Best Sex Positions to Drive her Wild

Helping your partner to achieve orgasms is easier than you think. There is also no need for double jointed, gymnastic abilities.

Often the simplest positions are best positions for your partner to achieve glorious orgasm. All that you need to do is take the lead and spend enough time making sure that she is relaxed, aroused and ready to climax.

The best way to achieve this is ensuring that attention focused on foreplay. Foreplay is extremely important for women as it allows your partner to get into the mood.

Another important aspect of lovemaking is that your partner must feel that she is the center of the universe during this period. She must believe that you are doing everything only to please her and nobody else. She will then open up and blossom in order to please you.

There are a number of sex positions that women prefer because of the comfort these positions offer. Some of these positions also allow them to have more control.

Missionary position: (Man on top)

This may surprise you, but this is the position that is favored by many women. The reason is that this position allows women to feel that they are making love and not just having sex.

In this position, the female partner will lie on her back and widen her legs allowing her partner to enter her for mutual pleasure.

Here, visual, auditory and sensory communication can take place freely (which is extremely important for many women)

Inverted position: (Woman on top)

In this position, the male partner lies on his back while his partner eases herself on top, allowing him to enter her from below.

Here she will have total control over how far she is willing to be penetrated, as well as the rate of the thrust.

She also decides how she will achieve orgasm. This position allows her to achieve her orgasm by either stimulating her clitoris, or her G-spot.