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Impressive Rules Of Choosing An Engagement Ring For An Everlasting Memory

Impressive Rules Of Choosing An Engagement Ring For An Everlasting Memory

Congratulations! You just have stepped into a new and the most beautiful journey of your life. Getting engaged is the best ever feeling in the world, where you get attracted to the nervousness, shyness, and excitement for being a part of someone else’s life. To give it a memorable start, the selection of a diamond engagement ring needs to be very particular. Being an overwhelming task, it is pleasing as well. With so many options of exclusive designs, patterns and styles, the job of choosing the best out of diamond engagement rings are genuinely tricky.

For many individuals, moving into a jewelry shop is more likely entering a maze. However, there are numerous things that are required to be considered before waving goodbye to your at least one month’s salary. An engagement ring or a wedding ring is the eternal symbol of the most important relationship of your life. To help you kick off your search, here we have rounded up with few simple steps to pick up an ideal ring for your better half. Following the tips will surely help to avoid the pitfalls.

Determining The Budget: To get enough bling for your buck and a ring she can’t say no to, it is really important to know how much you can spend. These days, you can easily explore a couple of engagements rings & wedding rings in your budget without digging a hole in your pockets. Buying a ring that fits your financial circumstances is always a smart decision.

Shopping With A Reputed Jeweler: When looking for the best jeweler, you need to find a reputable jewelry shop that has valid certifications and credentials. Also, check online reviews and rating of their services to get a clear idea of the jeweler.

Looking for a Perfect Style: Before deciding on the best engagement ring, you need to pay focus on the style of your partner. Find out his/her fashion sense and then make up a decision.

Know A Brief About The 4 C’s: Diamonds are graded according to the 4 C’s i.e. Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. Each C is important and offering a balance between them will serve you with the best ever option.

Shape Of The Diamond: While exploring the wedding rings, you will come across different shapes of diamonds that will surely confuse you. Round cuts, prince’s cuts, cushion cuts, oval, assher, emerald cuts and more, that are perfect and beautiful on their own.

Gold or Platinum: Depending on your partner’s choice and your taste, you can either go for a platinum base or gold. As platinum is much harder than gold, it holds the diamond for longer without wearing.

Adding A Personal Touch: Including your ancestor’s stone will add more value and sentiments to the ring. Even, you can engrave your name’s first letter as well as your partner’s to add a perfect blend of your love and concern for him/her.

Online Shopping: Going with the online …

Can You Wear Gold and Silver Accessories Together?

Can You Wear Gold and Silver Accessories Together?

Accessories can either make or break an outfit, but with the right piece you’re sure to complete a stunning wardrobe.

Fashion mishaps often happen with either the wrong choice of style, wrong color combination, mismatched wardrobe, and mismatched accessories.

The common (and old) rule for accessories or jewelry is to never wear gold and silver jewelry together. But with the trend nowadays, a lot of women are seen wearing gold with silver bangles. Let’s admit it, it does look nice. So, what is the rule now? Should silver and gold go together or not?

Nowadays, with women’s accessories, it’s safe to just forget all about it – forget about the so-called rule on mixing accessories. Besides, the trend these days are all about mixing and matching! With all the fashionable jewelry and accessories out there, it would really be a shame to wear them only with some pieces. These days, women need not be afraid to layer silver and gold – be it with bangles, necklaces or other pieces of jewelry.

While breaking some old fashion rules is now accepted, let’s face it, there are still some people who have a preference for one type of jewelry over the other. For instance, some women feel that gold doesn’t look good on their pale skin, thus, so they only wear silver or white gold jewelry.

Again, it’s perfectly alright to mix silver with gold. For one, many top jewelry designers and jewelry manufacturers use gold and silver (or white gold) on the same jewelry piece. There is no reason why women cannot wear gold and silver jewelry at the same time.

But to some women who want to break the old don’t-mix-silver-with-gold rule but want to play it safe, they can always mix silver with white gold. Such a combination never clashes and looks elegant at the same time.

While women are a combination of adventurous and reserved personalities when it comes to trying new trends in fashion, men are a bit more on the conservative type – simply because their accessories are pretty basic – watch, ring, and cufflinks.

Imagine seeing a man in a suit also wearing a gold watch with a silver ring. It may not look obvious from afar, but once he gets upclose you would see the difference.

Gold is actually one of the basic and safest color for an accessory to choose for a man’s attire. The only rule though in wearing men’s gold accessories is that it should match well with other ones you’re wearing For example, if a man chooses to wear gold cufflinks, he has to make sure that they match with the color of his belt buckle, and other pieces of jewelry he’s wearing, like a gold-tone wristwatch, bracelet, or ring. On the other hand, if he’s wearing silver cufflinks, all other accessories should be silver-toned as well.…

Bridal Shower Ideas – 10 Door Prize Ideas For a Wedding Shower

Bridal Shower Ideas – 10 Door Prize Ideas For a Wedding Shower

As you search different bridal shower ideas, remember that your guests will be just as excited about the door prizes as they are about being involved in the pre-wedding celebrations. They will be anticipating with curiosity what wedding shower favors and game prizes you will be handing out. Most people will be happy to receive anything, but it is always nice to give something that will be appreciated and enjoyed. The general rule of thumb is to select bridal shower door prizes that you would want to receive yourself. Here are ten door prize ideas, both inexpensive and pricier, for bridal showers.

If you would like everyone to get a prize or bridal shower favor, then you will probably want to choose one of these inexpensive favor ideas.

Inexpensive door prizes:

  1. Makeup, such as lipstick or kits in the same colors as your decorations. Think pink lipstick for a pink and brown party.
  2. Fun or romantic candles. If the wedding will have a beach theme, you can even get flip flop shaped candles.
  3. Soaps that fit your bridal shower theme. For example, you can get ‘perfect pair’ soaps for that theme.
  4. Lotions in the colors of your theme
  5. Picture frames. You could even take pictures on the day to put in the frame right away.
  6. Purse hooks. Every woman needs a purse hook for restaurants or clubs, and we rarely have one.
  7. Small mirror compacts. These can be personalized as well, for very little money.
  8. Personalized candy or chocolates. Classic mint tins or favor boxes with chocolates are always popular.
  9. Personalized book marks. These can be purchased in many theme shapes.
  10. Gift cards to places such as Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks

If you are planning to just give out one large door prize, and you can afford it, then select something from the list of expensive prizes.

More expensive door prizes:

  1. Movie tickets. A pair of movie tickets can also be combined with a dinner gift card.
  2. Restaurant gift card for a nice restaurant locally.
  3. Champagne or wine. You could also combine this with chocolate or candles for romance.
  4. Gift baskets with spa products or food. Select different lotions, bath salts and soaps; or collect gourmet wine, cheese and crackers.
  5. Spa certificates. A gift card to a spa works well if everyone is local to where the spa is located.
  6. Personalized manicure sets. Depending on what you choose, this can also be an inexpensive favor that you give to everyone.
  7. Jewelry, such as small bracelets. There are pretty silk pouches that you can put a cute bracelet or earrings in, so long as you have all girls at your shower.
  8. Plants or flowers, if everyone is local. Flowers can be placed in a pretty vase for a longer lasting keepsake.
  9. Box of gourmet chocolate. There is nothing quite like an expensive box of Belgian chocolates.
  10. Night at a bed and breakfast. This is a more expensive prize, but sure to be appreciated. You just have to make sure it is
The Benefits of Giving Personalized Gifts

The Benefits of Giving Personalized Gifts

We all struggle at times to find the right gift for a friend, relative or significant other, scouring through the mall hoping to find something that catches the eye. We think, “What do you give someone who has everything?” Well the fact is, no one has everything, and there are plenty of personalized gift ideas available for anyone.

Personalized gifts are a great way to show people how much you care about them. They let you express how you feel, or show how much you know someone. From children to adults and birthdays to anniversaries, giving gifts that are personalized can be unforgettable.

Gifts for Every Occasion

Personalized gifts can be funny, sentimental or just plain practical. They’re fun for both the gift giver and receiver. Often these gifts have personal experiences and stories behind them, making them fun to shop for. The friend who landed a new corporate job would love an engraved business card holder — it’s practical but also shows you’re proud and care about their success.

Personalized products given as gifts are a perfect way to celebrate anniversaries and show just how much your partner means to you. Engraved jewelry, photo frames and photo albums are sentimental and show that you took the time to do something special.

Weddings are also a great time to get gifts that are personalized. As the bride and groom, you could buy personalized glassware, such as champagne flutes, for the wedding party. A gift like this will be a memorable keepsake for those who took part in your special day.

When you’re stuck on what to get a friend or relative for their birthday, look online for the assortment of personalized gift ideas. Mugs, key chains (for a new car or home owner) and T-shirts can all be custom made. Even if you give something funny, your friend will recognize and appreciate the effort you put in. For the friend who loves their pet, there are tons of pet products you can personalize.

Gifts for Every Budget

Personalized products don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. They can be as small as printable custom friendship coupons to engraved gold rings. Regardless of what you decide to buy, your personalized gift will be memorable and meaningful.…

How to Go From the Office to a Cocktail Party in Under 5 Minutes?

How to Go From the Office to a Cocktail Party in Under 5 Minutes?

Today is the era of technology and everyone here is a machine to do the work. There is no doubt, that people are so busy in their routine tasks that they don’t have enough time to go to the market or to attend someone’s event. A cocktail party may be a social party or a business party so, you don’t have to wear any wedding party dress. Joining a cocktail party after the office is possible now. You can follow the following important tips to go from the office to a cocktail party in under 5 minutes:

Tip 1:

You can wear the official dress in the cocktail party. In order to give an attractive look to the dress you can wear amazing and attractive jewelry, but make sure that your jewelry compliments the dress you wear. So keep the jewelry in your bag with you and wear it while moving towards the party.

Tips 2:

Try a dark colored lipstick with the elegant dress you wear. It will enhance your beauty and make your look perfect for the party.

Tip 3:

Keep your dress ready a day before the party. Right after getting back from the work, you can wear the dress and the related jewelry and be ready for the party within 5 minutes only.

Steps to Follow:

  • Go to the home from your office, and choose the best skirt that matches up with your shirt.
  • Change the office shoes with the party sandals
  • Make an elegant hair style. You can also leave your hair as it is, but you can also go for a back combing or a pony tails whatever suits you.
  • Wear the best jewelry. You can choose multi-layered necklace or something like that. It is suggested that you should wear the silver coated jewelry with the black colored dress. It is the trendiest style and the color combination.
  • At the end, don’t forget to use the best fragment to enhance your presence in all over the party.
  • Go to the car and join the party now.

All these steps will not take more than 5 minutes and you will be ready on the spot. You can opt any of these tips and get ready quickly. By this way, you will not miss the party neither your daily office task. You will also look superb, elegant and stylish in the party within a few minutes of preparation.…

The Next New Fashion Craze and Why!

The Next New Fashion Craze and Why!

Some styles recycle and come back to square one. Ties: broad or slim, suits: one-button, two-button, double-breasted and three-piece business suits for men-those have been around the globe a few times. They will recycle again and again. That is why I maintained the same size and body weight for the past 10 years and also buy clothes with longevity and durability as my top criteria. For women: earrings, bracelets, ankle chains, broad hats, slim skirts, short skirts and long shirts are revolving globetrotters.

However, there are those one-off styles. They arrived and left like tornadoes. The punk pants and bell bottom pants were the fads of the sixties.


Even though wearing jewelery is as old as drinking water, watches are becoming, not only an extremely popular jewelry item, but also they are making very loud fashion statements. Think for a moment: "How many hands do we have?" With international and trans-continental travel being the norm for one out of every five business people in some metropolises, and approximately two out of every 10 vacationers in some countries, it would make sense to wear one watch on the right hand, and another on The left. If one watch kept the time of your home country, then set the other one to the time of the country you do business with, or travel to the most.


Take Europe for instance: most, if not all European countries have just about the same time. There might be an hour fluctuation between the most remote countries. The same goes for Asian destinations. Most people have as many watches as pairs of shoes. Today men and women match their watches with their other accessories. It is not unusual to see a lady wearing a top manufacturer's brand, matching her shoes and bag with either her wrist watch or hat, or alternating the colors by matching two out of four accessories. Instead of adjusting and reading one watch or the next, it could be much simpler. If you are right-handed, you may decide that the one on your right hand carries the time of the country you are visiting or doing business in, and the left could carry your home time or vice-versa. That is a no brainer.


Many of today's watches are self-winders. The more you wear them, the better they work. By wearing one watch at a time, it may take some people an entire year to get through their watches' collections. That does not mean that because you have many watches you are being ostentatious. Watches are some of the most practical jewelry items: they not only keep their value, but many times they actually appreciate. Ok, many styles change over time, but considering the prices you pay for a fine timepiece, you had better get in some quality wearing time.

I must confess I love watches. They are my preferred jewelery; Each one is different. Each has its own personality. Sometimes I wear one because of the band …

The Heart Necklace Symbolizes an Unbreakable Connection

The Heart Necklace Symbolizes an Unbreakable Connection

Heart. It is commonly referred to as the seat of the human mind, the center of one’s body and soul. It is the physical organ that pumps blood around your body and keeps us alive; without it, we die. The heart has always been an emblem that symbolizes love and affection. It is also one of the best chosen designs for clothes and accessories, especially for necklaces.

Why do we or most people choose a heart necklace? The heart shape has an impact, especially on women. Regardless of whether these heart shaped jewelries are made of silver or gold, they relatively make the same impression. People buy them as gifts for the person that we love as it symbolizes an unbreakable connection.

They are usually popular during Valentine’s Day as it is a day to celebrate love. These are especially worn hanging on the neck and close to the heart. Even the containers of these heart necklaces are sometimes shaped in heart.

These heart necklaces, as mentioned can be made of silver, gold, diamonds, emerald, ruby, sapphire, turquoise, and all other kinds of stones, wood, and other materials man could make use of.

Heart necklace has also a spiritual, religious meaning. One might think of Jesus and the Sacred Heart. Many religions use the heart symbol to emphasize the center of being. Heart jewelry has also been used as a symbol for a lot of charities. 38

When thinking of purchasing some heart jewelry, make sure that you find the right piece for the right purpose. Buy it for someone you love – be it for your mother, sister, spouse, significant other, teacher, daughter, friends, and other people you care mostly about. Giving someone a heart necklace will definitely mean something, and it will definitely touch not only their hearts, but their souls.…

How to Prepare for Model Casting

How to Prepare for Model Casting

Awesome, you have just got your ticket to enter an exciting industry. However, your performance at Casting is pivotal in determining whether you get selected by the agency and paves the way for the subsequent opportunities you will acquire as a model.

1. Check and follow the requirements

Important details such as the timing of the casting call, what you need to bring, expected dress code and all the important details must be strictly followed to ease your casting process. It is very unlikely that you will attend an audition where there aren’t many others casting for the same opportunity, and the agency rarely has much time to waste. So being late or not bringing what is required will significantly slow down the process and cause you to wait much longer. Besides, that is the last first impression you want to create (Or the last impression you will make). Check the website to see what’s required for casting and call the agency and clarify directly.

2. Your overall look: Simple.

Your look is something you need spend some time thinking about. A model agency wants to see the raw talent and beauty you can offer them for them to work with. If you wrap yourself up in makeup, fancy patterned shirts/dresses, and excessive jewelry it will interfere with their creativity which is trying to suit your natural look to multiple modeling styles. You will result in creating an impression that you are not a versatile model. Go as simple as you possibly with the lightest makeup. For example, a bit of foundation to hide some blemishes and scars.

Check if there is a dress code in the description else just wear a solid colored dress, jeans, tank top or anything that makes you comfortable so long as it’s simple and plain colored. A further tip, don’t apply too much perfume or cologne as it may put off the judge/interviewer if he/she doesn’t like that smell. Apply some basic deodorant to ensure your odor is in control and that would suffice.

3. Healthy lifestyle, radiate natural beauty

The best way to look good naturally is to stick to healthy wholesome foods and completely avoiding fried, oily and fast food. You also want to drink enough water and get the adequate sleep you need as you lead up to your casting call. You should stay off alcohol and late nights at least week before your casting call.

4. Expect to wait

Waiting is going to be hard if you are impatient. Casting calls are usually filled with many aspiring hopefuls so you will most likely have to wait for some time before your turn. Bring a book or newspaper you can read while you wait, and don’t let the waiting affect your emotion and thought. It is completely expected and normal to wait, and no matter what time you are called you should always go to your casting with a cool head.

5. Wear your confidence

Whether you get selected by a …

Single Girl’s Guide to Makeover Magic

Single Girl’s Guide to Makeover Magic

Let’s face it, girlfriends. Thanks to cable TV, we’re now addicted to endless episodes of makeover shows where each “Plain Jane,” with her closet-from-hell, learns to choose the right clothes, makeup, and hair style, then right before our eyes, transforms into a real beauty! And, ever notice how looking great makes her feel empowered? And, all in less than an hour! Amazing!

But, what if this new self-confident charmer is one of the millions of your single sisters on the hunt for Prince Charming, who happens to be on the hunt for his Princess Charming? Well, in that case, this might be the perfect time to check in with your mirror, mirror on the wall to see how you fair with all this growing competition.

You know, Cinderella had this so easy. With the wave of a wand, and a bit of “bibbity bobbity boo,” her fairy godmother morphed her from rags to riches, then sent her off to the Ball looking like the Princess she was about to become, and the rest is history!

In the real world, this all gets a bit more complicated. For starters, chances are your prince will first see you dressed for the mall, not the Ball. Plus, your chances of being the next TV makeover are pretty slim. You could hire a fashion savvy godmother, AKA a fashion consultant, but if a fee of $200 + is not in your budget, what’s a girl like you to do when the whole point is to leave a first impression that leaves a potential prince wanting more?

Well, a girl like you will take charge of her life. Presenting the I’ll Do It MYSELF Makeover!

You start with your face. Of course, if you’re thinking, “How ’bout I start with something else,” remember Cindy Crawford’s immortal words: “Even I don’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.” So, again, your face is your focus, specifically the colors of your face. I promise you, when you learn how to use the power of color to compliment your eyes, skin, and natural hair color, just like on the makeover shows, magic will happen! Those eyes will sparkle and your complexion will glow. And, glowing is definitely a plus for first impressions, especially when your prince will remember forever the first time he saw your face.

On the other hand, glowing is practically impossible when you wear colors that clash with your own. For example, if you have watercolor eyes, translucent skin, and hair the color of soft wheat, imagine the catastrophe of deep bronze makeup, double black eyeliner, and a dayglow dress with dark chunky jewelry. Right! Not good! The strong colors overpower your own, and POOF! you disappear. Wearing colors paler than your own washes out your natural glow so you look tired and older than you are. Again, not good. To go for the glow, here are the “must knows” that make it happen!


Many fashion consultants rely on the Munsell Color …

How To Save on Wedding Jewelry

How To Save on Wedding Jewelry

Your wedding should be the most beautiful day of your life – and you deserve to look the part as the bride. However, wedding jewelry can quickly get much too expensive, especially if it is going to be something that you only wear once. There are ways to cut down the cost of your wedding jewelry, and save money overall.

First of all, deciding on an overall theme right away can help you look for pieces leading up to the wedding, so that you can take advantage of deals right away, and are not stuck buying wedding jewelry at the last minute. If you are able to decide on the type of jewelry you'd like months before the wedding, it will give you plenty of opportunities to find good deals. Next, keep in mind the overall style, and try to shoot for something that is not at the top of the expense list. For instance, if you can go with mainly silver pieces instead of gold, you'll find that your items are cheaper.

If you are able to buy your wedding jewelry ahead of time, you can also take advantage of the changes in the seasons. As new jewelry comes out each year, the older styles are often retired and some are sold at discount prices. You can keep your eye on a piece of jewelry that you'd like for your wedding, and then be sure to wait until it has been discounted to buy it. If you are buying jewelry from a place that you know will do this, be sure to keep careful track of the time so that you do not miss out on your perfect piece.

If you want that diamond look, but do not want to have to pay for it, try using Swarovski crystal pieces instead of diamonds. They'll sparkle on you in just the same way, but you will save money.

Another way to save money on your wedding jewelry is to think about where you are buying it. Designer jewelry may have the perfect look for you, but it is going to be the most expensive jewelry. If you can buy custom made jewelry from a good vendor, you might be able to find pieces that look just like, or similar to, the expensive designer jewelry that you can not afford. You will also find that this type of custom Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry can be more rewarding because the pieces can be unique, which will mean that you've got something that no one else has for their wedding.

You can also see if your mom or any other female relatives have jewelry that they'd allow you to wear. It can be a perfect way to incorporate your "something old" into the tradition. However, if you find that perfect piece to buy for yourself, someday it can be your daughter's something old! …