Carp Fishing Tackle Review: The Daiwa Regal Z BR Model 3500 Reel

Carp fishing, like any other hobby or pastime, can quickly get to be an expensive proposition. There’s an immense variety of carp fishing tackle available, and sometimes it’s hard to tell the good from the bad. Selecting fishing gear is a highly personalised process, and we carp fishermen are known to be quite particular. Reels are especially important. To find a reel that’s right for you, you need to understand its features and functions. Here’s my take on a great, affordable carp reel from Daiwa, the Regal Z BR model 3500.

Key Features of the Daiwa Regal Z BR Model 3500 Carp Fishing Reel

Perhaps the most notable feature of the Daiwa Z BR 3500 carp reel is the innovative BR clutch system. This is a mechanism that uses a unique one-way bearing to restrict handle motion to the forward direction only. This is something you’re sure to appreciate during a full-on fight with a feisty carp. The reel has a front-drag mechanism and a tin-coated line roller that helps resist corrosion. I also appreciate the reel’s machined aluminium components that make it quite durable but light in weight. The Z BR 3500 comes with a high-strength graphite rotor and forged aluminium spare spool. Thanks to the one-touch quick folding handle and soft grip knob, the reel is comfortable to hold and use.

More About the Daiwa Regal Z BR Model 3500 Carp Fishing Reel

I’ve found the Daiwa Regal Z BR 3500 to be quite versatile and feature rich. This is a reel that gives plenty of control while being very tough and durable. Priced at just £54.00, every carp angler can afford to add the Z BR 3500 to his tackle collection. The reel has 6 ball bearings and a long life bail spring. If you like an advanced, high-tech reel, know that the Z BR 3500 has 2 patented features, AirBail and the Twist Buster line roller, both of which contribute to the reel’s incredibly smooth winding and relentless power. I also like the infinite anti-reverse feature and the advanced locomotive levelwind line lay. Levelwind is an important feature that uses a special mechanism to ensure that the line wraps correctly onto the spool.

Final Thoughts on the Z BR 3500 Carp Reel

The Z BR 3500 reel features a unique “bite and run” mechanism that allows the fish to feel very little resistance when taking the bait. When ready, the angler can set the hook with a simple turn of the handle, engaging the drag. In addition, the GyroSpin balanced rotor ensures reduced wobble. The 3500 Z BR has a line capacity of 190 metres of 12 pound test line. It weighs 16.9 ounces and has a 4.9:1 retrieve ratio.

I’m quite keen on this free-spool reel with its forged ABS aluminium spool. This reel has an innovative design and superior retrieve power. I’m pleased to rate it at 4.5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended!