Black Diamonds Back on the Fashion Scene

Black diamonds often referred as Carbonados are making their come back into the fashion scene. These stones are the rare form of diamonds rather ultra rare but they have always been rated as low quality diamonds. They used to be considered as the pure lumps of coal having crystals of diamonds attached with them. Now, the demand of black diamonds is increasing and more and more people desire them to be fixed in their jewelry items.

These black diamonds are found in Brazil and Central African Republic. They do not have the shine and glitter that of other diamonds and they are polycrystalline in their constitution. It is said that many lumps of diamonds crystals get attached in them and are not in a pure arrangement as to give them that sheen that is a characteristic of a pure diamond. Some consider them to be in a carbon transition phase between pure graphite and a pure diamond. And this is true that they are somewhat different from the pure diamonds.

Now the fashion trend has set in that encourages being unique and different from the rest of the crowd. Be it metals or stones, the different and unique materials are being preferred. Black diamonds have started to enjoy that status which they have been denied before. Only men's rings used to have them and that too too was very rare. Now, many jewelers have started to use them in their jewelry artifacts as to render them a magical touch.

It is very tough job to get these stones cut and polished. They tend to break off very easily. They are usually being cut into less complicated shapes. They suit well with any metal but they are quite expensive due to their rarity. You need to make sure before buying that you are having an original bargain. This is a rare stone and there are a very less number of jewelers who keep black diamond jewelry. You can also get the stone from the legitimate gemstone shop and get it fixed in a jewelry item by your jeweler.

Black diamonds, although held in low esteem by some, do still occupy a status of a rare, unique and awesomely alluring stone. They have the magic to turn your jewelry item into an exquisite piece of elegance. Black diamond jewelry no doubt is an enriching addition to your jewelry collection.