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How to Save Your Wedding When You Run Out of Money

How to Save Your Wedding When You Run Out of Money

Planning a wedding is so much fun that it can be easy to get in over your head. You splurge here, spend a little extra there, and before you know it, you have committed to a wedding that is beyond your means. With deposits placed, and final payments looming, this can be a very scary situation for the bride or her parents to find themselves in. Find out what steps you can take to save your wedding when you run out of money.

It is really, really easy to end up planning a wedding that costs too much, especially because the planning can be spread out over many months. When you are only paying one-third to one-half of what things actually cost, it can be easy to lose track of the grand total. For some families, it is not until they get close to the wedding day and they start adding up all the final payments which are due that they realize they can’t cover their bills. This is a horrible situation for any family. What do you? Cancel the wedding? Stiff your vendors? Charge admission to the reception? No, no, and no.

What you should do first and foremost is have a frank conversation with your wedding venue and vendors. Explain your situation, and ask them how you can work it out. Be clear with them that it is important to them that their bills get paid so nobody thinks you are trying to weasel out paying what you owe them. Maybe the florist would be willing to downsize the centerpieces to trim costs. Or she could skip the expensive extras, such as the crystals in the bouquets to match your crystal bridal jewelry. The photographer might allow you to cut back to a smaller package or to have him come for the ceremony and through the cake cutting only, instead of taking pictures from pre-ceremony until the last dance. As long as the vendors have not actually spent money on supplies for your wedding, they might be willing to re-negotiate your contract.

As for your reception venue, call the event manager at once and make an appointment. Figure out your finances before the meeting so you have a clear idea of the difference between what you owe and what you can actually pay. If the gap is not insurmountably wide, it might be possible to get creative with the wedding menu to get your balance down (again, this would have to be before anything has been ordered for your reception). Choose less costly entrees and appetizers, substitute sparkling wine for imported French Champagne, or change from a full open bar to wine and beer only. In some cases, this will be enough to get your balance down to what you can afford.

If you still cannot afford what you owe the venue, you will have to consider more dramatic measures. Could they change the time of your reception from an evening wedding to a brunch? You could save …

How to Decorate a Boutique – What Beginners Don’t Know

How to Decorate a Boutique – What Beginners Don’t Know

Boutique owners share their must-haves, must-dos and cannot-live-without decorating tricks. Why is it critical to put in some effort, time and expenses to decorate a boutique store? A boutique is defined as a “small fashionable supermarket.” Most boutiques retail exclusive items, such as specialized gifts, jewelry, antiques and etc. For most of us as boutique owners, our stores feature nice clothing and fashionable accessories. As boutiques vary in their offerings, it is tough to identify explicit ideas as to decorations. However, there are selected decorating ideas that will toil in all boutiques, at any rate of theme.


The degree of lighting in your store will vary depending on the mood you desire to create. For contemporary items, you will need ample of light. For vintage, lukewarm lighting works fine. Avoid fluorescent or green- or yellow-toned lighting, especially if customers will be looking in the mirror. These are not flattering light sources. Consider to add extra tiny white illumination to shelving, borders and even several draped around plants or tables.

Display and Furniture

In order to create a cozier, luxurious feeling in your boutique store; show your product lines in unique ways. For instance, fold sweaters and stack them on a mahogany desk relatively than a metal desk. Hang robes in an antique armoire. Place a small dresser in the corner and leave the top drawer wide open to show your products such as accessories or jewelry. A baker’s rack is an eminent way to show everything from food to clothing to spa gifts. In addition, you may invite your customers to linger by placing comfortable chairs around the space. An antique chaise lounge, bench with cushions and other unique chairs will dress up your boutique much more than boring metal chairs will.

Interior layout

For the boutique which its layout is square or rectangle, it would probably easier to decorate your boutique ideas. You can divide your boutique area into separate sections like VIP area, consultancy area, and transaction area and nail art area. Let’s visualize that at the entrance is demonstrating area where you place multiple 3-D mannequins. At the center of this area, there is black square seat; with pretty golden flowery motif in classic furniture design creates comfortable and friendly impression. At another corner, there is consultancy and VIP area. Consultancy area designed with classical touch a chord that appears golden color in female feel. This area consists of sizable round table with four seats, which made feel casual and comfortable in order to fluent consultation process with the customer. The VIP area appears luxurious with red nuance and flowery motif on wallpaper, couch, and carpet.


Choose your color scheme to correspond to your boutique image. Choose complementary insignia that either match the chic of the merchandise or contrast with it. If your boutique offers a variety of styles, do not worry to aid numerous insignia in various areas. For an example, in a corner that represents the 1970s, operate bold patterns of yellows, browns …

I Want To Buy My Spouse A Gift To Show I’m Sorry For Cheating – What’s Best?

I Want To Buy My Spouse A Gift To Show I’m Sorry For Cheating – What’s Best?

I sometimes hear from spouses who want to offer some sort of gift to indicate how sorry they are for cheating or for having an affair. And yet, everything that they consider seems wrong. They want to get the perfect object that shows their sincerity in moving forward. But they aren’t sure what is appropriate.

I heard from a husband who said: “I cheated on my wife and she found out. Honestly, I was considering leaving my wife and being with the other woman. But once my wife found out and I saw the pain that my actions caused her, I changed my mind. Seeing her so vulnerable made me remember the woman I first fell in love with and I decided that I owed it to both of us to try to save our marriage. Much to my shock, she agreed to give me that chance. The fact that she is willing to take another chance on me humbles me. I want to get her something to show her how grateful I am. I asked one of her best friends what she might like and the friend told me that I am treading on thin ground because my wife is going to read too much into anything that I might chose. Is she right? I don’t know what to do at this point.”

What Your Spouse Really Wants: While I think it’s touching when a spouse wants to show their love for the other, I agreed with the friend that the wrong choice could make the situation worse. I need to be honest right now. As a spouse who has been cheated on, I can tell you that what your spouse wants isn’t jewelry or one more trinket. What your spouse really wants is to have their marriage back. They want to feel like they can trust you again. They want reassurance that you still desire them and that you won’t cheat again. They want to feel your genuine affection. They want for you to do whatever you need to do in order to help them heal or to recover from this. Frankly, these things would be more meaningful than any trinket could even be.

Make Sure That Any Gift Shows Your Spouse How Much You Understand And Appreciate Them: I do understand and respect that you want to make a gesture to show your spouse how important they are to you and how committed you are moving forward. In that case, you need to give this serious consideration. You don’t want to send the wrong idea. You don’t want to just give them a “guilt gift” that you didn’t think very deeply about. Many men will think that they will be covered if they just buy their wife expensive jewelry. I suppose this works for some women, but many wives will assume that you think that you can just buy your way out of this and that is not the message that you want to send.

It’s my …

Proper Lighting For a Jewelry Store

Proper Lighting For a Jewelry Store

Proper store lighting can attract more customers to any establishment, help sell more product, and strengthen a store’s image. Many designers argue that the most important element of a store’s design may be its lighting. Unfortunately, lighting is often the most neglected component of store design.

When choosing the lighting for any store or display cases, here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

Ceiling Height: The height of a store’s ceiling is one of the most important factors that goes into a plan for lighting a jewelry store in such a way that the merchandise looks spectacular. As the source of light moves farther away from the merchandise the power and intensity of the light diminishes. Stores with higher ceilings (over 9′) face some challenges with lighting. Stores with ceiling that are taller either have to use more lights that are spaced closer together to illuminate a showcase or bring the light source closer by dropping down a track or using a pendant.

Color: The color of light is measure in Kelvin (temperature). The higher the temperature (Kelvin) reading the cooler the color of light and the lower the temperature the warmer the color. For example a light that is 3000K would be a warmer color and a light that is 4000K would be a cooler light. As the temperature of light gets too high (over 4200K) the color of the light begins to take on a blue quality. Lights that are in the 5500K to 6500K will look “blue” to the eye.

Bulb Life/Quality: How long a bulb is expected to last is based upon its “rated life”. The better bulbs have a rated life in excess of 10,000 hours. The quality of a bulb can also be measured by its CRI (Color Rendition Index). The higher the CRI of a bulb the better the quality of the light that it projects will be. CRI numbers over 80 signify a very high quality of light. CRI numbers over 90 signify an exemplary quality of light.

Power of Light: The power of a bulb is measured in lumens. The amount of light that is generated is measured in Lux or, more commonly, in foot-candles (“fc”). The higher the lumens the higher the amount of foot-candles that will be generated by the bulb.

Different Light Sources: There are three main sources of light that are used in Jewelry stores. They are (1) Ceramic Metal Halide (2) Halogen (3) Fluorescent. LED technology is being used more and more but is still far behind the main three. The best source of lighting for jewelry is still Ceramic Metal Halide. This is due to its qualities. They are energy efficient, powerful (lumens over 6000), come in warm and cool colors (3000K to 4200K) has excellent CRI (over 80 and in most cases over 90 CRI) and can provide foot-candles that can exceed 400. Halogens are hot, have lower CRI’s, do not maintain their color over the life …

Buying Jewelry For Your Girlfriend – A Practical Guide

Buying Jewelry For Your Girlfriend – A Practical Guide

If you’re a man, you’re probably not much into jewelry. Most men, by and large, aren’t. Nevertheless, maybe it’s your girlfriend’s birthday or it’s Christmas or (heaven forbid!) it’s Valentine’s Day and you’ve decided you want to give your special girl the gift of jewelry. Good for you! It’s a wonderful choice, assuming, of course, that you already know that your girlfriend loves and appreciates nice jewelry. Okay, so now what?

Step One: Decide how much you can comfortably spend. Or, if you’re rolling in money, decide how much you’re willing to spend. If you’re barely scraping by, don’t beat yourself over a lack of funds or get the idea that unless you put yourself into dire financial straights over this purchase, you aren’t loving her enough. That’s nonsense, and any woman worth her salt will tell you so. When it comes to jewelry, we gals know that it’s not a guy’s cup of tea, that they are out of their depth and probably afraid they’ve made the wrong choice. We get it. And we appreciate the fact that you’re willing to try.

Step Two: Once you’ve got an idea of your budget, decide what form this jewelry gift will take. Will it be earrings? A necklace? A bracelet? A ring? If money’s a concern, earrings or a pendant necklace, especially if we’re talking about fine jewelry, are probably the most affordable pieces of jewelry. For the uninitiated, you can translate ‘fine jewelry’ to mean anything that has a K in it – as in 10k gold, 12k gold, 14k gold, etc. Earrings are pretty self-explanatory. A pendant necklace usually means a precious or semi-precious stone or two in a gold or silver setting, suspended by a chain of the same metal.

By the way, there is absolutely nothing wrong with opting for a piece of fine jewelry that’s 12k gold or even 10k. The gold content is distributed throughout the jewelry piece, so put aside any fears you may have that the gold will ‘wear off.’ If it’s all you can comfortably afford, it’s fine. And it will look good, too. This is supposed to be a token of affection and thoughtfulness, not a test of how much you care nor a measure of how much she’s valued. We’ve got to lose this notion that someone who receives an 18k gold ring is more loved than someone who receives a 10k ring. It’s ridiculous.

If the budget can’t accommodate a gift of fine jewelry, then consider Sterling silver jewelry. There are many beautiful Sterling silver pieces available, many with gorgeous semiprecious gemstones. Or you can stick with straight Sterling, no gemstones, and find your dollar will go quite far. For the same amount of money you’ll pay for a pair of, say, diamond stud earrings, you can probably buy your girl a completely new wardrobe of Sterling silver jewelry.

When you deciding on what kind of jewelry to buy, please take your girlfriend’s style into consideration. If …

Facts About Lava Beads

Facts About Lava Beads

If you want to give your custom made jewelry a whole new look, then you must use a variety of beads in your design. Fashion jewelry made of beads is popular these days and one of the types of beads that is increasingly finding use in jewelry design is lava beads. These beads look earthy and yet are elegant and have a charm of their own. If you want to buy these beads to use them in your jewelry making, then here are a few facts that you should be aware of.

1. As the name implies, these beads are formed from the lava which is produced when a volcano erupts. Lava stone beads are actually made up of basalt – which is a type of igneous rock that is formed during a volcanic eruption.

2. Beneath the surface of an active volcano, the temperature and the pressure are such that they can melt rock. That is why when a volcano erupts it gives out molten rock. However when it comes in contact with the cool atmosphere of the Earth it begins to solidify. As a result of this, stone beads are formed. The most common shapes of these stone beads are rounds, ovals, slices, discs, roundels, teardrops, and saucers.

3. The porous nature of these stones means that they have many holes and bubbles, which also makes them very lightweight. This property makes them ideal for jewelry making as they can be easily threaded. Also, jewelry made using these beads is very light and hence very comfortable to wear.

4. Natural lava beads come in three colors – black, grey and brown. However, today they are often dyed and hence you can find them in several colors. These stones have a rough texture, which can be quite abrasive, therefore the beads that are sold for jewelry making purposes are treated with paraffin wax to make them smooth.

5. Due to their physical properties, lava beads also have special significance. Lava stone is regarded as a symbol of fertility, endurance and strength. It is believed to provide stability in tumultuous times. Because they come from the Earth, it is said that it strengthens our relationship with our planet. It dispels anger, cements our beliefs and provides guidance, clarity and hope in difficult times. That is why it is said that these stones were worn by American Indians before they went into battle.

6. If you are interested in these beads due to their physical properties and significance, make sure that you buy original lava beads instead of fake manmade ones. The fake ones are not as light as the original ones. Also, by carrying out a simple test you can find out if these beads are genuine or not. Just boil some water and drop the beads into it.

The choices you have when it comes to creating something from these beads are numerous. You can create craft pins, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, rings, brooches, pendants, etc. If you are …

The Introduction of 18KGP and 23KGP

The Introduction of 18KGP and 23KGP

Nowadays, there are more and more imitated accessories on market, and the imitations are more and more exquisite. Some items are even hard to be identified, what’s more, the price is much cheaper than the real ones, and therefore, the imitated accessories become the favor of the beauty.

OK, let me introduce the meaning to 18KGP, 23KGP

18KGP, 23KGP is the symbol of alloy. They consist of two logo composition, 18K or 23K is a logo, K represents the value, namely the gold content, the formula is Au wt % = K / 24 x 100%, according to the GB11887-89 national regulation, the gold content of each K value for 4.166%, so you can know 18K contains 75% of gold while 23K contains around 95%.

GP is the English abbreviation of Gold Plate. This kind of logo refers to the materials of the metal are mainly phosphor copper, the product is made under high temperature forging and then covered with gold-plated layer. According to different requirements, the thickness can be 1 mic or 3 mic, as a result, 18K or 23K which we mention before means gold content of the gold-plated layer. Here maybe someone will concern that “why 18KGP or 23KGP jewelry is mostly white instead of yellow?” Actually, this is confusion between pure gold and K gold. Generally, one of the features of pure gold is that they are very limp, so when setting the gem to the pure gold accessories it will fall off easily. Therefore, people will add silver, copper, zinc and other metal to pure gold while making jewelry, the purpose is to increase its strength and toughness, such kind of alloy is called K gold.

Through this method, K gold can reached the nobleness like pure gold, and also can supply a gap of pure gold, on the other hand, K gold can be made into various color according to different needs. In the international fashionable jewelry store, you can see different kinds of colors, but the most common color is yellow and white. K gold can be divided into colored gold alloy and white gold alloy by different colors. In jewelry industry, what being used widely is the Au-Ag-Cu(Zn) alloy, White gold are mostly the Au-Ag-Ni(Cu, Zn) alloy and Au-Ag-PD(Zn, Cu) alloy. When Gold mix 25% of palladium, nickel or zinc, It will become white and its main component is still gold, this kind of alloy is called white K gold.…

The Story Behind the Famous Horseshoe Necklace

The Story Behind the Famous Horseshoe Necklace

The significance of the horseshoe necklace may vary from one culture to the next one, but the most famous connotation for wearing the latter is that because it is a source of good luck. In fact, a horseshoe is sometimes even hung on doorways because some people believe that doing so will let good karma enter their houses. Some also abide by this practice because of their notion that doing so will avert any possible misfortunes from coming into their homes. Others, on the other hand, just wear horseshoe pendants or hang a horseshoe on their front porch to signify that they are aficionados or enthusiasts of the said animal. Therefore, the purpose behind why people wear any piece of jewelry with a horseshoe on it or why people hang up an actual horseshoe in their homes may not always be the same, but it is for this same reason that the latter has become quite an interesting topic of discussion.

In people’s houses, it is usual for a horseshoe to be hung on the topmost part of their doorways with its two ends facing up. This is because the belief is that the U-shape of the horseshoe attracts good luck and never lets it run out. Thus, people place the said item on the entrances of their homes to ensure that good fortune stays with them and their families and that they will never have to face the expiration of the said fortuity. With this in mind, people never hang up horseshoes upside down, or with the two ends of the U-shape facing downward. This is because it is said that because this is the opposite of the previously talked about position, its bearings are the opposite of the former as well. When a horseshoe is hung upside down, it could be anticipated that bad luck will enter the person’s home and that all their good fortune will diminish. So if you have a horseshoe on your doorway and you’ve noticed that it is starting to hang loose, don’t wait until the day that it hangs upside down. Fix it right away and keep the karma coming.

It is also for the reasons mentioned above that many people choose to hang a horseshoe necklace around their necks. Many believe that when a person wears a necklace with a horseshoe for its pendant, he or she gets continuously showered and sprinkled with good luck and blessings. Most of the time, the horseshoe pendant is a small version of an actual horseshoe and is either made out of gold or silver and is filled with either diamonds, cubic zirconia or other precious gem stones.

Whether a horseshoe could really bring good luck to a person is really a matter of belief and faith. However, most people who accept this line of thinking deem that for it to really bring good karma, it shouldn’t have been purchased from a store, but should have been given to the owner by someone else. So …

Dowry and Wedding Gifts in Islam, Developing and Developed Countries

Dowry and Wedding Gifts in Islam, Developing and Developed Countries

Wedding Gifts are common and a way of showing love all over the world. Here is a simple analysis of dowry items in Islam, developing countries and developed countries.

Dowry In Islam:

Islam is one of the most popular religion all over the world.

Islam does not allow expensive dowry items for Muslim parents. There is a list of Dowry items for Hazrat Fatimah (R.A):

1. One white dress,

2. One big piece of cloth for preparing the head gear.

3. One black towel, made in Khyber

4. One mattress, made from the fibre of a date tree

5. Two cotton mattress, one of goats fleece, and the other was filled with the fibre of date tree

6. 4 Pillows made of goat’s hide, filled with Azkhar grass

7. Two pieces of Hajari Mattresses

8. One manually operated Grinding Mill Stone

9. One cup made of Pewter

10. One musk (leather water container)

11. One big tray for washing clothes

12. One bowl for milk

13. One water pot

14. One earthen glass

15. One woollen curtain

16. Two earthen goblets

17. One hide for spreading on the floor

18. One shroud,

19. One lota (a multi-purpose vessel).

Dowry system in Pakistan

Pakistani men love to have rich brides, and do not know the real amount of Mehr according to Islam. In Pakistan, a dowry (from bride’s parents for bridegroom and his family) is comprised of these things:

Top 12 Wedding Gifts In Pakistan

Jewelry for bride Top Expensive Wedding Gifts In Pakistan

Jewelry for in-laws

Gifts for Groom

Clothes for bride & groom

Gifts for in laws

Home appliances


Kitchen Utensils

Arrangements for Wedding

Fashion products

Car / motor cycle / property

Professional wife

Men should be ashamed by looting the simple and poor parents of bride. They should follow the Sunnah in Real words. First they should pay a handsome amount of Mehar then take dowry of Mehr’s 12 %.

Dowry system in Developed countries:

A wedding is a charming event in developed countries. The couples are very happy to arrange this day at the religion places.

Dowry Items / Wedding Gifts in Developed Countries Examples

In developed countries, wedding gifts / dowry items are very economic. Such as:

Table Lamp Top 20 Wedding Gifts In Developed Countries



Dinner set

Love Mugs





Wine Glasses

Serving Dishes

Photo Frames




Small Home Appliances

Bed Sheets

Card Holders

Gift Boxes

Decoration Pieces…

Full Finger Armor Rings Are Not Just Any Old Jewelry, They Are Stunning Pieces of Finger Art

Full Finger Armor Rings Are Not Just Any Old Jewelry, They Are Stunning Pieces of Finger Art

Have you ever stopped to think that no matter how fantastic an outfit we wear, we still love to adorn ourselves with jewelry to really finish off and enhance our look and somehow over the years it has become almost instinctive to add that finishing touch or commit a great crime of sorts? So, to ensure that you do make that particular fashion faux pas, I have seen some mind blowing additions to whatever you choose to wear in the form of an armor ring.

Until recently, if someone had said full finger armor rings to me I really would have been a little perplexed and to as what one might be, well my guess would have been way out of the ball park. I mean, was I going to be looking at a ring with some serious metal work? All joking apart I have been totally inspired by these amazing pieces of finger art (because that is truly what they are) and I cannot help but think you will agree.

If you are thinking circular with a stone or some engraving, then you would be correct on the last one but, that is pretty much where we leave convention and go off on a stunning jewelry journey. I do not know the origins of when and where they appeared but, because they are also known as a full finger ring, knight ring, medieval ring and Gothic ring to name but a few, perhaps they are more steeped in history than we can begin to know.

That said looking at some of the styles and designs you could be forgiven for thinking that they have quietly stayed in the jewelry fashion background since times of old and are now emerging and making such a visual impact because it really is time for them to have the limelight for sure.

If Vivienne Westwood has cottoned on to the idea and given her spin on things, producing some awesome designs you know that whatever you see is going to be jaw dropping. So, what is so special about these rings? The bottom line is that they are so very different from anything you really can imagine.

They are generally made of hard wearing but comfortable pewter or sterling silver and because of this can be very intricate in design (very workable metals apparently). Which means, just a fantastic finished result that is pretty impressive to look at, with 2 or 3 pieces that are jointed so as to flow with your own finger and hand movements very naturally and easily.

To really give not only your outfit but, your day a huge lift, take a look at any of these dramatic items of full finger decoration. I can guarantee wearing an armor ring will make your hand one of the most talked about in your office or college, or whatever you happen to be involved in, no problem. Just be prepared to answer loads of questions and share your find knowing you …