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Style in Your Garden: The LA Method

Style in Your Garden: The LA Method

Los Angeles is supposed to be a concrete jungle (and it actually is) but have you ever noticed the fact that every single place has an incredible looking garden? In this guide, let’s try and break down how to optimise your space, your furniture and your accessories to get your place to the next level.

Small Place > Big Space

If there’s one thing that LA taught me is that you don’t need a big space to look big: for example, imagine that you have a small apartment but with a great taste for furniture, lighting and accessories. That will look at least 10 times better than a big, unfurnished garden, with no taste in design whatsoever. In order to do it, planning the whole space is vital and will, of course, save you a lot of time while actually building the whole space. Keep this in mind!

A Big Budget Is Not Necessary

Especially when talking about furniture and accessories, many people think that a big budget is required in order to buy quality pieces, but in the end is not true at all. Some cane chairs are the best starting options: cheap and stylish, they will look great in a small outdoor space, especially if you are planning on giving it that “old style” and “vintage” look. Wicker furniture works, too. Once again, there are many DIY solutions you can follow for your garden, so don’t waste your money on high-end furniture and such, and try to be stylish!


Especially during summer, you will most likely be spending a lot of time outside and chances that you will be throwing a party in your garden are pretty high. Therefore, it’s super important to have quality lighting at yours, since no one wants to go to a party that shuts down when the sun goes away! A touch of style would be combining LED lights with some glass accessories around your space, giving it a bit of a futuristic design.


A garden, in the end, should be your outdoor living room. It should tell who you are and what your hobbies are and, in the end, it should be a proper space in which you are truly enjoying yourself. Treat it right and follow these guidelines and your friends won’t ever leave it, whether if it’s just for a couple of drinks or for a proper party.…

The Beauty of Large Wall Clocks

The Beauty of Large Wall Clocks

It seems like every time I walk into a really nice home I am sooner or later confronted by one of the hot new trends in interior design: large wall clocks. They are everywhere! And there’s a good reason why: they add a real magnificence to any home in which they appear. I am seriously becoming a big fan of this take on the typical smaller or medium-sized version. Go big, that’s what I say.

The first thing you need to consider if you want to emulate this design trend is if you even have the room to do it. You really only need one thing: a big empty space on a wall. That is all you will need. (And a little cash.) If you are very stylistically inclined then you might be able to kind of wedge a large wall clock in next to some other things on the wall such as photographs or paintings, or even light switches and TV’s. But most people will probably prefer to play it a bit safer and have some space on either side of the clock.

Most people agree that large wall clocks should be classified as being at least two feet wide. This alone is quite big, approximately a third the height of a human. But you may even want a larger one than this. If so, I applaud you. Just make sure you have the wall space and do your measurements before you make the purchase. A lot of us aren’t exactly intuitive when it comes to making visual approximations on measurements. (By the way, two feet equals about 0.60 meters.)

No one can really deny the magnificence of these items. They are a great way to really do something with a big wall. Rare is the person who can make an empty wall look good without doing anything to it. You really ought to make use of this space to show something off. Large wall clocks are a new and modern way to do this. Also, no one will ever forget what time it is! It sort of has the effect of diminishing the consciousness of time in a paradoxical way. It parodies time and our obsession with it. But beyond this it tells everyone who walks into your home that you do things in a big way and you are not afraid to take chances. This is an impression that I think most of us would like to make on our guests and visitors. (It also tells people you are a bit wealthy.)

So that is my little spiel about large wall clocks and how I have become a big fan of them. I suppose not everyone will echo my thoughts, but I just think they are great. The other side of things is that if you take this plunge you will probably want to (at least over time) re-emphasize everything else that is within vision of the clock. It would be a mistake to have your house …

5 Unique Ways To Celebrate Anniversary With Your Wife

5 Unique Ways To Celebrate Anniversary With Your Wife

After working hard throughout the year, it is time to commemorate the day when you tied the auspicious knot with your wife. Anniversary is the day to sit back, rewind and enjoy every moment. Your wife is your best half and it is time you bring back the same romance on this important day of your life. You have many ways to express your love. If you want to make it a memorable day for the two of you, try the best ideas. Read on and know those proven ways and make your anniversary the best.

Traditional gifts

When we talk about any occasion, we point at gifting each other. You can try out the usual gifts like anniversary flowers, cakes, rings, shopping and much more. If you have better plans, you can discuss with your wife and make the most of the occasion by getting a gift for your home. That becomes a useful way of celebrating. For long you may have been thinking to buy a bed, may be this is the time.

Love Letters

How beautiful it can be if you exchange love letters in the most classic way. Write letter to your wife and let her know how beautiful she is and how beautiful she has made her life. This special gift can make your relationship go a long way. You have no idea of the happiness you see on her face.

Take her on a holiday

If you have been thinking for a holiday for a long time now, take her along and enjoy the sun kissed beaches or green mountains. This will be a surprise holiday where you can relive the old moments. Make your wife feel loved with beautiful gifts, good food and a surprise holiday.

Throw a Party

If you want everyone in the family to be a part of the happiness, throw a grand party at your home and call all your close ones. This will not only make it a family affair but will also make you feel happy to share the joy with people who mean a lot in your life.

Watch Wedding video together

Remember those precious moments of your wedding? You can make it full of life once again by watching the video together. This will bring you closer and make your relationship stronger. Of course, you can give flowers to your wife what she will appreciate but this will make her happier. You can take advantage of online bouquet delivery services to convey best anniversary wishes for your loved ones.

Anniversary is the day to let you get back after days of mundane chores and hectic lifestyle. Take a break and let your hair down with your partner and make the most of the day in the most beautiful ways. Don’t plan at the last moment to make it a success. Holidays need pre-planning and this will make sure that you have the best time of your life. Try these ideas and see how lovely …

Audio, Visual, or Kinetic – A Simple Exercise to Help You Understand Your Concentration Style

Audio, Visual, or Kinetic – A Simple Exercise to Help You Understand Your Concentration Style

People process the sensory data received by their brains in different ways. How you process the sensory data in your brain has a lot to do with how, and when, you focus best. In order to discover how you process data, I’d like you to try this simple three-minute exercise…

1. Get a piece of paper and divide it into three columns.

2. Title the first column sight, the second column sound, and the third column smell, taste, feel.

3. Now, sit silently for three minutes, and write whatever you happen to notice during those three minutes in its corresponding column. If you hear a dog bark, for example, you write dog bark in the sound column. If you see a bird fly by, you write bird in the sight column, and if you begin to feel uncomfortable, you write uncomfortable in the smell, taste, feel column, and so on.

4. When the three minutes are over, count how many items you have in each column.

5. This exercise works best if you do it before you read any further.

The types of distractions that you noticed during those three minutes will indicate whether you are predominantly audio, visual or kinetic. And whether you are audio, visual or kinetic will have a lot to do with the type of sensory data that steals your focus.

If most of the items on your list were in the sight column, then you tend to process information visually. You are probably distracted by anything within your line of sight. But when you control what enters your line of sight, you also control your distractions. If you are visual, you probably can’t take your eyes off the flickering of a television. Bad lighting annoys you. Clutter most likely distracts and irritates you. And if you have more than one project on your desk, you will have difficulty focusing on the project at hand. You do not work well facing windows, messes, or crowded rooms. But what you can’t see won’t distract you. So, when you do need to concentrate, control what you have in your line of sight, and you will find concentrating much easier.

If most of the items on your list were in the sound column, you tend to be audio. You cannot ignore sounds. If someone asks you a question, you are compelled to respond. When you go to bed, you lie awake-listening to the sound of your own thoughts and hearing every drippy sink for miles. Noise steals your focus and concentration. When you try to concentrate in a noisy space, you are driven to distraction. Libraries were made for you because once you control the sounds around you, you begin to control your focus. Earplugs, closed doors and white noise are your best defenses. By white noise, I mean any continuous sound that keeps your overly sensitive ears busy without distracting them-continuous being the key word because if there is a disruption in that noise, you will notice. Some …

J M Coetzee – Style and Narrative Technique in Novel Disgrace

J M Coetzee – Style and Narrative Technique in Novel Disgrace

Literature provides us some light in the darkness. The great thinkers and their writings have upgraded literature to the level of religion in secularized section of people. Keeping pace with this movement for providing primal education, J. M. Coetzee, a Nobel Prize winner writer, has carved out a striking example in his novel ‘Disgrace’. This novel has won the Man Booker Prize. By winning this Prize, Coetzee has become the only writer winning this prize twice.

While reading Coetzee, humour would hardly fail in easing our strains. It would make our mind lighter by the passages loaded with visible and hidden meanings. Had Coetzee been not a humorist as he is, he would have been branded as a rebellion for selecting the subjects of his writings. He might have found his place just beside Nelson Mandela. But he happens to be a writer. The writer is a warrior fighting with the arsenal of his words, the words flowing through his mighty pen. It is the strongest part of the story woven in his novel ‘Disgrace’ that he does not allow the protagonist to run away. Under the given circumstances he had option to get away with the inquiry set up against him. Instead he accepts the responsibility for what he has done.

The visual metaphors used in narrating the scenes carry us at the place and in the time where characters of novel are struggling to live. Nowhere the narration seems very dramatic. The Lucy’s rape, an act of the highest insult a man can do to a woman, is narrated in a few lines. These lines are emphatically convincing. The challenges the characters in ‘Disgrace’ face are just like other common people. But their responses to these challenges are quite different. That is how the literature in general and a writer in particular provide us the light in darkness. Coetzee narrates this darkness in a very impressive manner.

J M Coetzee is master of the art of telling the stories. He makes the readers feeling immediately identified with the characters. In ‘Disgrace’, the writer puts us in the midst of an environment in which events are happening. The vivid description of college activities and the way in which students behave with their studies make us believe the scenes. They all look like the parts of our day-to-day life.

Novels written by Coetzee are filled with irony and satire. His writings entertain the readers according to their intellectual heights. In the case of ‘Disgrace’, the thematic compulsions and perpetual happenings of sad events restrained him becoming an outright humorist. But he has counterbalanced it by putting lightweight words in the blank spaces lying between two sentences. …

Kwanzaa Party Games Celebrating in Style and Fun

Kwanzaa Party Games Celebrating in Style and Fun

Kwanzaa is a fantastic occasion to celebrate. If you’re having a party, here are a few game ideas that will add to the fun.

“Mamba” Kwanzaa Party Game

This game is lots of fun, and requires players to work together as a team. It is especially good if lots of children are playing. All that’s required is a fairly big area (around 10 metres square) that has been marked off. The children gather in the marked-off area, and one is selected to be the Mamba. The Mamba must try and catch the other players, who must stay within the marked-off area. Any player who runs outside this area must leave the game. When a player is caught by the Mamba, they join onto the snake by placing their hands around the Mamba’s waist. Only the snake’s head (the original Mamba) can catch people, but as more players get caught the children making up the body of the Mamba can entrap other players. The game ends when all children have been eaten by the Mamba. The last player to get captured wins a small prize.

“Earth, Air, Fire, Water” Kwanzaa Party Game

This fun Kwanzaa party game is best played with a fairly large group of children. All that’s required is a tennis ball and a decent-sized area to play in. The children sit in a circle, and one is chosen to start. They must throw the tennis-ball to someone else in the circle, calling out either “Earth”, “Air”, “Fire” or “Water”. If Earth is called, the player who catches the ball needs to name an animal that lives on the Earth (the ground). If Air is called, they must name an animal that can fly. If Fire is called, they must remain silent. And if Water is called, they must name a marine animal. The game continues as the ball is tossed from player to player. Each player gets 10 seconds to think of an answer, and they must not repeat an answer already given. If they break these rules they must leave the circle. The last player left in the circle wins.…

Why Women Like Naughty Boys – And How You Can Become a Seductive Bad Boy Yourself

Why Women Like Naughty Boys – And How You Can Become a Seductive Bad Boy Yourself

Girls are actually easier to understand than you think. One thing you need to know is that if you confuse a girl a lot, she will be even more likely to fall in love with you. Girls tend to get attracted to guys who are more challenging than most and are termed as “bad boys”.

However, if you are the kind of guy who spends his weekends at home alone, you really need to get rid of your barriers and make some changes as soon as you can. Stop trying to become the perfect guy for the girl you are eyeing. From this moment onwards, your weaknesses no longer exist.

Only nice guys focus on working on their weaknesses and you should not strive to be one of them. Read on to figure out how you can become a bad boy and attract any girl that you want today….

How To Become The Bad Boy That All The Girls Want To Sleep With

Tip #1. Control How You Feel. You have to find out how you can take full control of both your body language and your voice, so as to seem like the leader in everything that you do. Girls are generally born to be submissive, so a trait of dominance is sure to make you more attractive in the eyes of girls. Become a dominatrix and watch girls follow you everywhere you o.

Tip #2. Challenge How She Feels. If you want to keep a girl guessing, you have to pretend like you aren’t interested in her at all so as to challenge her properly. Guys who are always longing for a girl’s attention become boring after a while and the girls will then start to look to other guys for entertainment once they have had enough. Do not work hard for any girl’s attention; make her work for yours instead.

Tip #3. Try Out Hypnosis. The best bad boy technique out there would be hypnosis, as it is both easy and incredibly effective. In fact, it even has the power to make girls fall in love with you in under 15 minutes. You just have to use certain kinds of hypnosis techniques whenever you talk to girls.

If done the right way, a girl’s feelings will peak and each emotional high that she goes through will then get anchored to you. This will make her long to be with you on a subconscious level and she will never be able to stop thinking about you anymore after that.…