8. La Mav

La Mav is one of the largest skin care and cosmetic brands of Australia. The …

Vin Dicarlo Pandoras Box – How to Talk to Women

Vin Dicarlo Pandoras Box – How to Talk to Women

So what is the easiest way to attract girls? That is a very vague question. It all depends on what kind of women you are dealing with. Every girl is different just like every person is different and not everyone likes what the next person likes. So the real question should be how do I attract the girl that is right for me? I will be talking about a few ways to do this throughout this post.

First, we want to find out what type of character a certain girl has. For example, a girl that stays all day at a library is probably very different from a girl that spends her time taking martial arts lessons. To find out what kind of personality she has is very easy. We would need to know just a few things to drill it down.

We want to know if a girl has a lot of guys that are trying to go for her, or does she seem like the person that would most likely to stick to the first guy that approaches her. Then we want to find out whether or not she is a shy girl or not. What I mean by this is how open is she about her sex life? To find out how to attract women, this is a big thing to know. Is she denying her sex life or is she very open about it? And the final information about this women we want to find out is what kind of role does she want to play in a relationship. What I mean by this is, is this girl a very independent women that can take care of herself, or would she rather be a housewife and have her husband take care of things for her instead?

This may seem like a lot of information to get out of a girl, especially if you have just met her, but they are essential in getting to know what type of personality she has and therefore how to attract her. I am taking these strategies from the Vin Dicarlo Pandoras Box and just going over the basic concepts that are discussed in the program. So getting to know these core ideals of a girl is going to be crucial in knowing how to attract women.

So let’s say that we have all of this information. For example, let’s say a girl goes for the first person she’s interested in, is very secure about her sex life, and she is an old-fashioned girl meaning, that she relies on the man for the finances and work. In the Vin Dicarlo Pandora’s Box this women would be defined as a hopeful romantic.

With a Hopeful Romantic, you would need to make sure that things are just between you and her. That you two are together and the world is on the outside looking in on you two. You need to make an instant connection with her. You have to make sure that …

Finding the Right Golf Equipment Remains a Necessity for Women Golfers

Finding the Right Golf Equipment Remains a Necessity for Women Golfers

Women have specific needs when it comes to items in everyday life. But when it comes to their golfing needs, it works in the same way. When they carry their golf bags on the golf course, they have similar necessities to their male counterparts. But unlike their pac-rat like ways, women do carry the necessary items, like golf balls and clubs for their games. Plus with a number of other women's golf supplies available, they also manage to include their own necessities into their bags as well.

Carrying golf balls is important, due to the fact that without it, a game will never happen. Coming prepared to play with the right equipment is a key way to get ahead of other people who they play against. By showing up with the proper equipment and an ability to bring items needed for the game, they have some advantages at winning the game.

Carrying golf clubs that help with a variety of swings does help at any time. Once a variety of swings are developed, having a few different golf clubs does help tremendously. Different courses will produce different results. Even having different kinds of clubs, such as a hybrid golf club, can even produce different results than a regular club. Each club is used for different purposes, whether it is a regular swing or a putter. Either way, a different club could make the different between a good and a bad game.

While women's needs plays a larger role in the game of golf, a different outlook on the game has helped bring out new ideas and a completely new outlook on how the game is viewed. Maybe it may not be for everyone, but there is finally an option. …

Dresses for Plus Size Women

Dresses for Plus Size Women

Most plus size women believe that magazines and dresses are modeled after only petite sized women. The truth is that many present day dress designers are catering for larger women and making plus size dresses. Whether it is a wedding dress to a cocktail dress for a cocktail party, a plus size woman can definitely find a dress for her needs.

The main consideration for a plus size woman to take is that the dress needs to flatter her positive features and hide the negative. A good tip is that dresses for larger women should be solid and made of dark hues. This is very fitting and flattering to the body. A nice solid dark black dress will make the body appear much slimmer and overall be much more flattering. As far as patterns are concerned, thin vertical stripes are good because they elongate the look of the body which makes the body appear much more slim. Besides that type of pattern, most should be avoided.

Cocktail dresses for plus size women should also be worn on their won, without large accessories. The accessories should be very minimal and subtle, if any at all. Big pieces will add bulk to the look and give an image of a larger body.

As far as wedding dresses are concerned, the dress should be very flattering and comfortable. A wedding is a once in a lifetime moment when a women gets to look her best in front of all her loved ones and family. It is a day that all eyes will be on her, especially when wearing the correct type of dress. A good wedding dress is one that will accentuate the positive points in the body and minimize the negative. For example, a woman with nice, toned legs, but not so great arms will want to wear a long sleeve wedding dress that is shorter in length. This way the arms are hidden and the legs can be shown off.

No matter what the occasion is, one can find a dress for a plus size woman. Whether it is a wedding dress or a dress to wear for a brunch, there is a style and fit for every type of body. The most important thing to remember for plus size women is to wear a dress to show off the good parts of the body and to wear toilet accessories that can add bulk or even take away from the entire look. …

The Symbolism in the Star of David Necklace

The Symbolism in the Star of David Necklace

The Star of David Necklace has become a globally renowned fashion and religious symbol that has caught the attention of many people as regards its structure, origin, and embedded meaning. According to its unique structure, the six-pointed star has six mini triangles adjoining a six-sided hexagon that forms in the middle. However, many people from different religions have used this symbol ignorantly or unknowingly in terms of its meaning. Some people use it with respectable intentions, as they desire to express their backing of the Jews, but most of them fail understand its spiritual deception. The Star of David first came about in a text written in the twelfth century, and the Jewish people have expressively associated themselves with it in their sanctuaries as well.

The Star of David, also known as the “shield of David” expressively symbolizes God. Generally, many people from different religions wear this six-sided symbol to represent God. It’s deeper meaning expounds that God is the ruler of the entire universe and the protector of everything within it from all the six directions namely: Up, Down, North, South, East and West, while the hexagonal shape formed at the center functioning as a provision for spiritual dimension. In Hinduism, people call the six-pointed star “The Shatkona”, while Israelites refers to it as the Seal of Solomon. The followers of Judaism have also had heavy associations with the symbol, especially in 1897 when they used it as a logo representing the Zionist movement.

In a deeper perspective, the meaning of the Star of David Necklace differs in English as compared to its meaning in Hebrew/Jewish. The Jewish people see it as a protector and shield as derived from the term Magen David. Their tradition considers the symbol as the shield of King David since Jewish customary sources have pronounced his shield taking the shape of a six-pointed star. As held by popular belief, this special shape had the power to draw protection upon King David, along with his army, making them win all their battles in the end.

Currently, the Jewish people mostly use the Star of David Necklace as the most identifiable symbol of their identity as seen in their synagogues, homes, and as treasured jewelry. The flag of Israel also conspicuously has it at its center, and it serves as the mark of “Magen David Adom”, the humanitarian aid body. Furthermore, numerous jewelry decorations, including Jewish jewelry assortments, such as Star of David Necklaces and Rings use it for decorations. However, the symbol did not originate from the Jews since they only started using it after the World War II as their profound symbol.

In the modern-day world, many individuals and groups proudly put on Jewish jewelry, especially the Star of David Necklace. Irrespective of their age, gender, and social status, men, women, and teenagers wear the Star of David around their necks to express themselves in different ways. This legendary necklace functions to express the faith as well as the collective identity of an individual …

Men are From Mars Women are From Venus

Men are From Mars Women are From Venus

Relationship Enrichment Seminar

Dr. John Gray author of the best seller “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”

Dr. Gray mentioned as a preamble to his talk that when his book ‘Men are from Mars, Women from Venus’ had come out he was questioned whether one can make generalizations in terms of the behaviour of men and women. The only response he gave was whether they resonated with what was written in the book and 100% of the time they replied ‘Yes’.

1. The differences between Men and Women are universal. Women all over the world complain that “He doesn’t understand”. “He doesn’t listen”. “Only time he touches me is when he wants sex”. And men all over the world complain that “She doesn’t want to have enough of sex.” (Unless the woman is around 37 years. At this magical age women want more of sex than ever before.)

2. Women like affection from men much more than sex. They want to be hugged. John learnt to hug his wife.

3. Men like to be logical. Women like to share and talk even if there is no point in their sharing and talking. Men need to have an objective. They need to see the point in doing something. They can’t share for the sake of sharing.

4. Men tend to do one thing at a time. Women do many things at a time. Men have a tunnel vision. 95% of their attention is focused on just one thing and 5% on checking of the environment. Women are just the opposite. They are continuously taking in everything that there is in the environment whether it is useful or not.

5. John narrated the incident of his wife asking him to get some milk while coming home from work. He forgets. She considerately puts it down to his thinking of work. She asks him again. Again he forgets. She takes it personally. It’s not that the milk was forgotten but that she was forgotten. Women behave in this manner.

6. Men have their own caves on which the sign states “Please do not disturb.” Men like to retreat into their own world where they feel they are in control. Women also have caves but the sign on their caves is “I need to talk”. When a man asks a woman what’s wrong and she says “Nothing” it really means “Nothing, unless you care to listen and give me an opportunity to talk.”

7. 90% of women go into therapy because they want to be listened to. They want to be asked questions. They want to feel special. Men hate to be questioned. If men want to talk they’ll talk. If they don’t want to talk they won’t. When a man is locked in his cave, the woman thinks that something is wrong with him and goes in and asks questions. This is a wrong move for the woman to make. Men hate to be interrogated.

8. When a woman touches a …

Unveiling Male Behaviour: How Do Filipino Men Treat Filipina Women

Unveiling Male Behaviour: How Do Filipino Men Treat Filipina Women

How do Filipino men treat Filipina women? Like queens, princess and well, the senoritas that they are. Filipino men are affectionate and they like to express how they really feel. They grew up in a culture wherein respecting women go hand in hand with love. Filipino courtship, especially the traditional “ligaw”, is a process where a man serenades the woman under her window, does household chores and cajoles her into a committed relationship.

Men will do anything for the object of their affection, sometimes, even if that means, making themselves look like complete fools. Filipina women liked to be treated like queens. During sunny days, the men would carry the umbrella for the women so that they don’t get exposed to the sun’s rays. Sometimes, the men also carry the women’s heavy luggage. There are also times when the man would do chores around the woman’s house. This practice was done way back a few decades ago. However, some men still practice it today.

Filipino men, when in love, tend to shower gifts to their women. They are romantic when they want to be. They pamper their women. A man overdoes the whole romantic thing. He showers her with flowers, chocolates, sends food over and takes her out on romantic places. If he’s feeling really creative, he’d cook for her; they’d have candle-lit dinners and watch black and white movies.

How do Filipino men treat Filipina women? They treat them with velvet gloves. Filipino men adore and respect their women. Aside from doing chores for the woman’s family as a form of courtship (pamamanhikan), men also accompany women wherever they go. They tail their women even when they go shopping. This is to make sure that the women are safe at all times.

A Filipino man becomes sweet and thoughtful when he is with the woman he loves. He introduces her to his family and friends, and he is proud of her. He makes sure that she knows how he really feels inside and that he’s serious about their relationship. When it rains and she didn’t bring a jacket, he would gladly offer his jacket to her. He writes her love letters and read poems that he has written himself. He remembers to pick her favourite cup of coffee during cold days.

In marriage, men tend to submit a bit to their wives because they respect them. For example, since men are the breadwinners, they give their wives their pay check. They do this because their wives are the ones in-charge of the home. The wives budget the money to fit the monthly needs of the family. Men also become more responsible once they get married.

Filipino men often treat their women like how they would their mom. This is not the I-care-for-you-because-you-remind-me-of-mom thing. They respect the woman they love, give her opinions and ideas importance,and care for her. Men make it a point to make their women feel like queens who deserve only the best in life. How do …

Women’s Jewelry Vs Men’s Jewelry

Women’s Jewelry Vs Men’s Jewelry

Jewelry and women are truly two words that cannot be separated. You think of jewelry and the first thing that people will think is women. Even though men’s jewelry has been existed for long time enough to shake the intimacy between women and jewelry, people will still continue linking jewelry with women. It can’t be helped since jewelry itself is considered, to a great extent, as a forte of women.

However, we shall not forget that the existence of men’s jewelry is now an integral part in jewelry industry. Day by day, men’s jewelry unstoppably strengthens its position in the industry.

The easiest difference to tell between men’s jewelry and women’s jewelry is their look; women’s jewelry is feminine, vulnerable looking, cheerful, all characteristics that reflect how women basically should be. While men’s jewelry has stronger look.

You can also spot the difference by the options the jewelry offers. Usually, men’s jewelry has fewer designs and colors variety than women. There are also fewer categories available for men. When women can choose from rings to brooches or headbands, the options for men are limited to rings, cufflinks or bracelets. Although nowadays, fear not, that various companies have been inventing ways to create more alternatives for men! As example earrings or necklaces that will give men bold and manly look.

Jewelry isn’t limited to women anymore; nowadays we can see men wearing jewelry as often as we see women. Aside from complimenting wardrobe, most men wear jewelry as symbol of the wealth, position, personality and community. Most retailers now have separated the jewelry departments for men and women.

There are wide variety of contemporary and classy style of sterling silver jewelry that men can wear to represent their pride. To accentuate their look, some jewelry like cuff links or watches are preferred. Though so, men can also spread their choices by going with yellow gold or Swarovski crystals. Many men celebrities wear bold, sparking and eye-catching jewelry.

Most of the styles of bracelets or necklaces that men use are casual looking and inexpensive. Rubber bands are popular among the teenagers while the older, classier businessmen would prefer silver bands or silver chain link bracelets to be hidden behind the cuff of suit jacket to give a more elegant look.

Recently earrings have been huge trend for men who want to go bolder with piercings. A simpler type of men will choose simple studs or single diamond earrings. Earrings can give men big impact without looking “too much”.

Rings have also been very popular. Men don’t only wear rings as a sign of marriage or engagement but they now have been a fashion statement. Most men will just go with simple silver bands but that doesn’t make flashier kinds uncommon. Those who want to look Gothic will choose skull rings, etc. They also sometimes show their appreciation to diamonds by wearing diamond rings that look masculine and highlight their personality.

So for men who want to look more appealing, jewelry is one …

Olympic Facts – Women’s Basketball Olympic Tournament

Olympic Facts – Women’s Basketball Olympic Tournament

Did you know…

Montreal 1976

Montreal (Quebec, Canada), one of the most beautiful and modern sites in the Western Hemisphere, hosted the First Women’s Basketball Olympic Tournament in 1976. Six countries competed for the gold medal, including Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and Japan. The international meet was won by the women’s national team of the Soviet Union (present-day Russia). A barely a year earlier, the Soviet team came in first in the VII Global championship in Cali, Colombia (South America) by beating Japan in the gold-medal match. Meanwhile, on July 23, 1976, America claimed second place in the multi-sport event after losing to the USSR (spearheaded by its international star Uljana Semjonova) 112-77, having earned the right to compete in the XXIII Olympiad by winning the First FIBA Women’s Basketball Olympic Games Qualification Tournament at Hamilton (Ontario, Canada). The silver medalists were Lusia Harris, Cindy Brogdon, Susan Rojcewicz, Ann Meyers, Julienne Simpson, Patricia Head, Mary Anne O’Connor, Patricia Roberts, Gail Marquis, Nancy Lieberman, Charlotte Lewis, and Nancy Dunkle. The US team began its pre-Olympic preparation after winning the VI Pan American Cup in Mexico City in October 1975.

Moscow 1980

Under the leadership of Semjonova, the USSR, host nation, won the Olympic Tournament at Moscow in 1980, followed by Bulgaria (silver medal), Yugoslavia (bronze), Hungary (4th), Cuba (5th) and Italy (6th). It was the second Olympian win for the USSR (also known as the Soviet Union during Cold War). On the other hand, Latvia’s giant Uljana Semjonova was the most outstanding basketball player at Moscow ’80. For the next years, the 7-foot-1, 284-pound Semjonova was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame at Springfield (Maryland), the first female player from the former USSR to accomplish that feat.

Los Angeles 1984

For the first ever, the US women’s basketball squad captured the Olympian Championship in Southern California. The People’s Republic of China collected the silver medal. The bronze medal went to the Republic of Korea; East Europe’s teams did not take part at the 1984 Olympiad because of Moscow’s boycott. On its way to the Los Angeles Games, the US team – with notable sportswomen such as Janice Lawrence, Cheryl Miller, and Lynette Woodard – won the IX Pan American Sports Games on Venezuelan soil in August 1983. In Venezuela, America defeated Cuba 100-82 (43-38) to win the Pan American gold medal. A few weeks ago, they came close to winning the FIBA World Cup on Brazilian soil.

Seoul 1988

On October 29, 1988, in South Korea’s capital city of Seoul, the U.S. women’s team took gold in the Olympian event, after finishing first during the 1984 Games in Los Angeles (California). In the finals, they defeated Yugoslavia 77-70 (42-36). Nonetheless, the “most exciting game” was when America, led by its All-Star player Teresa Edwards, beat the Soviet Union 102-88 (50-39) on October 27 (semis). The States won the Olympian trophy with the following world-class players: Suzanne McConnell, Cynthia Cooper, Jennifer Gillom, Katrina McClaim, Andrea Lloyd, Victoria Bullett, Bridgette Gordon, Teresa Weatherspoon, Anne …

Sprogo – The Prison of Women For Being Women

Sprogo – The Prison of Women For Being Women

This crime AGAINST some Danish women stemmed from the ideas of Eugenics. No doubt about it. However, it also was fed by obsolete ideas of women and sexuality. In both cases it was an attempt to keep society free of “degenerate individuals” which meant people who suffered from inherited illnesses, especially of a mental character. To let these “sub-humans” breed would be to endanger society and that had to be stopped at all costs.

It happened in the beginning of the 1900th century and officially it stopped in 1961 when the infamous habit of interring women who were considered “retarded” ended. Up til then the morally suspects – i.e. “lose” women – ended up on the small island of Sprogoe (: Sprogo). Men were sent to another island by the name of Livoe (: Livø). Part of this must have been for punishment of “immorality”, but the main reason for this cruelty was the wish to protect the society at large against “bad, defected genes”. For them to be allowed to have children was a fight which they were bound to lose. Their reality was that they were not let lose from the island without being sterilized and those of them who already had children most often lost the right to even see them. Also because these children were put up for adoption and were expected to break off connections with their immoral mothers.

Some of these women left the island on their own which cost them their lives: They set out on an attempt to escape by swimming. However, none seems to have succeeded in this dangerous exploit. What is so sad is that what earned the women the name of “retarded” was their way of living. To be a woman and to have lovers was in itself an indication that they were mentally defective. It is a backward way of thinking rooted in old fashioned considerations about women and sexuality. One’s wish to think that this happened several hundred years back in time is assailed by facts: It did not end until 1961 which means 9 years before the “Redstockings” started their feministic actions which went on into the 1980’ies.

One may wonder at the reasons these women were considered fitting inmates on an island like Sprogoe. However, but what brought them there is not different from some men’s life style. A man who had a child out of wedlock was not interred the way a woman was likely to be. And it is ironic that the island sometimes swarmed with men visiting it in the hope of meeting some of these easy women. Nobody seems to have thought the thought that someone setting sail and venturing out on an erotic expedition to meet immoral women was just as bad as she was supposed to be for less.…