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Lingerie Shopping for Men

Lingerie Shopping for Men

Lingerie shopping for men may sound really strange, although you would be surprised to know that lingerie shopping has really become a common practice for men.

Men love to shop for exquisite and sexy lingerie for their beloved. Now, this can be a really tedious task as shopping for something as intimate and complicated as lingerie is not an easy job.

Every woman is different and have different tastes. Here, it is difficult to figure out what kind of lingerie would please your loved one, as a gift. You may like her to wear something as hot as thongs but she may prefer something elegant and lacy. Here, it is extremely necessary to keep in mind what she likes and dislikes.

Buying sexy lingerie for your sweetheart can make her swoon with delight. This would be extremely romantic. Now, this does not mean that sexy lingerie is just a gift for your lover. It would be a gift for you as well. Giving lingerie to your lover would show that you really love her and care for her deeply.

Now, here are some important things you need to consider prior to purchasing lingerie for your loved one. First of all, you need to do some research on the type of lingerie available in the market and also keep in mind the person who is going to wear it. Think of the style that she usually prefers wearing and then decide on a specific style.

In case, you want to experiment on your purchase, you can consider purchasing something lacy with a stretchy mesh. This would make her love wear it.

Remember that women's sizes vary by manufacturer and material. Stretchy materials and meshes tend to fit every woman, with a slight guess.

In case you want to find out what she actually likes, you can try paying attention to her comments when watching movies or commercials. If she does point out a certain style or look, it is quite straightforward to find something similar. But make sure it is similar, try not to get carried away and chose whatever the cutest model is wearing ….

Quality need not cost the earth, as there are lots of great designs at affordable prices. You should really consider purchasing lingerie online. This would offer you privacy and also ensure you are not rushed into a buying decision. You can compare lots of different styles online, and above all, just take your time over it. …

Motorola U9 – A Trendy Phone

Motorola U9 – A Trendy Phone

The first impression of any mobile phone is the looks that it carries. The mobile phone world has undergone a major change in a past few years. At present, mobile phones are not only a tool to communicate but have much more added to make it a complete package of features and applications. These gadgets have to be aesthetically alluring and beautiful for the customer to pick it from a cluster of mobile phones. Every phone needs to have a special feature to convince and appeal the consumers to buy it. Of course, the brand name also plays a major role. The brand has to be credible and trusted by the customers to choose it. In this world of tough competition, every mobile manufacturing company has to be technologically advanced and updated with new features. The mobile phones have become status symbol for the people. The personality of the user is defined by the handset they is using.

Motorola is a Canada based company with its branches all over the world. It has been leading in the field of telecommunications industry for many years now. The company has a very successful history to look back to and the products by this company are still winning great appreciations. They have a collection of lavish, classy, sophisticated and well-designed phones. The company is trusted because of its outstanding quality and excellent service. Motorola has all kinds of phones to suit all needs, from very basic phones to extraordinary ones; it is a master of all. The diverse collection has phone to suit every lifestyle. The handsets produced by Motorola are technologically advanced taking care of the quality of the phone and good battery backup. The latest phones by this company have massive storage capacities and amazing sound quality. The company makes sure that the user enjoys the experience of using a mobile phone.

This article is a discussion and full analyses on the Motorola U9. This is a new alluring phone by Motorola with a lustrous body. The phone is popularly associated with style and elegance. This extremely attractive and appealing phone has all the necessary features one can ask for. It has a well built and long lasting body. The phone comes in royal black and red colour which gives a rich look to the user’s personality. This eye catching phone has a tough body which comes in a clamshell model. It is a multimedia focused phone with 2G functionalities.

The Motorola U9 has an incredibly wide TFT display screen of 2 inches with 256K colours and a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. It has touch sensitive music keys and a digital display on the flap. This device supports both Polyphonic as well as MP3 ring tones. The dimensions of the phone are 90 x 48.6 x 16.4 mm. The weight of the phone is like the weight of a feather. It weighs only 87.5 grams.

This gadget has an internal memory of 25 MB which is sufficient to store …

Comparing Vitamix Models 5200 and 1709

Comparing Vitamix Models 5200 and 1709

Are you interested in creating fresh smoothies, soups, sorbets, dressings and sauces at lightning speed?

Many people today are over-stretched in terms of their time and any time saver is a welcome addition to their overcrowded lives. The Vitamix machine is a wonderful time saver and an opportunity to infuse more healthy foods into your diet.

Vitamix is made in the USA and is family owned and operated and has been for several generations. The great-granddaughter of the founder of Vitamix is now the President of Vitamix. When you receive your machine, you will receive a recipe book with a wonderful collection of recipes to start your blending journey. You will also receive access to an online book made up of favorite recipe creations by the employees of the Vitamix Corporation.

I see people looking for what the Vita Mix 5200 best price is currently and I want to point out that the CIA Professional Series from Vitamix is another great model to consider.

Many people wonder which model of Vitamix is a good one to go with for their needs. I will discuss two of them in this article to help lessen the confusion.

The 5200 and the 1709 CIA Professional Series are two popular models. Quite frankly, many of the models are very similar to each other, with slight differences.

Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series comes with the following features:

  • Made from durable metal-to-metal to help guarantee long lasting high-quality performance
  • Variable speed control allowing you to adjust to the different tasks at hand-this is a HUGE plus and not available in some of the less expensive models
  • 2-plus peak horsepower motor that generates blade-tip speeds to 240 mph
  • 64 ounce BPA free jar that creates a powerful vortex that pushes ingredients from the blade back down through the center. This process guarantees very thorough blending that you will just not have with a typical blender.
  • A recipe book with 20 recipes developed by the CIA’s (Culinary Institute of America) Master Chefs. All of the Vitamixs from the Professional Series includes this book.
  • In addition there are over 300 recipes from top professional chefs from around the country including Joanne Weir, Michael Symon and Hugh Carpenter.
  • A cooking class DVD and owner’s manual is included as well
  • Offered in a variety of colors including black, red, brushed stainless and onyx

Vitamix 5200

  • Made from durable metal-to-metal to help guarantee long lasting high-quality performance
  • Variable speed control allowing you to adjust to the different tasks at hand-this is a HUGE plus and not available in some of the less expensive models
  • 2-plus peak horsepower motor that generates blade-tip speeds to 240 mph
  • 64 ounce BPA free jar that creates a powerful vortex that pushes ingredients from the blade back down through the center. This process guarantees very thorough blending that you will just not have with a typical blender.
  • Getting Started Step by Step Recipe Book
  • Offered in Black

Both Models offer the 64 ounce or 48 ounce jar. …

A Review Of The Landice L7 Treadmill

A Review Of The Landice L7 Treadmill

The L7 Series Treadmill is its most popular home treadmill. It comes in three models; the Pro Sports Trainer, Cardio Trainer and Executive Trainer. When you review each of the Landice L7 Series treadmills there is one model that is clearly the best buy out of the three.

Landice makes the L7, L8 and L9 Series of treadmills. Although the L7 is the cheapest it’s still an expensive piece of exercise equipment. The 3 home edition models of the L7 Series range from $3,600 to $4,700.

All of the units use the same motor, frame, treadbelt and so on, with the only real difference being in the treadmill’s console. You get the same ultra solid steel frame that supports a maximum user weight of 400 pounds. The motor is probably the best in the industry; an American made beast that is 3 hp continuous duty. The steel rollers are 14-pounds and are 2-1/2″ in diameter. You get a 4-ply treadbelt that is 20″ x 58″ with 15% electric grade elevation. You also get a speed range of 0.5 to 12 mph even when carrying the maximum weight of 400 lbs.

But which of these models represent value for money?

The Landice L7 Series Cardio Trainer Treadmill

The selling point of the Cardio Trainer is that it comes with a contact heart rate crossbar and transmitter strap, which is used in conjunction with any of the 4 Heart Rate Control (HRC) programs provided. The first two standard heart rate control programs maximize workout time by instructing the treadmill to automatically change speed and inclination in order to maintain the targeted heart rate for the duration of the program. There are also two user HRC programs that allow you to create separate custom HRC programs. Each HRC program is broken down into 20 programmable segments for more variety in your heart rate controlled workouts.

While monitoring your rate in conjunction with a treadmills speed might be nice for some, the price of the Cardio Trainer is $400 more than the ProSports Trainer. You have to ask whether the extra 400 bucks is worth it. Probably not, and besides, other treadmills that offer this system, like the Smooth 9.25 treadmill, are cheaper and offer better value for money.

The Landice L7 Series Executive Trainer Treadmill

The control panel of the Executive Trainer is quite awesome. You get numerous alternative displays. You can select the Virtual Situation Indicator (VSI), the Road Display, the Training Calendar, the Track Display and – well, the list goes on. The Executive Trainer is the most expensive of the 3 models, so you’ll be paying around $4,700, which is more than $1,100 more than the ProSport model.

But you have to seriously ask if getting a very fancy console is worth the extra money. Quite frankly, you’re paying a lot of money for what amounts to ‘execute toys’.

The Landice L7 Series ProSport Trainer Treadmill

All this brings us to the cheapest model. You don’t get the fancy cardio-system …

The ADDIE Model – Why Use It?

The ADDIE Model – Why Use It?

If you are new to training development and have been thinking of putting together any type of training program, it is important to know and understand the most basic training tool used by professional trainers; it is called the ADDIE model.

The ADDIE model is basically a generic, systematic, step-by-step framework used by instructional designers, developers and trainers to ensure course development and learning does not occur in a haphazard, unstructured way. It is designed to ensure:

(1) learners will achieve the goals of the course,

(2) allows for the evaluation of learner’s needs,

(3) the design and development of training materials, and

(4) evaluation of effectiveness of the training program using processes with specific, measurable outcomes.


ADDIE came about with the development of the Cold War after World War II as the United States military struggled with itself to find a way to create more effective training programs for increasingly complex subjects. The result of this struggle for increased effectiveness bore fruit in the form of Instructional Systems Design which in turn, led to the design models that are in use today. You will often hear ADDIE referred to as Instructional Systems Design (ISD), Instructional Systems Design & Development (ISDD), Systems Approach to Training (SAT) or Instructional Design (ID). Most of the current instructional design models you will find in the workplace today are variations or spin-offs of the original ADDIE model.

The Model

The literature on ADDIE estimates that there are well over 100 different ISD variations in use today, with almost all being based on the generic ADDIE model, which stands for Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation; with each step or phase leading into the next as illustrated below:

Analysis ‘ Design ‘ Development ‘ Implementation ‘ Evaluation

One commonly accepted improvement to the ADDIE model that almost everyone uses whether consciously or unconsciously, is the use of what is often referred to as rapid prototyping which attempts to catch design flaws while they are still easy to fix. This is done by receiving ongoing feedback throughout all phases of the ADDIE model and making changes while moving forward.

During the Analysis phase, we define and develop as clear of an understanding of the audience’s needs, constraints, existing knowledge, skills and the desired outcome of the training that we can. The Design phase endeavors to identify specific learning objectives, topic content, presentation methods and media, learner exercises and assessment criteria to be used. The Development phase creates and begins production of the learning materials to be used in the training. Implementation delivers the material by actually presenting and/or delivering the developed plan to the intended learning group or audience. After delivery, the Evaluation phase assesses the effectiveness of the topic content and training materials utilized in the training program and makes improvement changes for the next implementation or presentation. Let’s take a look at each phase individually.

The Phases

The Analysis phase is the most important phase in the ADDIE model. It identifies areas requiring …

Kellys Blue Book – How to Use It

Kellys Blue Book – How to Use It

If you do not want to be ripped off, it is essential that you get a car price guide before trying to buy or sell a car. The most widely known and used automated value appraisal guide (blue book for cars) in the United States is Kellys Blue Book. Its printed consumer blue book for cars has been available to buyers since 1993 while Kellys Blue Book online auto blue book version has been running since 1995. Both the online and consumer blue book for cars are reliably easy to use.

For the printed version, the cars are alphabetically listed by manufacturer, then by models. For example, let's say you want to search for Toyota Corolla: sift through the pages until you reach the Toyota section, then thumb through "C" s until you find "Corolla". If you are looking through the Kellys Blue Book New Car Guide version, what you will find below your selection are the following: (1) a commonly inflated manufacturer's recommended retail price (MSRP), (2) Dealer invoice, (3) New car Kellys blue book value, and (4) Optional-equipment price. You'll want to compare the first three values. If your dealer's asking price is near both Kellys New car value (the actual selling price of the car, which varies depending on region) and Blue Book dealer's invoice (price the dealer paid the manufacturer for the car, minus all overhead expenses like advertising, Etc.) then your dealer is offering you the car at fair market price. Remember that a car's fair market price is generally lower than its MSRP. If the price is not quite there yet, keep on bargaining; You might even get a price lower than the blue book New car value or you can look for another dealer.

In comparison, if you are using Kellys Blue Book Used Car Guide, again find your car of choice by sifting through the pages of the blue book for cars alphabetically. Once you find your selection, you will have the following information: (1) Retail value (the average "asking" price by dealers around the country, (2) Private-party value (estimated price you could expect to get for a car if You personally sold it to a buyer), and Kellys Blue Book Trade-in value (typical price that a dealer would offer you for your used car.) Take note that the retail and trade-in prices are higher than private party values ​​in the Blue book for cars because of the dealer's overhead costs. Remember that there are many factors that can affect the final price of used cars.

While using the print version of the Blue Book car prices is quick and easy, using the online KBB is even simpler. With a simple click of a button, a huge array of blue book auto information becomes available to you within seconds. What's more, the blue book car prices and information are now updated weekly online. You only need to go to KBB website, select the type of car you want: new or used. For …

Book Summary: The Millionaire Messenger: Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing by Brendon Burchard

Book Summary: The Millionaire Messenger: Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing by Brendon Burchard

I read this book sitting in a Thai food restaurant on the Oregon coast. The food was outstanding and what was very interesting was the fact that at the cash register there was a book and DVD set talking about going to college for free. The author was a young guy who graduated from Harvard. The whole book series was designed to show college students and parents how to find money to pay for college. Come to find out the author was the restaurant owner’s son. This is a classic example of the Millionaire Messenger in action.

Why is this important to me?

I am not doing this summary to waste your time. It is my vision to provide concise action steps that you can adopt right now to enhance your life. The best way to financial freedom is through a business. Now most people cannot simply quit their jobs and to start a new business. Typically you need to work your job and your new business until you have enough sustainable revenue to take your business full time. The Expert Industry is a caring community of people who share their advice and knowledge with the world and get paid for it.

You may be thinking I am not an expert in anything. This mindset has everything to do with Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence. Brendon addresses these concerns in the book. Think about this – every person has a unique finger print and unique life experiences. Those experiences with additional research can yield you an expert.

I want to start with a potential example of being an expert in something. I have a good friend of mine that has been doing cement work for over 20 years. He does this with his four brothers. He does not think of himself as an expert. Have you ever considered how successful Home Depot is as business? They cater to the do it yourself community. My friend could simply film different cement jobs and sell them as a do it yourself venture. It would look like this:

1. Create simple how to videos on the basics and give them away for free.

2. Create a deeper video series on how to do a full patio, sidewalk or stairs and sell it with a checklist manual.

3. Offer paid for consulting for job layouts with customers.

4. Take high priced large concrete jobs that are above the do it yourself community and name your price.

This is a simple example of releasing 100 years of combined cement expertise that could easily be parlayed into a seven figure business model.

The Millionaire Messenger is packed with great how to advice. For the sake of time, I am going to chat about the 9 reasons you should consider unlocking your knowledge and passion in the expert business.

1. Your work is based entirely on your passion and knowledge. This is really important because it no longer seems like work when you wake up each morning doing what …

Setting Boundaries in Relationships

Setting Boundaries in Relationships

Setting personal boundaries are like identifying the gates in our invisible fence lines which protects the precious heart and soul inside our bodies. Many people look at boundaries as walls, but rather when we establish healthy boundaries it provides a way to distinguish what we choose to let in and let out. They form flexible gates, not stationary walls It is important to learn about setting healthy boundaries so we can make decisions about what is and what is not permitted in all relationships.

Boundaries are valuable

All relationships work more harmoniously when the participants know what to expect and what is expected of them. Being kind, but firm when saying what you need from a relationship allows the other person to reciprocate. How other people act and think often has nothing to do with you, but rather with their own perceptions. You can only take care of yourself.

It does not matter how elaborate the fencing and eloquent our statements are, if we do not honor ourselves enough to draw the line and stick to it consistently. It is just as valuable to the other person that they learn how to be with you and what the guidelines are for the relationship.

Body Language and tone of voice

Verbal communication is the language of information and only 20% is absorbed. Body language and tone of voice is the language of relationships and 80% is remembered. Make sure you appear confident and you speak with a neutral, calm and non-accusing tone when establishing your boundaries. Use "I" statements which reflect on how things affect you, rather than "you" statements which put people on the defensive.

4 Step model for setting boundaries

1. Calmly inform the other person by saying, "I feel uncomfortable and want to shut down when you yell at me."

2. Request that they honor your boundary. "I ask that you talk to me without yelling." Or ..For me to listen and hear what you are saying to me, I need to speak to me in a calm voice without yelling.

3. Insist that they honor your boundary, again with a firm but kind voice, "I insist that when we are talking we talk in calm voices."

4. Leave the situation. Now is not the time or place to continue communicating with someone who refuses to respect your boundaries. Leave the door open to talk later in a more respectful manner. Continue to keep a calm but firm voice and say, "I will not continue this conversation in this way. I welcome an opportunity to talk with you without yelling or screaming at another time. "

Do not take it personally

You can not assume responsibility for other people's feelings, agendas or methods of communication. You can only state how you desire to be invested in life. If there are old patterns, it may take some time to convince others that you are serious about sticking to your boundaries. Everyone has the right to be treated with respect …

Gift Basket Business Earnings and Profits – Can You Make a ‘Six Figure’ Salary?

Gift Basket Business Earnings and Profits – Can You Make a ‘Six Figure’ Salary?

The profit potential of the gift basket business is kind of blurry to some before they get started and they could be forgiven for wondering if a full-time income is possible. In this article we look at the profit potential of the gift basket business, how much earning and profit are possible, and lastly we look at the factors that separate the ‘six figure’ operators from the small timers.

Typical Gift Basket Business Earnings

For gift basket business owners operating out of their homes it is not unreasonable to expect to turnover between $15,000 to $25,000 in the first year of business if they work hard allowing for a profit of around $6,000 to $10,000. Once a business in this industry gets better established owners can expect a typical annual salary of around $20,000 to $25,000 part time or $30,000 to $80,000 full-time.

To break into the ‘six figure’ level companies usually have to expand out of the home business model and move into commercial space. Many gift basket businesses allow their owners to take home an income of over $100,000 a year and for some players in this business much more has been possible.

What does it take to Earn ‘Six Figures’?

1) While some business owners in this industry do very well from home, only with commercial premises can you really get the space and facilities to take your gift basket business to the next level. A store front will also increase your market exposure and give your business a much more professional appearance.

2) The successful players in this business control the Internet and make it a key part of their marketing strategy. This involves refining their websites until they offer customers the perfect shopping experience and the easiest ordering process. Understanding how to drive large numbers of targeted visitors to a website is also important.

3) Referrals and repeat orders are one way to acquire new customers for no advertising spend. By showing clients a high standard of service and making their experience with your company truly unique you can benefit immensely from word of mouth marketing.

Mistakes in this business can be unforgivable and cause you to lose clients. Put systems in place to ensure that you have fool-proof ordering and delivery systems.

4) The winners in this business all have extremely well thought through sales and marketing plans. They understand the market well, develop the right products and use the appropriate methods to market their products. Some high earners have devised sales processes that bring in corporate clients and they thrive in this area.

5) The top performers have a core product range of baskets that they know sell well but they also continue to innovate and try new things.

6) Branding is also important for building business value over the long term. A recognizable brand makes sales and marketing a lot easier than it is for a newly established brand. Brand development takes time but is well worth the effort.

7) Lastly, knowing …

How to Prepare for Model Casting

How to Prepare for Model Casting

Awesome, you have just got your ticket to enter an exciting industry. However, your performance at Casting is pivotal in determining whether you get selected by the agency and paves the way for the subsequent opportunities you will acquire as a model.

1. Check and follow the requirements

Important details such as the timing of the casting call, what you need to bring, expected dress code and all the important details must be strictly followed to ease your casting process. It is very unlikely that you will attend an audition where there aren’t many others casting for the same opportunity, and the agency rarely has much time to waste. So being late or not bringing what is required will significantly slow down the process and cause you to wait much longer. Besides, that is the last first impression you want to create (Or the last impression you will make). Check the website to see what’s required for casting and call the agency and clarify directly.

2. Your overall look: Simple.

Your look is something you need spend some time thinking about. A model agency wants to see the raw talent and beauty you can offer them for them to work with. If you wrap yourself up in makeup, fancy patterned shirts/dresses, and excessive jewelry it will interfere with their creativity which is trying to suit your natural look to multiple modeling styles. You will result in creating an impression that you are not a versatile model. Go as simple as you possibly with the lightest makeup. For example, a bit of foundation to hide some blemishes and scars.

Check if there is a dress code in the description else just wear a solid colored dress, jeans, tank top or anything that makes you comfortable so long as it’s simple and plain colored. A further tip, don’t apply too much perfume or cologne as it may put off the judge/interviewer if he/she doesn’t like that smell. Apply some basic deodorant to ensure your odor is in control and that would suffice.

3. Healthy lifestyle, radiate natural beauty

The best way to look good naturally is to stick to healthy wholesome foods and completely avoiding fried, oily and fast food. You also want to drink enough water and get the adequate sleep you need as you lead up to your casting call. You should stay off alcohol and late nights at least week before your casting call.

4. Expect to wait

Waiting is going to be hard if you are impatient. Casting calls are usually filled with many aspiring hopefuls so you will most likely have to wait for some time before your turn. Bring a book or newspaper you can read while you wait, and don’t let the waiting affect your emotion and thought. It is completely expected and normal to wait, and no matter what time you are called you should always go to your casting with a cool head.

5. Wear your confidence

Whether you get selected by a …