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7 Massage Marketing Tips

7 Massage Marketing Tips

The following are 7 ways to grow and improve your therapy business. Some of these methods are extremely simple but can give you powerful results.

1. Send a thank-you postcard or email to your customer. People love thank yous and you will get more repeat visits and referrals.

2. After the session ask your client if they would like to book another session. This is a simple and effective way to boost your sales.

3. Offer gift-certificates – You could do a 'buy 1 get 50% off'. Even though you will make slightly less per session, some people will give certificates to their friends and they may become long-term customers. Also, not everyone will redeem their certificates.

4. Tell your customers that you are wanting to get more clients and if they refer 3 people to you, you will give them a free session.

5. Have a quality looking website that gives information about your service and has nice-looking pictures so that your potential clients will feel more comfortable about coming to see you. Put your website url on your business cards, brochures, gift-certificates, bumper sticker on your car, your signs, anywhere you can!

6. Keep a database of your best customers and send them a birthday card on their birthdays and a holiday card for Christmas. You may want to offer a coupon for a discount inside the card.

7. Give away a freebie to your customers that has your name and website address on it. Some great freebies are: fridge magnets, coffee cups, water bottles, stickers, key chains, reusable grocery bags.

By following these 7 tips you can dramatically increase your business. Remember that it's all about building quality relationships, show people that you care. It's important to go 'the extra mile', you'll separate yourself from your competition and people will notice. Start implementing one or more of these marketing techniques today and watch your business grow. …

LED Hula Hoop Product Review Guide

LED Hula Hoop Product Review Guide

LED Hula Hoop Product Review Guide

A great way to add some extra excitement to your 'Hula Hooping' is by using a dazzling, brightly glowing LED Hula Hoop. These 'futuristic' Hula Hoops utilize some of the latest technology such as programmable software, USB adaptability and wireless remote controls to help you put on an amazing fluorescent display of lights and patterns every time you swirl your hoop.

There is a huge selection of different LED Hula Hoops available out there on the market so we've compiled a comprehensive list detailing the features of some of the very best. With a wide variety of different manufacturer's and customizable options to choose from, there is guaranteed to be a LED Hula Hoop to suit people of any age, shape or size.

Best LED Hula Hoops

Atomic Evoke – by Astral Hoops

The Atomic Evoke LED Hula Hoop is the 4th generation model from Astral Hoops and was specifically designed for the more serious and professional 'Hoopers'. Professional performers have used the Atomic Evoke to captivate audiences on entertainment stages all over the world. With over 165 mode selections and preset functions to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect light patterns and displays to compliment your LED Hula Hooping routine.

Specifications & Features

Manufacturer: Astral Hoops

Price: $ 339 + shipping (with coupon code: Isabel)

Sizes: 13 "-45" inside diameter

Tubing: 5/8 ", 3/4" [Polypro], 5/8 ", 3/4", 7/8 ", 1" [HDPE]

Weight: ~ 8 ounces (30 "ID, 5/8" PP, light battery option)

Availability: Now, 1-3 weeks build time.

Seamless LED's (no gap): YES (on models other than 5/8 tubing)

Favorite Mode Save: YES

Adjustable Brightness: YES

Pattern Customizability: LOW – You can customize presets with modes to create custom light shoes, even you can not customize it actual light patterns.

Warranty: 1 Year

Remote Control: NO

Removable Battery (can keep extras handy): NO

Mode Selection: Select from 165 different modes. Access favorite modes quickly with preset feature. Cycle through presets or mode sets at 10s or 30s intervals using scan feature. Two random pattern generation modes.

HELIX – by Proton Labs

The Helix LED Hula Hoop by Proton Labs boasts some amazing features that will allow you to customize your performance and put on a dazzling light display. This LED Hula Hoop is designed with 256 preset functions, a custom designed graphics processor, 3 different shuffle modes that fade into new patterns while you swirl, and a sophisticated energy management system that gives you a massive 10 hours of battery life! Proton Labs claim that their Helix LED Hoops actually spin 4 times faster than similar LED Hula Hoops on the market so they guarantee an amazing light show whenever their hoops are spinning.

Specifications & Features

Manufacturer: Proton Labs

Price: $ 360 + shipping (with $ 40 off sale)

Sizes: 26 "-36" inside diameter

Tubing: 3/4 "Polypro, 3/4" HDPE

Weight: ~ 11.2 ounces (31 "ID PP)

Availability: Now, 1-4 weeks build time

Seamless LED's (no gaps): NO


How Did Facebook Become So Popular?

How Did Facebook Become So Popular?

Have You Heard Of Facebook?

By now, you are probably familiar with the popular social-networking website called Facebook.

According to Wikipedia, Facebook has more than 19 million registered users across 47,000 regional, work-related, college or high-school networks.

I Was Skeptical At First

Initially, I was very reluctant to embrace the Facebook phenomenon. However, my friends kept asking me “Hey Vincent, are you on Facebook?”…”Did you join Facebook yet” “You need to visit Facebook.” This went on for weeks.

Surprisingly, when I checked my Hotmail account, I also received invites from dozens of friends including Andre, David, Trisha, Renee and Kevin

How Did Facebook Become So Popular, So Fast?

Finally, I decided to visit this website called Facebook. Once and for all, I wanted to discover why Facebook is so popular. I wanted to know how they managed to gain millions of members in a few short months? How did they become so big, so fast? I had to know the truth. I wanted to know their secret!

Facebook’s Secret Exposed

Aside from having an easy to navigate layout, the ability to keep tabs on friends, great content, and, amazing search capabilities, Facebook is utilizing one of the most powerful viral marketing strategies ever conceived.

It’s so simple, but yet extremely powerful.

Once my account was created, I immediately clicked on the friends tab. I noticed a drop down menu with several options including Invite Friends. Once clicked, I was taken to a page that allowed me to Import Email Addresses from my Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, and Gmail.

I was also greeted with the following message:

“Enter your email login info below and Facebook will securely import your contacts from

your address book.”

I simply inserted my email address and password and instantly all 78 of my Hotmail contacts appeared before me. With one click of a button, I was able to invite all my contacts to join Facebook.

I Quickly Realized The Power of This Application After using this tool to instantly invite all 78 of my Hotmail contacts; I quickly realized the power of this application! What impressed me the most was how simple it was to import and invite all of my contacts. Unlike traditional tell-a-friend forms, it only took a few seconds to invite 78 people using Facebook’s PHP address book importer.

By implementing this viral marketing strategy, Facebook has become one the most popular websites online.

5 Reasons Why Traditional Tell-A-Friend Forms Are Obsolete!

  • They forced your visitors to manually input email addresses.
  • Your visitors must also manually type the name beside each email address.
  • Most forms only have around 10 input fields. Remember, the average person, has over 100 web mail contacts. Why limit yourself?
  • People are lazy. Nobody wants to sit around and insert dozens of email addresses into your form!
  • Ongoing subscription fees.

Once you make the decision to upgrade to a PHP address book importer. You will need to implement a variety of marketing strategies to maximize your success. In other …

How To Lose Stomach Fat Safely, Effectively and Finally Keeping It Off!

How To Lose Stomach Fat Safely, Effectively and Finally Keeping It Off!

How To Lose Stomach Fat

Have you ever wondered if there’s a ‘secret’ to losing stomach fat? So many of us read and practice healthy lifestyles, exercising and making sure our protein intake is sufficient to keep us from bingeing, and yet many of us still battle the bulge.

Well, I believe I’ve found the answer to this battle and I’m very excited to share with you what I’ve found. There’s a new product on the market by Herbalife, a tried, trusted and true leader in the health and wellness industry with over 30 years of science and products. I tried the product myself and had absolutely AWESOME results. The best part was that all I had to do was incorporate this amazing product into my every day lifestyle and watched the belly fat melt away! I found it to be simply one of a kind and give it a two thumbs up – a definite winner in how to lose stomach fat and even inches in hips!

Prolessa Duo’s One of a Kind Unique Proprietary Blend

Prolessa Duo is a revolutionary product with three key ingredients:

  • Palm Oil– one of the edible plant oils derived from the fruits of palm trees. It’s extracted from the pulp of the fruit of the oil palm, is naturally reddish in color because it is just loaded with beta-carotene. It’s one of the few saturated vegetable fats that has no cholesterol and is known for its ability to suppress appetite.
  • Oat Oil– is extracted from oat in a manner that leaves its biological value intact. It’s rich in oxidation resistance agent such as vitamin E and sterols which can remove the active oxygen free radical resided in the skin cell, defer the aging process, depress the formation of age pigment and protect skin cell from damage. It’s very well known for its use in lotions because of its natural emollients.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid– perhaps the most unique of the three products in the proprietary blend. CLA for short has been beneficial in human health for a very long time. It’s been known to hinder the growth of tumors and is a well known anti-cancer agent. CLA is mostly found in grass fed beef and it’s important to understand it’s capabilities in firming and toning. It firms belly fat, firms the carcass fat and increases lean body mass and reduces body fat.

It’s important to understand that lean body muscle burns more calories than body fat, thus increasing the resting metabolic rates and hence the weight loss effect.

How To Use Prolessa Duo

Prolessa Duo can be added to your favorite beverage, or, you can use it in conjunction with other Herbalife products like the Formula 1 Shake. You can use it like i did by simply putting one scoop of Prolessa Duo into your favorite cold beverage. It comes with a scoop in the container so there’s not need to worry about measuring the exact amount. Simply put one scoop …

3 Stop Smoking Patch Reviews – Do They Really Work?

3 Stop Smoking Patch Reviews – Do They Really Work?

Barriers to Quitting Smoking

Out of the many different products available to help smokers quit, patches have been by far the longest and most established methods. But now, in 2010, there are more cigarette smokers than ever before in the United States. Given that these products are very well known, the question must be asked whether stop smoking patches really work. What follows in this article is an examination of the features of 3 patches to find the answer.

1. Equate:

Found exclusively in drugstores, Equate is basically a generic version of brand name Nicotine transdermal patches. They are identical in function and effectiveness to their competitors. Depending on the amount purchased, savings you will keep with Equate or other store brand patches may range from $10-$20.

Because these patches contain Nicotine, however, the calming effects of the patch will wear off as soon as their use stops. The patch user inevitably goes back to smoking because he never actually severs ties with the active ingredient in cigarettes: Nicotine. For this reason, smokers who genuinely wish to quit with stop smoking patches should find another solution if possible.

2. Nicoderm CQ:

This is the flagship brand of Nicotine transdermal patches. Since their original release many years ago, Nicoderm has come out with many new innovative modifications. They come in varied Nicotine strengths, and even offer a clear patch to help conceal visibility on the body. When compared to Equate or other store brand patches, however, Nicoderm offers absolutely no difference in effectiveness.

Despite Nicoderm’s identical formula to generic brands, the company is able to sell considerably more of its product. The only logical reason users buy this product over the cheaper competitors therefore must be from its strong marketing campaign, from tv ads to coupon offers. In the end though, because Nicoderm also continues to deliver Nicotine to the body, its users will invariably return to smoking cigarettes. Less than 5% of Nicoderm users actually quit smoking for good. But there is an alternative.

3. Zero Nicotine:

This natural transdermal patch is distinct from other stop smoking patches because, as its name states, the product does not contain Nicotine. Using an array of natural ingredients, the patch reduces cravings by treating your Nicotine addiction rather than satisfying it. Among all other stop smoking patches, this company takes a clearly unique approach.

Unfortunately, because Zero Nicotine is relatively new to the heavily marketed stop smoking patch market, most consumers looking to quit never discover this alternative. But with time, as more and more smokers discover that continuing Nicotine use will not end their addiction, Zero Nicotine will naturally start to rise in popularity. For smokers who are seriously looking to quit, this stop smoking patch is the best choice.…

Sonic Electronix Vs Crutchfield: Where To Get The Best Deals

Sonic Electronix Vs Crutchfield: Where To Get The Best Deals

Sonic Electronix and Crutchfield are two of the most prominent online consumer electronics stores. They offer some of the best deals in the market, plus, they ship for free. With the great reviews about the two companies, it can be tough to select where to buy. To help you decide, read on.

Sonic Electronix

The company does not have a long history as compared to Crutchfield, but 12 years in the business is not bad at all. Founded in 2000, the company rose to prominence in the consumer electronics industry quite fast. In 2011, they were recognized as one of the best online merchants by BizRate. In addition, they are recognized by BBB with an A+ standard.

One of the greatest assets of the company is its ability to provide consumers with the cheapest deals on electronic products for cars, home, office, or personal use. In addition to the big savings you get from the discounted prices, they offer free shipping. Hence, you get to save more than what you bargained for. If that is not enough, watch out for their daily deals. You can get as much as 75% discount on a selected product.

Most consumers find the customer service to be excellent. Only a few customers ever raised concerns about their service, but it is usually about a product being out of stock. Although Crutchfield offers affordable prices, there are occasional items from Sonic Electronix that sell at cheaper prices.


The business has been around for a longer period of time as compared to Sonic Electronix. Bill Crutchfield started the business way back in 1974, and his company has gained the trust of so many customers over the years. When it comes to trust, the company excels in the category.

Crutchfield offers very affordable prices and they do ship for free as well. In fact, you can use a Crutchfield coupon to get even better deals. What amazes most customers is the excellence of their customer service and tech support. They have expert advisers you can count on anytime you need help.

Bottom Line

Both companies are definitely industry leaders in their own right. They provide great service towards customers. Then again, you have to choose between the two, sometimes. If you can find a better deal on Sonic, then go for it. However, if you want the best tech support, go for Crutchfield. You can use a Crutchfield coupon to get better deals as well.…

Medifast Prices – A List of the Cost of Popular Medifast Plans and Foods

Medifast Prices – A List of the Cost of Popular Medifast Plans and Foods

I get a lot of questions about this diet.  One of the more common is “how much does medifast really cost?”  Some people want to know the cost of a monthly package and some want to know the price of the individual products.  I’ll go over what you’ll pay for some of the more popular foods or plans in the following article.

The Price Of The Medifast Women’s Monthly Plan (The 5 Plus One): Without a doubt, the most commonly ordered product is the women’s monthly package.  This is the diet that Kristi Swanson and Genie Francis used to drop over 45 pounds each.  Ordering your foods as part of a package brings the cost per meal way down and you’re only having to pay for shipping once (although shipping is pretty reasonable at around $5 for the regular option.) With this package, you get about 145 meals (giving you enough for five per day – you eat six times, but you make one of the meals yourself.) You’ll get a decent variety of the most popular foods.  The retail cost of this package is $299, which for me is still cheaper than groceries. 

But the really positive thing about ordering a package is that there is almost always coupon codes or specials when you order by the month.  You’ll sometimes get $55 off or 2 -3 weeks of free food (which is worth well over $150). So, it’s smart to first obtain the latest coupon code before placing an order (and remember to put the code in the box at checkout. If you don’t, they don’t know you have a discount.)

Also, the 2 week version of this same plan is about $150. And the price of the diabetic version is the same – $299 for a month and $150 for 2 weeks.  (The diabetic plan omits some of the higher carb foods, like the bars.) Again, the coupon advice that I gave before applies here too.

Enhanced Heart Health Package Cost: This is basically the 5 plus one with omega 3s, fatty acids and fish oil added for heart health.  This enhancement brings the cost up to about $325 for the four weeks.  

Medifast Momentum (Metabolism Booster) Monthly Price: Although the 5 plus 1 is very popular, the momentum packages are gaining ground.  This package includes all of the regular foods plus additional foods that have metabolism boosters included (the active ingredient in green tea is one example). The momentum foods include banana shakes, lattes, cappuchinos, and flavor infusers (powder you put in water that’s a lot like crystal light.) This is the most expensive package at about $350, but you can still use the coupons and specials to bring this down quite a bit.

Medifast Individual Shakes Price:  Although many people think of this diet as being shake only, it really isn’t.  There are over 70 food choices available (eggs, soups, chilis, oatmeals, eggs, puddings, bars, chips, etc.). But, the shakes are very popular and some people …

Advantages and Disadvantages of Textbook Rental

Advantages and Disadvantages of Textbook Rental

Thinking of buying the required textbooks in college? Wait! Don’t do that just yet. There are ways to save on college textbooks. You don’t need to shell out as much as a thousand a year for your textbooks. You can save by renting from textbook rental sites that are getting more popular as new textbook prices increases over the years. Textbook rental can be done by just logging on to textbook rental sites and picking the books you need for your subjects. These books will be ship to you and you can return them after the rental period.

Here are the advantages of textbook rental:

1. You save money – This is the number one factor when deciding whether to buy or rent college textbooks. It has been proven that you can really save by renting. Depending on the textbook rental site you choose, you can save up to 85% by renting rather than buying. This would help you stretch your budget by leaps and bounds. If you have extra time, you can scour the net to get discount coupon codes to get further discounts or more perks when renting. Taking the time to do your research and looking for the best sites can save you the most money.

2. You save time – Buying online can help you save time and energy. You need not go visit several bookstores to complete your college textbook requirement. You only need to browse through the large selection of books that textbook rental sites offer, choose the ones you need, checkout, type in your discount coupon code and rent. It is easy to do and you can do it in the littlest time possible at the comfort of your home. By doing so, you also save transportation and gasoline cost.

3. You save trees and the environment – Using rented textbooks will decrease the amount of paper use thus saving the trees and the environment. This is important today as we now live in a country where each person contributes and tries hard to be eco-friendly. You can save thousands of trees by renting textbooks rather than buying new ones.

4. You help the community – You may wonder how you can help the community by renting textbook. If you look closely at the different textbook rental sites, you will notice that most of them offer to help the community every time you rent from them. Some of the programs include planting a tree for each textbook rental and donation to partner organizations.

Disadvantage of Textbook Rental:

With textbook rental, advantages outweighs the disadvantages. There is only one disadvantage – you will not be able to use them as a reference book once you’re rental period is up and you have returned them to the rental site. Another which is not really a disadvantage but can be a problem is when you don’t return the books on time. This can cause you your savings since you have to pay for the book extension. …

How To Buy A Home Without Getting A New Loan

How To Buy A Home Without Getting A New Loan

Believe it or not you can buy homes without obtaining a mortgage or loan. You can buy homes without having to have a good credit rating. Using one simple technique called "subject to" you can buy a home without using your credit and without having to get a loan.

What does "subject to" mean? A "subject to" real estate deal is where a person buys a home "subject to" the existing loan. For example if a seller has a home for sale priced at $ 100,000 and there mortgage is $ 98,000, you can buy the home "subject to" the existing loan.

How do you find sellers who will sell "subject to"? First you need to find sellers who need to sell their home fast. This could be due to divorce, a death in the family or some financial hardship. You can ask a real estate agent for expired listings or listings that are several months old. These sellers are usually itching to sell.

Once you find a seller who is desperate to sell you will need to explain what a "subject to" deal is. Basically you need to explain to the seller that you will pay their mortgage payment. Actually you can pay the mortgage using the coupon book or you can pay them and then they pay their mortgage payment. There are several aspects of a "subject to" deal that requires a real estate attorney. To increase your chances of doing a "subject to" real estate deal you will need to find a real estate agent and real estate attorney who has completed "subject to" deals.

If you are serious about buying a home via a "subject to", I recommend find a couple of real estate investment books on the subject. Get familiar with the language of the deal so that you are comfortable with this type of real estate transaction.

If you want to buy real estate using other people's credit then learn how to master the "subject to" real estate transaction. …

Photography Marketing Ideas for Photographers: 10 Low Cost Ideas

Photography Marketing Ideas for Photographers: 10 Low Cost Ideas

Marketing your photography studio does not have to be expensive. I've used hundreds of low cost marketing strategies over the last twenty five years and managed to build my photography studio to the point where I am one of the busiest and most successful studios in my city. Here's a few tips for you:

1. Create a photo display. A photography display can be as simple as displaying a few small portraits at a store and offering some free information about your studio or more elaborate set ups with framed wall samples. You can even create large temporary displays inalls or at events such as trade shows. The important thing is how it looks. You will attract a lot of attention with some great images, especially from woman, who happens to be your target market. Displays will help you create a lot of business if you play your cards right. Have a great selection of images, be presentable yet never pushy, have a system for collecting names and address's from those wanting more information by simply asking or offering a draw prize, and keep in touch with all those prospects. It's the beginning of a potential long term and lucrative relationship.

2. Have a free giveaway. Offer a time limited in studio session and small reprint. Tell them there is no obligation for further purchase, and mean it. You will make some sales anyways and you will acquire many long term clients if you do a good job for them. Some will only grab the freebie, but the odds are very good that you will upsell without being sneaky or pushy. Especially if you are professional and create some great images. Do this at mall displays, banks, schools or offer it to a list of clients from a non-competitive business in your town or city. Freebies are the best way to get your studio busy, start making sales and most of all for getting tons of exposure.

3. Reward referrals. Make a policy to reward anyone who brings you referrals. When a client brings in a relative client, give them a gift of appreciation, such as a coupon worth reprints dollars at your studio, frames, or to a local spa or restaurant. As an added incentive, give a small gift to the new client as well.

4. Create a tie-in with another business. Contact a local business and offer to exchange coupons. For example, your client receives coupons from a local restaurant, hair salon, spa, or where your typical prospect would shop. A great place to start is with clients of yours who already own their own businesses.

5. Make your reception or waiting room "prospect and sales friendly". Whenever you create a family portrait or are shooting a wedding there are often people waiting in your reception area. Offer them snacks or something to drink. Make sure your place looks great and smells nice. Make it comfortable. Use this time to increase your upcoming sales presentation by explaining some …