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Photography Marketing Ideas for Photographers: 10 Low Cost Ideas

Photography Marketing Ideas for Photographers: 10 Low Cost Ideas

Marketing your photography studio does not have to be expensive. I've used hundreds of low cost marketing strategies over the last twenty five years and managed to build my photography studio to the point where I am one of the busiest and most successful studios in my city. Here's a few tips for you:

1. Create a photo display. A photography display can be as simple as displaying a few small portraits at a store and offering some free information about your studio or more elaborate set ups with framed wall samples. You can even create large temporary displays inalls or at events such as trade shows. The important thing is how it looks. You will attract a lot of attention with some great images, especially from woman, who happens to be your target market. Displays will help you create a lot of business if you play your cards right. Have a great selection of images, be presentable yet never pushy, have a system for collecting names and address's from those wanting more information by simply asking or offering a draw prize, and keep in touch with all those prospects. It's the beginning of a potential long term and lucrative relationship.

2. Have a free giveaway. Offer a time limited in studio session and small reprint. Tell them there is no obligation for further purchase, and mean it. You will make some sales anyways and you will acquire many long term clients if you do a good job for them. Some will only grab the freebie, but the odds are very good that you will upsell without being sneaky or pushy. Especially if you are professional and create some great images. Do this at mall displays, banks, schools or offer it to a list of clients from a non-competitive business in your town or city. Freebies are the best way to get your studio busy, start making sales and most of all for getting tons of exposure.

3. Reward referrals. Make a policy to reward anyone who brings you referrals. When a client brings in a relative client, give them a gift of appreciation, such as a coupon worth reprints dollars at your studio, frames, or to a local spa or restaurant. As an added incentive, give a small gift to the new client as well.

4. Create a tie-in with another business. Contact a local business and offer to exchange coupons. For example, your client receives coupons from a local restaurant, hair salon, spa, or where your typical prospect would shop. A great place to start is with clients of yours who already own their own businesses.

5. Make your reception or waiting room "prospect and sales friendly". Whenever you create a family portrait or are shooting a wedding there are often people waiting in your reception area. Offer them snacks or something to drink. Make sure your place looks great and smells nice. Make it comfortable. Use this time to increase your upcoming sales presentation by explaining some …

Men’s Underwear As Gifts

Men’s Underwear As Gifts

Underwear can be a great gift to give to a man. If you are close to that man, underwear can be a very good gift to get a little bit more personal to him. However, you should remember that such a gift is a very personal gift and you should only give them to people that you are close with. Don’t think about giving such a gift to your boss unless you are that personal with him. Also such a gift is easy to get for a man. There are many varieties to choose from. These have started to come in various styles and keep in touch with the trend. If you are close enough to get him underwear as a gift, you can also get him some experimental types of underwear just to have some change in your relationship. This change will keep your relationship spontaneous and more interesting.

You should know what your man seeks before you buy him underwear that he would like to wear. You should have an idea of what he likes. If he is a man that likes comfort more than anything else, then he would prefer to wear cotton weave briefs and micro briefs that are really comfortable. You can buy him these so that he feels as comfortable as possible. Being comfortable would also mean that he can have confidence and be himself. If your man is worried about support, there are various types of underwear that will help to provide support where it is required. These can be of boxer length or regular brief length. The specialty fabric of such underwear is what sets them apart from the rest.

There are many men who are worried about underwear lines through their dress. For such men, there are the underwear thongs that help to keep low profile. There are many other such types of low profile underwear that do not show up as dress lines. This is true even if the man is wearing a tight fitting pair of pants. Also if your man is really very concerned about lines showing up then he can also try wearing G strings. This many men might reject at the very idea, but others who have tried such an underwear find it absolutely liberating. Once you get your man started on wearing g strings and thongs, he might even get addicted to it. Therefore you should encourage him by buying him a pair.

If you want to gift him sexy underwear, you should try your hand at the designer collection of men’s underwear that has hit the market. Such underwear has become very popular today. There are a lot if designs to choose from. Also because of the number of the brands in the market, most of the designer underwear is also available for competitive prices. Therefore even for a reasonable rate, you can get designer underwear for your man. There are many too chose from. You should get him some that will make him …

My Wife Stopped Wearing Her Wedding Ring! Understanding the Significance of This

My Wife Stopped Wearing Her Wedding Ring! Understanding the Significance of This

Your wife stopped wearing her wedding ring. You’re not sure how long ago it happened but one day you looked at her hand and noticed something was missing. If she always wore the ring and suddenly her finger is bare, that’s got to be a shock. Obviously, your first reaction is curiosity and so you asked her about it right? Most wives in this position have one of a number of answers including, “I forgot to put it on today, my hand is swollen or I didn’t want to damage it.” You must use your inner instinct to truly understand what’s going on and of course, you have to watch her behavior as today turns into tomorrow and the week goes on. Although not wearing a wedding ring is often a simple and innocent oversight on the part of a wife, it can also be a sign of much marital dissatisfaction lurking deep in her heart.

There are a number of reasons why women stop wearing their wedding rings:

It doesn’t fit anymore. Sadly, for us women, weight gain is not subjective. It doesn’t all go to our hips or thighs as we claim. Hands do accumulate fat when a woman gains weight and that size 5 sparkler you gave her on your wedding day may not fit past her knuckle now. If your wife is a little curvier than she was the day you two married, this may be the culprit.

She’s incredibly active. Women who love to work out, be it running, biking or tending to the garden, often strip themselves of jewellery for comfort reasons. If your wife was often taking her wedding ring on and off, she may also be concerned about losing it. This is more common than most men realize and you can typically tell if this is the reason why the ring is missing from your wife’s finger. If she always puts it on when you two go out or when she’s just relaxing around the house, she cherishes that ring and its meaning.

She’s having an affair. This seems incredibly obvious and sadly it is. If you catch your wife without her ring on when she returns home at times, it may be because she’s hiding it in her pocket or handbag. This is often the first tangible sign of an affair and if you’ve had gnawing suspicions about how faithful she is, it is well worth investigating.

Her feelings have changed. A woman’s wedding ring is a sign of her devotion and commitment to her husband. It’s an outward sign of the silent vows that are made between a couple not only the day they marry but as their life together matures. If your wife feels less close to you or she feels there’s an emotional disconnect between you two, she may have removed the ring because it’s a painful reminder of happier times. If your wife seems dissatisfied with the marriage in general it’s very likely that’s why she …

Top Unique Prom Gifts Ideas

Top Unique Prom Gifts Ideas

One of the most important events in the lives of most teenagers is their high school prom. The experience of finding a date, getting ready, dressing up in elegant attire, riding a limousine, and spending time with the special girl or boy is full of excitement.

If you have a son or daughter going to the prom or you are going to the prom, make it a memorable experience by giving a special prom gift. This brief article will give you top unique prom gift ideas to can consider.

1) A prom gift basket for the young lady with all the prom essentials is a good way to set the tone for the prom night. The fill the basket with emergency make-up kit, breath mints, extra stockings, perfume and hair accessories.

2) Prepare a home cooked-dinner for your date. Some proms do not include dinner. Instead of booking a dinner for two in a fancy restaurant, prepare a gourmet meal at home. Start with your date’s favorite appetizer, salad, main course and end with a special dessert. Set the mood through setting-up a romantic table with candle light, background music, fine china and sparkling cider or grape juice. You can do this the afternoon before the prom night. Ask your mom to help you prepare the meal. Your date will surely appreciate the time and efforts you have devoted in preparing a sumptuous dinner.

3) If you are going to the prom night with your circle of friends, bring with you a video camera. Document the entire evening from preparations up to the limo ride after the prom. After the prom night, turn your footage in a customized video with captions and background music. Burn it on to a DVD with personalized label and case. You and your friends will surely remember one of the most unforgettable events in their lives.

4) A collage of memorabilia and pictures is another lovely gift. Take pictures during your prom night. Collect different items that will remind your date or friends about the prom night.

5) Any girl would love to receive a bouquet of flowers. However, a gardening kit is a unique way of giving a lovely young lady to remind her one of the most important nights of her life. She can grow her own plants or flowers which will continue to blossom. If you want to prepare your own kit, include a planter, seed packages, gardening tools and gloves.

6) Gift certificate is another great idea to give both the young man and young lady to help them prepare for the prom. For instance, a gift certificate for the young man is for a new tuxedo and wrist corsage. On the other hand, for the young lady, a gift certificate for a spa session, massage, pedicure, manicure, hair and make-up services.

7) An after prom night outfit is a good gift for the young couple. For instance, a statement shirt which says, “She/He is my prom date.”

Break away from …

The Sweet Sound Of Vinyl Records

The Sweet Sound Of Vinyl Records

When I was a kid growing up, vinyl records were the primary source used by music lovers to listen to their favorite songs. Eight tracks had been going out of style fairly quickly and the latest trend was the cassette tape. Even with the passing of the eight tracks and the emergence of the cassette tape, many music lovers still kept with traditional vinyl records for their listening pleasure.

We have certainly come a long way since those heads days of vinyl records. Compact discs (CDs) are all the rage today, and with good reason. The sound quality is truly pure and clear, and you almost feel as if you are in a sound-proof room when you focus your listening solely on the CD player. The clean, crisp sound that comes out is a huge improvement from the vinyl records that cracked as they played.

However, it is that crackling sound that is only offered by the vinyl records that I find so appealing. There is something about that sound that is so neat & even soothing to listen to especially when I'm in a nostalgic mood. Perhaps it is due to the crackling sound which is tied so closely to the songs I loved when I was a child. I simply can not separate the two.

I actually took notice of my love for that unique antique sounds of the crackling vinyl records by accident. A really good friend of mine had offered to be the disc jockey for my wedding without charge. Of course I did not refuse the kind wedding gift. However there was a catch. My friend played only vinyl records, nothing else.

This was certainly not a problem for me. I had wanted to skip all of the trendy pop-chart music of today and focus on older dance music and classic songs available on vinyl records. My friend started playing dinner songs at the reception. He chose classic Irish music during the wedding meal.

The whole reception hall had kept silent during the prayer. And once the prayer had ended, the DJ slowly placed the needle on the record and the quiet room began filling up with soft crackling sounds followed by lovely Irish music. The transition was magnificent and the memory of the moment the crackling sounds overtook the reception hall still gives me chills. You simply can not replicate that with a compact disc.

Technologically, we have come a long way when it comes to music. However, we should not completely let go of the little gems from our past. The haunting sounds of the crackling vinyl records help us really touch the past even if for just a moment. …

Chinese Wedding Custom 2 – Wedding Day

Chinese Wedding Custom 2 – Wedding Day

The Wedding Day! 大喜日

Fetching the bride 迎亲

If the bride’s family required a matchmaker 媒婆for the chinese wedding, she will accompany the groom to fetch the bride. The matchmaker, or Best man if there is no matchmaker, will carry a red tray containing a red packet with the bride’s price, a piece of raw pork front leg which is the mother’s reward for bringing up the bride, even number of oranges, dried persimmons, longan, lotus seeds, and magnolia petals (pak hup).

The red tray will be returned with the oranges replaced in even numbers to signify that the newly joined families will share their good fortune. An even numbered portion of the bride’s price will be returned in the red packet. Even numbered cans of pork trotters or a red packet may be used instead of the raw pork leg.

Bride’s younger brother to open the bridal car door 小舅开车门

The groom must not open the car door when he arrives to fetch his bride. The bride’s younger brother will pass him two oranges before opening the door. The two oranges will be left in the bridal car for good fortune. The groom will give this younger brother a red packet after he opens the car door. If the bride has no younger brother, a younger male relative or a younger male friend can play the role.

Kiss the bride! 亲亲新娘

The groom and the brothers’ troop will be served sweet desserts with pink rice ball and snacks at the bride’s home. The groom will enter the bride’s room and lift her veil to kiss her. Taoist couple will pray to the bride’s ancestors and family gods before leaving the bride’s home.

Chinese Wedding Ceremony 过门/拜堂成亲

The chinese were mainly Taoists or ancestor worshipers before foreign religions such as Christianity, Muslim or Buddhism enter China. Taoists believed in the power of heaven and earth to witness important events on earth. It was also believed that a parent or family elder must acknowledge a union for it to be official.

In traditional chinese wedding ceremony the bride and groom will first pray to heaven and earth, then to the groom parents or family elders and lastly bow to each other 一拜天地,二拜高堂,夫妻交拜. The three prayers sealed the marriage. The couple was escorted into the bridal chamber, the equivalent of the bridal room, to consummate their marriage.

Modern chinese wedding skip the ritual of the three prayers. The bride and groom will enter the bridal room directly after entering the groom’s home. Groom’s family members will hide in the house to avoid clashing of fortune with the new couple. After the family members have returned to the family hall, the couple will join them. The Taoist bride and groom will pray to the groom’s ancestors and family gods at this time.

Wedding Tea Ceremony 敬茶

Without the traditional three prayers, the tea ceremony becomes the most significant event in the modern chinese wedding ceremony. The bride and groom are formally introduced to …

11 Ways to Turn Her 9th Wedding Anniversary Up to 11!

11 Ways to Turn Her 9th Wedding Anniversary Up to 11!

All wedding anniversaries are special — whether it is the second year or the second decade. In these days of quick-marriage-and-even-quicker-divorce, any marriage that lasts beyond the honeymoon stage deserves to be celebrated!

Nine years of togetherness is no laughing matter — definitely a milestone in every sense of the term. A special day commemorating a special event in your life — to be celebrated with that special person.

Naturally, gifts and anniversaries are inseparable. So, what gifts are you planning to give your spouse which will tell her just how very unique she is?

For those creatively inclined, your choice is restricted only by your imagination! However, for those who seem to be stuck in the chocolates-flowers card rut, help is at hand. Each anniversary year has its own set of traditional and modern gifts as well as flowers and gemstones. You can easily make your 9th wedding anniversary gifts a diverse mix of the modern and the traditional.

Here are some ideas that showcase your creativity and resourcefulness!

Traditional and contemporary 9th anniversary gift ideas:

1. Willow is the traditional 9th anniversary gift. Get her a delicate willow figurine or plant a weeping willow tree in the garden and watch it grow over the years — like your love.

2. Pottery is an alternative traditional 9th gift. Pottery can be elegant and classy or fun and funky — take your pick! Show her that your love is burning as brightly as it was on your wedding day with a delightful bouquet of clay/ pottery roses.

3. Charm her with some unique ceramic pottery — maybe a lovely ceramic house decorated with roses which can also function as a small table lamp. If you can splurge, then some exotic Tuscan ceramics and Italian pottery that she can show off at her next party might be a great idea!

4. Leather is the modern 9th anniversary gift. For a contemporary touch, nothing beats leather. How about a classy leather bag or purse with a special gift tucked inside?

5. For the young and trendy woman, a chic leather flask in some hot colour like pink or mauve, complete with a monogram of her name on it, will make it a one-of-a-kind gift.

6. How about a leather jewellery roll with an anniversary ring inside?

7. Get creative! Jewellery gifts should be easy since you have two gemstones for the ninth anniversary year. Wrap some Tiger Eye and Lapis Lazuli pendants around a bunch of fresh poppies (the traditional flower for this year), and place them in a ceramic vase on her bedside table. Her wide-eyed look and thrilled smile should be worth all the effort.

Romantic gifts/ ideas:

1. Nine roses for the ninth year — but with a difference. Flowers wilt all too soon –even red roses — but you want to preserve them for eternity since they symbolise your undying love for your wife. Get gold, silver, platinum or crystal roses instead. If chocolates are her weakness (after …

Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas For a Lifelong Remembrance

Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas For a Lifelong Remembrance

Your best friend is among the most important person in your life with whom you share the deepest of secrets. He or She is someone you feel should be truly thanked and gratified for always being for you. If your best friend’s birthday is knocking at the door, buy him/her a gift that would remembered always.

Birthdays are a great time to show your love and gratitude to the many special people in your life with mouth watering cakes and unique birthday gifts. Typically, the most challenging part of a birthday celebration is finding the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Sometimes finding a perfect present for your best friend can be quite a daunting task. Your best friend deserves the best and hence you cannot settle down for anything less. The gift has to be truly unique and distinctive to show your appreciation and gratitude for the friendship. The fact that you know him/her the most makes it even more difficult for you to decide on the best birthday gift. Many times we think that our best friend has everything that he/she may possibly need or want and are thereby unable to decide on a birthday gift. But there is always something that would show your love to your best friend on his/her birthday.

You can start by searching on the internet for a suitable gift for your best friend. There are various websites that offer some unique, useful and unusual gifts which would truly describe your friendship and shows how much you really care about the friendship. Some of the basic birthday gift ideas could possibly include: bestseller books, some latest gizmos, deluxe bath pillow, health or body spa specialty items and a scrape book with all of your fun memories.

If your best friend happens to be an art lover, shop for replicas of some ancient gift items or modern art memorabilia. Wines baskets are always a great way to show your feeling of admiration for his/her friendship. You can even gift a personalized engraved bottle of vodka or champagne. A CD containing all the favorite music of your best friend is another way of showing your love on his/her birthday. It reflects the time spent on gathering the many favorite songs of your friend.

But as far as the most perfect birthday present for your best friend is concerned, nothing can beat a pair of tickets to a sporting event or concert. This gift is something that a person rarely treats themselves to.

Apart from these birthday gift ideas for your best friend, you can always think of other ideas which are truly unique and thoughtful. But whatever you may decide to give your best friend on his/her birthday, always remember that true friendship lasts a lifetime and hence your gift should speak volumes about your friendship even without your having to say a word.…

Life in Portugal: Traditional Portuguese Wedding Gifts

Life in Portugal: Traditional Portuguese Wedding Gifts

Portuguese weddings are expected to be amazing, featuring several courses with meats, seafood, desserts, and fine drinks. If you have been invited to a wedding in Portugal, then you need to find the right gift. The newlywed couple will enjoy receiving a gift that represents the country’s traditional wedding customs. From cash to dinnerware and hand-embroidered linens, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Traditional Portuguese wedding gifts should help the newlywed couple start a home together. Here are a few gift ideas to help you out:


These goods are a general staple in most wedding registries. Make sure you order regionally hand-crafted Portuguese items. Many stores sell 15th and 17th century reproductions made from natural clay. Handmade ceramic dinnerware is a family tradition in Portugal. This European country is famous for its pottery and fine tile work. The newlywed coupled will be glad to receive classic dinner plates in timeless shapes, dessert bowls designed for everyday use, and handmade stoneware teacup sets adorned with unique details.


These beautiful pieces of ceramic cookware allow for traditional methods of Portuguese cooking. Terracotta roasting pans, ceramic pots, and casseroles are used extensively in the Portuguese cuisine. These items are available in all shapes and styles. If you are looking for traditional Portuguese wedding gifts, consider buying a cataplana. This piece of cookware consists of two metal clam-shells that clamp together. The Portuguese people use cataplanas to enhance the flavors of seafood.


The money dance is one of the most popular wedding traditions in Portugal. Male guests pay to dance with the bride, while female guests pay to dance with the groom. The bride’s show is passed among guests to collect money, which will help the newlywed couple cover the wedding expenses, pay for their honeymoon, and even buy a house of their own. If you haven’t found a wedding gift yet, you can simply offer money to help the newlyweds start their life together.

Portuguese Embroidery

Portuguese embroidered tablecloths and tray cloths make excellent wedding gifts. This country is renowned for beautiful embroidery. Most items are characterized by beauty and simplicity, featuring unique details and traditional patterns. When you go shopping for a wedding gift, consider buying a traditional linen tablecloth, a love scarf, an embroidered rug, or a tray cloth with traditional motifs such as brambles, flowers, and leaves. A set of Portuguese table linens embroidered by hand will certainly be cherished.…

5 Top Gift Ideas For Your Peru Vacation

5 Top Gift Ideas For Your Peru Vacation

Most people travelling to Peru will probably want to buy some gifts to take back home to remind them of their Peru Vacation. I have put together a short list of 5 alternative (and reasonably priced) gift ideas that you may want to consider.

You will notice when you arrive in the city of Cusco on your way to Machu Picchu that you will be overwhelmed by street vendors trying to sell you all sorts of things. You will soon learn to say ‘no gracias’ as you walk the many cobbled streets of the historic centre, with locals approaching you trying to sell you anything from finger puppets to large alpaca rugs.

Many of the goods that you will see packed into the shops around Plaza de Armas are mass produced items, some made in Peru but the majority imported from Bolivia where factories mass-produce items just for the tourism market.

Most of the items on offer are low quality and cheap, but there are some bargains to be had, and taking your time to look around may get you a great gift that you will treasure for years to come.

From an insider living in Cusco, here are my 5 tops tips for an alternative quality gift for your Peru vacation.

1) Baby Alpaca Clothing

Alpaca wool is largely used in Peru for the manufacture of high quality clothing, and was used extensively in the US and Europe before the invention of fleece. Located around the colonial centre of Cusco you will find many quality shops selling Alpaca clothing. Shops like Kuna, Sol Alpaca, Galaria Latina and Alpaca Treasure are genuine retailers of alpaca products. Baby Alpaca is the softest of the materials available and is noticeably higher in quality that regular alpaca products. Although some items of clothing are quite expensive, smaller items like gloves and scarfs are really quite affordable (US$20 – 30) and make great elegant gifts. Avoid street stalls and smaller shops as they will be happy to claim the material is baby alpaca (even with tags) when actually it is something completely different.

2) Peruvian Hand-made Jewelry

Jewellry is another item that you will see for sale on just about every street corner in Cusco. The quality of items can vary greatly, and it is often difficult to decide if the price they are trying to charge is right, or too much. So where do you go for quality jewelry that you know will not turn green as soon as you get it home? I recommend that you may want to check out Ilaria, an Italian owned jewelry shop that specializes in products made purely from silver. All the items of jewelry on sale are hand-made in Peru at the Ilaria factory in Lima, and each piece is unique. Although the shop sells very expensive items like large mirrors and candle holders etc. there is also a selection of really nice smaller items, like rings, earrings and pretty bracelets. I have picked up really …