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Perfume – A Money Making Business

Perfume – A Money Making Business

Perfume has been around for ages; for longer than we can even fathom. It has become so ingrained in a woman’s essence that most women won’t leave home without it. Among many perfumes to choose from, Bvlgari perfume has made great strides in the world of scents; a world that everyone wants a piece of.

The perfume industry is at its peak for women’s cosmetics. Almost every department store in the world sells it, as well as many stores and private owned businesses. That is because of their money making capabilities and the attraction that it brings to women.

Every business that is anything wants a piece of some sort of perfume stock. That is because the liquid magic that casts spells on the world has a way with women and men everywhere; and the money is not so bad either. Perhaps perfume is so ingenious because of the way it makes people feel. It has the ability to make a woman feel like she is dressed up and fancy with just a quick spray from a bottle.

Not only does every store in the world want to sell this much in demand product; but every brand name out there wants to start there own. Just like Bvlgari started out in jewelry and other fine products; so too it was not long in coming before Bvlgari perfume was in the making. Everybody who is somebody, and even those who are not, want to make their own perfume because of being such a wanted and needed product.

There are never enough smells and never enough names. Movie stars, as well as any Joe on the street will make their own line. The way it sells is by appearing as unique and exotic, and having that perfect scent. There is never enough perfumes on the market, which is why every day you will hear of a new line.

When starting out, all it takes is one person to wear it and question what it is for it to take off. A lot of times this is how small companies make it big. Perfume has a way of attracting the person wearing it and the person surrounding them.

Perhaps it is a good business to start; making your own perfume. It can really make it with the right tools. If you have the right name, a catchy slogan, and good products; that is a starting point. No matter that you are not a popular brand name; everyone starts out small.

You may not become the next Bvlgari perfume, but if it is such a money making business due to its very high demand, you may at as well give it a shot. Nobody said it is a sure win, but it certainly does not hurt to try. If you attract the right crowd, you may just have your in. After all, it may only take one person (or one nose) to set the trend and bring in the hordes once they smell something …

The Wedding Eve "Slumber Party"

The Wedding Eve "Slumber Party"

There is an old custom that the bride and groom should not see each other after the rehearsal dinner the night before their wedding. With so many couples living together before they are married, this means that at least one of them will need to spend that night somewhere else. It is also customary that the bride will spend her last night as a single woman in the company of her closest female friends, having a wedding eve “slumber party”.

Unlike the type of slumber parties that girls have growing up, the wedding eve gathering should definitely end with the guest of honor turning in early. Don’t get so caught up chatting with your girlfriends that you forgo your beauty sleep! It is the job of the bride’s friends to see to it that she is well rested on the morning of the wedding.

The wedding eve slumber party is a great time for the bride to reminisce over the great times that she has shared with her friends. Often these are very old friends, and they have shared many happy adventures together. Although she will no doubt be keeping her close friends, things can change when a woman gets married, so it is nice to have this special time to share memories with her dear friends.

This is also a good opportunity for the bride to talk through any nervousness she may have about the wedding day. Hopefully at this point, she does not have any question about her decision to get married, but many brides will feel some anxiety about the actual proceedings. It is up to her friends to reassure the bride that everything will surely go off without a hitch, and that she will have the wedding that she has always dreamed about.

There are plenty of other things that go on the night before the wedding. If the bride or her bridesmaids need to touch up their manicure or pedicure, this is the perfect time to take care of it (don’t wait until the morning of the wedding). It is also fun to share a bottle of Champagne in celebration of the bride and groom.

The wedding eve slumber party can be a time when wedding jewelry gifts are presented. If the groom has picked out something special to give to his bride-to-be, he can give it to her maid of honor to present to her the night before the wedding. This works out very well, because often the groom will have consulted the maid of honor about any gifts of wedding jewelry that he was considering, to make sure that they matched the bridal gown. This is the sort of surprise that any bride would love to receive!

Most of all, the wedding eve slumber party is a time for the bride to relax in the company of good friends. These are likely the same women who have supported her and guided her throughout the wedding planning process, and it will mean so much …

What a Buyer Needs To Know About Dominican Blue Amber Beads Before Buying

What a Buyer Needs To Know About Dominican Blue Amber Beads Before Buying

Ever since the ancient times, for that matter since the Neolithic period, people have appreciated amber for its beauty. The gem is much renowned for its color, shape, and size. Resin extracted from trees happens to be the sourcing material of this exotic piece of the gemstone which has rendered itself to jewelry making. In this context, you will also like to know that Amber derived from tree resin is also used for making perfume and decorative agents. According to some, the stone is also supposed to have healing properties.

See if it floats

As a buyer, you should be aware of the defining characteristics of the Dominican blue amber beads. Only then, you will be in a position to take the right decision. Otherwise, you may be duped into making a fraudulent purchase. So, it is important that you exercise care and caution. It is said, that the authentic beads are found floating on saline water. You can dip the bead that you are going to purchase in water treated with salt. If the stone melts, then, you can be sure about its fakeness. On the other hand, the real authentic ones keep floating on sea water.

Check for the presence of fossilized element

These stones are considered mysterious. What contributes to the mystery is the presence of organic matter that lies embedded in the resin, since the prehistoric times. The Dominican blue amber beads, in particular, preserve insects inside them. So, if you find a stone with organic matter or an insect, you can be sure that it happens to be from this particular region of Dominican Republic. Whether the insect or any other fossilized element is there or not, is thus another aspect to watch out for. Stones with insects inside have a long heritage of some million years.

Know the different shades

Amber beads that are genuine come in different color shades. Yellow and its different shades are most common, but you can also get beads which are green, blue and red in color. As a buyer, you will also like to note that stones red in color are more precious than the other color variations. You will, of course, purchase according to your choice, but do make a note of the color intensity. The more intense is the color, higher is the value of the gemstone.

Assess the intensity

While evaluating the color intensity, you should know how to read between the lines, and distinguish the coated colors from the original color shades. That’s because some of the jewelry designers are found using color coatings, with the intention of enhancing the shade. Do remember that such coated surfaces out with time. But the heat treatment which is given to the beads contributes significantly towards improving their value.

Another point to note

You may come across stones which are transparent, and allow light to be passed through. Similarly, you will bump into options which are opaque. There is an important thing that you should know about …

Skull Rings – A Great Fashion Statement

Skull Rings – A Great Fashion Statement

As everyone knows, skull accessories have close resemblance to our mankind. These articles are designed like a human cranium. Normally, it would not be a personal option of most of the people to make a choice of an evil ring. You need to have a different perspective of your life to enjoy and sport the biker stuff. There is no need to have guts to sport skull article. Anyone who is sportive enough to experiment would not mind wearing a skull ring. People who treasure rings and have a fancy of them are out to buy a skull ring.

There are quite a few reasons for sporting biker articles. The reasons of having biker ornament could be for a fashionable style statement or for adornment, religious reasons, superstition etc., whereas some feel it is a fashion statement and others might think that it is too loud, appealing and threatening. Often, skull ornaments are symbolized for fear of some unknown thing or mortality.

Many people have a misconception that the skull articles can be only worn by daring and adventurous people and the citadel of these things apply to a male. The effluence of time has twisted this into a jewelry item that even a woman would like to flaunt as a part of their makeover of jewelry. Now, both the sexes like to wear these skull ornaments. There is a very good market for sterling silver skull and leather skull rings available for both genders.

Generally, men who wear the skull stuff live their life on their edge. You might be seeing a number of rock bands wearing biker ornaments to express them for a style statement.

There is a variety of design and color in skull articles. Some type of rings like the demon ones can also be customized and made according to the person’s choice of metal pattern and finesse. Colored eyes skull rings are the most popular among the biker rings. Even women like such kind of stuff as they feel that it compliments their attire or adds vibrancy of color or love of unknown. A skull ornament can be made out of a lot of metals, but sterling silver stands out of the rest. The intricacies of carving are seen in the silver skull ring. The takers of the skull ring are also in the tinsel town. No one can forget Johnny Depp sporting the skull ring. Due to his liking for skull rings they have become a hot thing to wear. Recently, Depp has also possessed one solid gold studded skull ring. Even the Metallica band artists and Paris Hilton have sported these skull ornaments.…

Hottest Trends of Biker Jewelry Online

Hottest Trends of Biker Jewelry Online

In the fashion world today everyone wants to make an intended statement with the jewelry they wear. Nothing makes a stronger statement than biker accessories. Whether you are a lady or a modern man adorning a biker piece of jewelry has the potential to transform your outfit into something trendy.

Biker jewelry is known to be tasteful and quite fashionable than any other type of jewelry in the world. Because of this, new trends tend to emerge every other day. Today, there are lots of biker accessory trends online that will best suit your specific style. Some of the hottest trends of biker accessories online include the following.

Earrings: Today piercing both ears is a commonplace trend for both men and women. The use of biker earrings is now one of the most popular trends in many cities across the world. Biker earrings are beautifully designed with statement images to make anyone look cool and quite attractive. The most popular trend is that of diamond studs with large stones that look quite fashionable. For individuals who cannot afford diamond stud, biker cubic zirconium is still a hot trend that will make you look cool and fashionable on any given day.

Necklaces: Biker necklaces are the other hot trend online. Today many young men and women across the world adorn biker necklaces around their neck. The hottest trend is that of a hemp or leather rope fitted with a stone pendant to give its wearer an earthy look that is popular with cool biker dudes. Gold or platinum chain and pendant necklaces gives you an urban feel and look but if you want a classic artistic look then you should go for a leather rope necklace with a silver or titanium pendant. If you want a hot but still affordable biker necklace then consider one made of stainless steel chain and pendant or a leather rope with a stainless steel pendant.

Rings: Rings are no longer a preserve of the married or the soon to be married couples. In fact, they are some of the most trendy biker accessories items online today. If you want to look and feel cool then it’s time to buy yourself some nice biker rings. Whether it is diamond or gold a biker ring with a visible biker image will make you look fashionable and quite trendy. To make a statement different colors such as pink, turquoise, onyx or amber are used. For a classic look, go for a silver, stainless steel or titanium ring.

Bracelets: Biker bracelets are also slowly becoming a popular fashion trend online this year. They are made of different materials such as gold, silver, titanium and stainless steel among others. They also come in a wide range of styles for both men and women. Classy individuals with some cash to spare go for gold or silver bracelets that give a statement about class. The younger generations want a classic biker look and mostly go for those made of stainless steel, titanium …

Call Him Creator-Man

Call Him Creator-Man

Like Walt Disney and George Lucas, Stan Lee has co-created some of the most iconic characters in pop culture: Spider-Man, X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and the Incredible Hulk. Movie's based on his super-characters have generated more than $ 2.3 billion in US ticket sales. Toys, books and games have generated billions more.

Lee is one of the most important figures in American popular culture. He began working for Marvel (then Timely) Comics in 1939, with his first published work appearing in May 1941. The following year, at age 20, was editor and chief writer, creating stories for a variety of romance, horror, humor, Science-fiction and suspense comics.

By 1960, competitor DC comics had launched a team of superheroes called the Justice League of America. Marvel publisher Martin Goodman demanded a response, and in 1961, Lee and Jack Kirby produced Fantastic Four No. 1. Fan response was phenomenal, with critics today calling the work a masterful step forward in comic-book evolution.

Lee would continue creating and co-creating characters for Marvel over the next two decades. Along the way, he published some of the market's most valuable collectibles, with key issues of Marvel Comics often demanding more than a quarter million dollars.

With the Walt Disney Company in the process of purchasing Marvel Entertainment – further cementing his status in American culture – Lee is busier than ever. He most recently launched POW! Entertainment to create, produce and license new characters. He hosted two seasons of the Syfy channel show "Who Wants to be a Superhero?" And he's executive producer of several motion pictures based on Marvel characters (Black Panther, Nick Fury, Thor) that are yet to be released.

Surprisingly, Lee does not consider himself a collector. "Collecting is great," he says with a laugh, "if you have the time for it!"

Q: Of the 15 top-grossing movies in the United States, George Lucas' characters have grossed about $ 1.2 billion in ticket sales and your characters have grossed $ 1.1 billion.
A: Damn! He's always beating me! I do not like being in second place!

Q: Do you consider yourself one of the most successful creators in Hollywood?
A: Of course not! Lucas does movies. I only wrote a lot of comic book stories which other people have made into great movies. I had nothing to do with the movies and yet I seem to get so much credit for them. I feel like a phony!

Q: But Lucas created Luke Skywalker, you created Peter Parker. He created Darth Vader, you created Dr. Doom. Lucas wrote the stories, you wrote the stories.
A: Yeah, but he also produced and directed those movies. I did not have anything to do with the movies. That's the only thing. I think I was very instrumental in making these characters famous and successful as comic book characters. In the comic book field, I did very well and I am happy to accept all the credit that might be heaped upon me. But the …

Are You a Barbie Doll, Faded Beauty or Timeless Beauty?

Are You a Barbie Doll, Faded Beauty or Timeless Beauty?

Why do we as women go through so much to pain in order for men to look at us? I think that it is because we seek external approval to validate our existence. We feel that if we are perfect enough we will then be worthy enough to attract and keep true love, the perfect man who will adore and respect us. But the truth of the matter is no man is ever going to love and respect us more than we love and respect ourselves. Most women think of the perfect man as being wealthy and a perfect provider … the Alpha male. Read the characteristics of the so-called-perfect-man, and then determine if you are a Barbie Doll, Faded Beauty or Timeless Beauty.

Alpha Male

Who are alpha males Hugh Hefner, Donald Trump, Michael Jordan famous wealthy athletes, movie stars. Show me a man who is wealthy and famous, and I’ll show you a man who is 99.9% likely to be unfaithful in a committed relationship. The alpha male is the individual in the community whom the others follow and defer to. Humans and their nearest species-relatives, the chimpanzees, show deference to the alpha of the community by ritualized gestures such as bowing, allowing the alpha to walk first in a procession, or standing aside when the alpha challenges. Canines also show deference to the alpha pair in their pack, by allowing them to be the first to eat and, usually, the only pair to mate. The status of alpha is generally achieved by means of superior physical prowess. Listed below are some of the characteristics of the human alpha male.

o When a man is extraordinary wealthy it doesn’t matter how physically attractive he is because his wealth is a babe magnet.

o Women will always throw themselves at men who are wealthy, successful, or famous in order to improve their standard of living.

o Most alpha males even when they are in committed relationships, will seek sexual intimacy outside of the committed relationship.

o Most alpha males have difficulty interconnecting sex, love and loyalty into one package.

o Alpha males generally believe that he deserves to have more than one woman.

o Alpha males not only collect expensive cars, guns, cigars and antiques, their collection also include sexual relationships with beautiful women.

o Having a bevy of beautiful women is encouraged and expected behavior of wealthy successful men.

Alpha males need Barbie Dolls in order to maintain their ultra masculine male dominate status in society. Barbie Dolls have the ultra female characteristics that compliment his superior status.

Barbie Doll Characteristics include:

o Barbie dolls are plastic. You must spend money on cosmetic surgery to maintain your youthful appearance at all cost. Implants, liposuction, rhinoplasty, breasts lifts, cellulite removal, botox injections, chemical peels and other techniques to maintain or obtain your outer appearance are necessary in order to compete for his affection and attention.

o Barbie dolls do not talk. Alpha men need a woman who is not …

The Mystery of Pandora Jewelry

The Mystery of Pandora Jewelry

In fact, there is not a definition for Pandora Jewelry. This kind of Jewelry consists of two aspects, one is the jewelry of Pandora style the other is the jewelry of Pandora brand.

Firstly, we should know that what can be called Pandora. Pandora (originated from Greek) is the first woman on the earth. She is a clay sculpture made by the God of fire, Hephaestus in order to punish Prometheus who steels fire to the human beings. The god makes Pandora very beautiful. The mythology of Pandora has been handed down for a long time in various editions. In all of the literary editions, the mythology of Pandora is used to explain the existence of evil.

In a word, Pandora is an alluring beauty who is filled of mythology. In ancient Greek, "Pan" means all the things, and "dora" signifies gifts. Pandora means a perfect woman who possesses both beauty and wisdom. In our daily life, Pandora presents all the enticing things. Later, we combine Pandora with jewelry, Pandora jewelry becomes the collection of all the alluring things.

Generally speaking, Pandora jewelry presents the pearls with big holes which cross a thick string. This kind of jewelry is original and individual, and the style is ethnic.

Pandora jewelry is purely handmade, and is made up of pure colored glaze and sterling silver pipe. The Pandora jewelry has a fine shadow effect. It can show three – dimensional effect from different angles. The jewelry can bring you a sense of tranquility and peace, and take you to enjoy the natural beauty of the pearls which is limpid. Pandora pearls are made of colored glaze before, nowdays, owning to the needs of customers, some are made of Zircon which is also beautiful when made to necklaces, bracelets, and other strings.

As for the brand of Pandora jewelry, people often mingle it with the jewelry of Pandora style.

In fact, Pandora style is in advance of Pandora brand. Pandora brand is founded by a couple in 1982. It is a small company in Denmark. To begin with, the company only products necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and so on. In the movement of time, the company begins to produce other kinds of jewelry in the need of customers. There are new products every year in the end.

In the first, Pandora jewelry is alluring as the word "Pandora". In the process of manufacture of bracelets and necklaces, they achieve the target of necklaces and bracelets without joints.

Do you also think the Pandora jewelry is mystery? …

Boho Style – The Chic of The 60’s Is Back

Boho Style – The Chic of The 60’s Is Back

Now is your chance to bring the hippie era back in fine fashion. Boho chic has never been more appealing than it is right now. And what better way to round off your hippie style than with bohemian fashion jewelry. Every woman knows that this is the true measure of style and every man will surely agree.

Of course it takes careful consideration before throwing on any trinket or charm. Your bohemian accessories will define your character and outwardly display your free-loving personality.

Seek out the perfect trinkets that tantalize. Each item you find and select should be a treasure untold that will excite your mind and bring your adventurous side to the forefront. Even those who are a little more conservative won’t be able to keep their creativity at bay when the boho juices begin flowing.

Shimmer and glimmer in silver and gold or take a chance with vivid colors that will explode and pop. Delicate beauty or chunky, outspoken pieces are what boho chic is all about. This truly is the mark of the gypsy style. Bohemian fashion jewelry has the ability to bring an entire outfit into its own.

Whether you choose to embellish your flowing attire with a signature choker or a slave bracelet, you will be the talk of the town and for all the right reasons. Adorn your ears with jewels that dangle and glisten as the light catches them. These are the jewels of an era that will remain in memory for all-time. Dig out your bellbottom pants and your flowy gypsy shirt and dress it up to the max. Freedom of expression has never been as easy as a few carefully selected pieces of art, strategically placed with a dash of color or shine.

Bohemian accessories are designed to bring out the gypsy queen you know you are deep down inside. Unleash the gypsy queen and feel the power of boho chic. Feminine and petite or wild and free, feel it all with jewelry and accessories created to enhance the boho chic style that is so popular these days.

Women are being encouraged to be their own people, to express their inner selves and reveal all without fear of discrimination. This is the way it should be. Be proud to be a gypsy woman and let it all show with pride. The wonder of boho is that anything goes as long as you add those accessories that depict the era. Comfort is paramount.

Boho chic is not about costume jewelry you can find on any street corner. They are carefully crafted pieces, designed with the glory of the female mystique in mind. There is nothing more complex than a modern day woman fighting to express herself with freedom.

Don’t wait any longer to explore your inner-hippie. Feel like the beautiful, powerful woman you are and show it to the world around you. Be bold, be daring, be boho with trinkets and treasures that lay out there for you to find.…

History of Ear Gauging in Tribal Civilizations

History of Ear Gauging in Tribal Civilizations

A study of the history of ear gauging indicates the practice to be as old as recorded human history. For males, this form of ear piercing has been a symbol of status, while for women, in addition to being used as means of bodily decoration, it has also been employed to signify the attainment of womanhood.

Ear gauging, which is also referred to as ear stretching, is the stretching of ear lobe piercings to larger diameters than that of the original piercing. It is a form of body enhancement or beautification that many young western people adopt to look ‘different’ from the usual crowd. However, this is not a modern form of body piercing, since it has been around for as long as archaeological records exist.

In many cases, ear gauging has been used historically to indicate the standing of members of a specific tribe, and in many respects this is still the situation today. Stretched piercings have been, and still are, a reflection on the individual’s sexual capability and also their superiority over other males in the tribe. The larger the stretching, the more important the individual.

Otzi the Iceman is a prime example of mummies known to have stretched ears. This is the earliest known example of ear gauging, Otzi having 7-11 mm ear piercings during 3300 BC. It has been suggested that the stretching of the ears noted in depictions of Siddhartha Gautama, better known as Buddha, may have been caused by the weight of the gold jewelry he wore, but this is mere supposition.

It is supported, however, by the fact that the Masai tribe of Kenya and the Lahu and Karen-Paduang people of Thailand use this ‘gravity’ technique to stretch their piercings. Let us have a look at the ear gauging practices used today by various cultures.

A. Mursi Tribal Women

The Mursi is an Ethiopian tribe where the women are obliged to wear plates in their gauged ears and on their bottom lip. About a year prior to her marriage, or at about 15 years of age, a Mursi girl’s lip will be pierced by her mother and a wooden peg pushed through the incision.

Once healed, the peg is changed for a larger diameter one. Eventually, the peg is replaced by a plate of clay or wood, and this plate is successively changed for larger diameter ones until the required diameter is attained – from around 8 – 22 cm in diameter (3 – 9 inches). Once these plates have been secured, she receives a higher degree of respect than those without them, and is known as a ‘Bhansanai’.

These lip and ear plates need not be worn permanently, but are an expected adornment during special occasions such as during weddings and other celebrations, and when they serve food to men. Today, young women can generally make their own decision as to whether or not they follow this tradition.

B. The Masai People of Kenya

The practice of ear gauging has been common …