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Turn Heads During the Summer in a New Swimsuit

Turn Heads During the Summer in a New Swimsuit

Summertime is fun time for everyone. It is the perfect time of the year for many reasons. Summer is known for beach trips, pool time, relaxing and simply sitting back and enjoying life. The sunny summer days and mild evenings mean that being outdoors and near water is a must almost every day of the week. Then when vacation rolls around, most head off to the sunny shores to have some ocean fun as well. There is nothing better than the casual atmosphere and relaxation summer brings with it.

The key to having fun during the summer is to literally dive right in to it head on. One should attend outdoor events, BBQ parties, the pool, lake outings, boating and ocean days for total relaxation and sun soaking. The right wardrobe for summer is one that includes shorts, tees, tanks and swimwear. In fact, once summer truly hits, it is amazing how much time one spends in swimsuits during the summer. That means that having the right bathing suits is a true requirement, so you can really indulge in those summertime activities everyone loves so dearly.

Swimco’s high waisted two piece swimsuits is one of the top options to add to one’s wardrobe. There is something about a great swimsuit that speaks for itself. It gives you confidence and allows you to move freely so you can partake in all activities. A great twp piece swimsuit works perfectly for lounging by the pool, playing volleyball at the beach, swimming, surfing, boating and just about anything else you can think of that revolves around summer fun.

The key to being able to enjoy outdoor summer activities is to be prepared for anything. There are very few people who do not wear a bathing suit most days during the summer. A perfectly fitted two-piece suit is the go to option because you can layer on a traditional coverup, just a pair of shorts or a sundress if you choose. It is really the most versatile type of suit out there and it helps ensure that when those random hops in the water come about, you will ready to go in an instant.

The high waisted two-piece style has never truly gone out fashion and now it is back with a vengeance. All ages and body types look great in this style. It is flattering for all, is stylish and also gives you a little more coverage to let you truly get in to summer activities. Those who get the perfect suit for the summer find that it quickly becomes their go to outfit for every day and especially every day when one could even potentially be outside. The top two-piece suits flatter and fit well plus they bring style to any activity you are participating in that day.

Take summer by storm by getting out there and having fun. One of the best ways to always be prepared is to have your swimsuit at the ready at all times or simply just …

Nine Things Every Woman Should Have

Nine Things Every Woman Should Have

Every woman needs certain things in her life to either make life a little easier or better. So many items could be mentioned but everyone needs a good starter list that covers beauty, fashion and more. Here is short list to help them out.

1. A great pair of jeans. No matter your shape or size every woman wants to have pair of jeans that fit her just right. Jeans are a cotton product and come in many different styles and fits depending on the curves of a woman’s body. Polyester or spandex is added to the denim to give the material a stretchy effect and this allows to move with the body and hug it. If you are looking for more wardrobe staples, jeans and other clothing are on this list.

2. Pajama’s/lingerie that she feels sexy in. It doesn’t matter who is seeing it or if anyone ever sees your pajama’s or lingerie at all. Either way what you have underneath your clothes and what you wear to bed should make you feel amazing.

3. A skincare regime for her skin type. Skincare is custom made, not one size fits all. Every woman should know her skin type and if it changes in different environments, with the changing of the season or with the foods she’s eating. Skin can be very sensitive and a lot of the times it is showing us what is going on within our bodies. The products you use on your face don’t need to be expensive or a bunch of things. Every face needs a cleanser, sometimes a exfoliator or a spot treatment and a moisturizer. Sephora is the perfect place to find any skincare needs.

4. A great pair of comfortable but cute shoes. For every woman this is going to be different. Every foot has different needs and feet do not come in one shape or size. A woman should try on many different shoes and find a pair that she doesn’t necessarily have to run a race in but that she can go throughout her day and not want to burn them in the end.

5. A great lipbalm or lipgloss. First off, it’s best to start with smooth lips before applying any lipbalm, gloss or lipstick and a scrub with sugar and water will help take off dry skin. Once your lips are ready there are so many great lipbalms and lipglosses. Which product to buy all depends on which colors you like and if the gloss or balm fits your needs.

6 & 7. A great tote bag and a sturdy set of luggage. You never know what opportunity may come up within the week, month or year and no one wants to carry their products around in a garbage bag. Investing in a great set of luggage is a must because you want everything you packed in your bags to make it to the end of your trip. Also, a great tote bag is needed because it …

Buying Promotional Items for Your School

Buying Promotional Items for Your School

Many schools find that a good way for them to earn extra income for supplies or special trips, is by selling products to students and their families that have the name and sometimes the mascot of the school on them. These items are purchased from suppliers found on the internet and once the school has sent a copy of what they want on the items, it can be printed on almost anything. If you visit this website: you will find quite a few things that can have your schools logo on.

What To Include On Your Promotional Item

Deciding what to include is important depending on the type of item you want to have printed. Notebooks should include the name of the school and possibly the location. If tee shirts or jackets are being printed, then, you might want to add your school mascot or the school motto. The choice depends on how large or small the item is and how it will look once it is printed.

Contacting A Printer For Your Items

Printers will ask you to submit a general layout of the design you want to have. They will ask what you want to have it printed on, glassware, books or pens, for instance. When they get the information, they will come up with a design for the print. They will send the design to you for your approval. At that time, if there are any necessary changes to be made, you should do so. Once you have given your final approval of the design, they will begin the printing process.

How Long Does It Take

Normally, if you place an order with a company for printing, from start to finish, it should take no longer than two weeks. This would include the time it takes for you to approve the initial design. By getting back to the printer quickly, you will be able to hasten the process a bit. Once the printing is complete, the order will be sent to your school. Most printers will keep records of your designs, so, if you need to place additional orders, the time will be reduced. If you decide to change your design, the process would start again from the beginning and take the same amount of time as the first order.

Schools across the country are finding that if they have their information put on pens or pencils, these are the biggest selling items they have. They have been able to generate quite a bit of revenue from these sales and are able to use the profits for their students. Having items printed with your school logo is relatively inexpensive and the printer can basically print on anything. Your school can benefit greatly by having items printed with their name on it. Most students will want to have something that reminds them of where they attended school. At one time, only colleges printed materials, but, now, even elementary schools are seeing the benefits of it and …

A Highly Secure Safe for Your Firearms Is Worth the Investment

A Highly Secure Safe for Your Firearms Is Worth the Investment

Keeping your treasures secure is important in any situation. Nobody wants someone else messing with their prized possessions, especially when there is significant value involved. When the treasures are firearms, the importance of keeping them secure is not only important, it is absolutely necessary. With security and safety one of the top reasons people choose gun cabinets, it doesn’t hurt to have the securing cabinet look appealing as well.

Options are available for every type of handgun and rifle. If expense is no object, you can get really technologically advanced and have many moving parts. The cabinet can be camouflaged, or it can be a focal point. However, for the majority of gun owners, expense IS a factor, and have a certain budget in mind. Whether you choose steel, wood facade, or another custom material, the cabinet should be secure so that intruders, thieves, and especially children cannot access your collection. Guns can be dangerous if they find themselves in the wrong hands, and as a gun owner it is your right and your responsibility to keep these types of collections in a safe or secure cabinet that can only be opened by you or your designee.

Luxury safes and cabinets are quite beautiful. Decorative stitching on the interior leather adds a unique quality. No two humans are exactly alike, so having a custom-built gun cabinet to your exact specification is perfect for those people who have a large collection of different rifles and handguns. There are other options that can accommodate even the pickiest of collectors. Cabinets in every color, finish, and interior design can add to the unique appearance of your purchase. The locking mechanism can be to your specification as well.

Having a safe to store your valuable gun collection is really imperative. Even a standard safe constructed of hardened steel is a good choice for most collectors who have a less than endless budget. Most gun specific safes that offer a high level of security include an additional locking compartment for ammunition. This is important as an extra level of security so that the firearms are not stored together with the ammo.

Some features to consider when shopping around are durability, strength, lock style and mechanism, and depending on your personal requirements, size. A Stockinger safe offers several styles of many different types of safes, from custom built to standard in-stock models. Outlined in this article, there are many reasons a gun safe is a crucial part of gun ownership and/or collecting. The difference in security levels has a price.

These extremely secure safes and cabinets are not cheap. You must ask yourself, is my safety and the safety of my family worth the investment? If a cheap safe is not secure, what is the point? Forbes has a great article that talks about these mass produced safes and how easily they can be breeched. Ordering a gun cabinet for your rifles and pistols from a manufacturer or dealer that specializes in firearm security is the …

Style rules that no longer apply

Style rules that no longer apply

We widely accept that social etiquette is an important aspect of all cultures and societies. In the same way, style rules exist as a form of fashion etiquette – a way of dressing in a way that will not leave us embarrassed or open to critique.

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Society does change, however. Today, even formal settings and workplaces have a much more broad-minded approach to the way people should dress and express themselves. Here are a handful of style rules that you can now disregard and debunk.

Matching shoes and belts

According to Black Lapel, failing to match your belt with your shoes – and particularly clashing brown and black garments – is tantamount to a cardinal sin; however, times are changing and some schools of thought now believe that always matching your waist candy with your foot candy can look a little too polished and even fussy. You can now feel free to clash colours to your heart’s content.

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Socks and trousers

The same fixation on matching socks with trousers has also been prevalent throughout history, often to make men appear taller should their trousers ride up to reveal their socks when they are sitting down. This is as pedantic as it is impractical – today, most modern men don’t have time for such things. It is widely acknowledged that no socks at all can be completely acceptable for summer comfort.

No pleats

Pleated trousers have generally been a big no-no for men. Unflattering and ageing, they certainly weren’t seen as a garment to be worn in formal settings; however, as with many other retro trends, pleats are making a comeback. Providing they are worn right, they can be both flattering and stylish. Teamed with smart Farah shirts from a stockist such as, pleated trousers can be smart, casual and comfortable.

Belt loops

Men’s clothing has always placed a high priority on functionality, with many men feeling that if their trousers have belt loops, they should be used – just like pockets and cuffs. If your trousers are not at risk of falling down, this is another unnecessary ideal that no longer needs to be adhered to in either formal or casual settings – unless you have an exceptionally stylish belt that you want to show off, of course.…

Style in Your Garden: The LA Method

Style in Your Garden: The LA Method

Los Angeles is supposed to be a concrete jungle (and it actually is) but have you ever noticed the fact that every single place has an incredible looking garden? In this guide, let’s try and break down how to optimise your space, your furniture and your accessories to get your place to the next level.

Small Place > Big Space

If there’s one thing that LA taught me is that you don’t need a big space to look big: for example, imagine that you have a small apartment but with a great taste for furniture, lighting and accessories. That will look at least 10 times better than a big, unfurnished garden, with no taste in design whatsoever. In order to do it, planning the whole space is vital and will, of course, save you a lot of time while actually building the whole space. Keep this in mind!

A Big Budget Is Not Necessary

Especially when talking about furniture and accessories, many people think that a big budget is required in order to buy quality pieces, but in the end is not true at all. Some cane chairs are the best starting options: cheap and stylish, they will look great in a small outdoor space, especially if you are planning on giving it that “old style” and “vintage” look. Wicker furniture works, too. Once again, there are many DIY solutions you can follow for your garden, so don’t waste your money on high-end furniture and such, and try to be stylish!


Especially during summer, you will most likely be spending a lot of time outside and chances that you will be throwing a party in your garden are pretty high. Therefore, it’s super important to have quality lighting at yours, since no one wants to go to a party that shuts down when the sun goes away! A touch of style would be combining LED lights with some glass accessories around your space, giving it a bit of a futuristic design.


A garden, in the end, should be your outdoor living room. It should tell who you are and what your hobbies are and, in the end, it should be a proper space in which you are truly enjoying yourself. Treat it right and follow these guidelines and your friends won’t ever leave it, whether if it’s just for a couple of drinks or for a proper party.…

Is Cosmetic Glitter Safe To Use On Your Face?

Is Cosmetic Glitter Safe To Use On Your Face?

Glitter has been a growing trend over the last few months, with this new craze taking over the festival scenes as the new must-have makeup look for 2018. Glitter is being used in inventive ways like never before, on both the face and in creative hairstyles. It’s a fun trend that makes your face shimmer and brightens up your style, what’s not to love? Well, although it is a popular trend, there are actually precautions you should take before applying glitter to your face to ensure it doesn’t damage your eyes or skin.

Cosmetic or Craft?

First things first, you should never consider applying craft glitter to your face. It’s often argued that craft glitter is essentially a cosmetic glitter dupe; being the same but cheaper. However, this is simply not the case. There are distinctive differences between craft and face glitter that will change the way you view them.

For example, craft glitter, as it was originally intended, is used for arts and crafts. Therefore, in some cases it can contain tiny fractions of metal. Putting anything like that near your eye sends shivers down the spine. In the worst cases, if it gets into your eye it could scratch the cornea, which is the outer layer of your eyeball. The good thing is, craft companies are using metal less frequently as it doesn’t give the desired shine effect. Great news, right? Well, instead they use poly-bonded coloured materials that have poly-coated dyes. So essentially, not good for the face either. This can be extremely dangerous if applied near the eyes, as anything containing dye can potentially seriously damage your eye if it were to get inside.

On the other hand, Cosmetic glitter is made from special non-toxic plastic, a safer material for use on the face and skin than any metal bases product. Glitter makeup is also a highly regulated field, so you can be far more assured that what you’re putting on your skin is safer than anything you would buy in a craft store. If applying glitter on your face still doesn’t appeal, then the latest hair trend “glitter braids” is perfect for you. All of the fun of glitter, with a twist!

Better safe than sorry

Liquid based glitter products are ideal, giving way for very little movement making it less likely to get into your eye. You’ll often find them to be more concentrated too, so it will last longer as you don’t need to use as much. If your favourite glitter product isn’t liquid based however, then applying a primer before layering on the glitter can also ensure it stays put, and most importantly, save it from getting into your eyes.

Taking it off

Safely removing glitter makeup is just as important as safely applying. Use an oil-based liquid solution such as micellar water and cotton wool or failing that a soft face wipe. All you need to do is gently wipe the glitter off – using sweeping motions away from the face. …

Mens T-shirt Styles for Summer 18

Mens T-shirt Styles for Summer 18

It is summertime, and we can all dream that we can just be like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. So, whilst we are on this theme, we are going to explore various styles of Men’s T-shirts. This way, you can have a variety of choices in your wardrobe and not limited to just one certain style too.

So, feel free to browse through our recommendations on what styles to add so you can stay fresh.

Tropical Print

Tropical prints receive a lot of uncalled hate as we normally associate it with our Dad’s wardrobe. However, this is not the case at all, as they are going to be big this summer. Why? Say your thanks to Louis Vuitton, who made waves on the catwalk in their Spring/Summer 2018 Menswear collection. This time, they are going to be well fitted rather than being unnaturally oversized and a novelty item in your wardrobe.

So, even if you are not jetting off to a tropical island this summer, you can still dress for the occasion. Think of pairing this with neutral tones so the look doesn’t look too overbearing for those around you. Have a look at this tropical shirts guide for some ideas.

Check patterns

You can call this the throwback of classic styles. Some may argue that checks have never really gone out of style, however, expect to see a lot more this season. There is a wide range of check patterns, minimalist or bold available this season. Either way, you are going to look dapper in this heat and feel like Will Smith 2.0. For ideas on how to incorporate this into your outfit, there are cool ideas to check out here too.

Graphic Tees

Now, we will always have a soft spot for these types of mens printed T shirts. Consider, logos and branded tees, or even printed tees that pays a homage to TV shows. Either way, start getting all this into your wardrobe now. This was found to be a resurging trend with models and influencers following Spring/ Summer’s Menswear Fashion Week 2018. Play around with this trend, and feel free to pair it with dark denim jeans, and sporty shorts.

Striped Tees

Another classic styles that we will see more of this summer. Like the check shirts, this style has never really left. However, not all us males always seem to own one in our wardrobe despite the fact it is a standard fail-safe staple. So, now it is a good time to start collecting for this season, and the good news is, it will become one of your timeless item. Have a browse here on how to style yourself with a striped shirt.

Now, hopefully, this guide has given you more ideas on how to style yourself with various T-shirt styles this season. There are many timeless and classic trends to experiment with this summer, and you can even make it fitting for streetwear clothing too. Style is timeless and forever after all.…

Tips For Writing For Fashion Businesses

Tips For Writing For Fashion Businesses

Are you searching for tips about writing for the fashion industry? You’ve come to the right place if you are. Let’s take a closer look at the process involved and then you’ll have a better idea of where to start.

When it comes to fashion messages, such as writing about fashion trends for 2018 or the best Cocobay Sun Hats you need to be creative and it involves structure. The six stages of the writing process are planning, shaping, drafting, revising, editing and proofreading. Each one of these is crucial to the writing process.

Planning & Purpose

If you want to write to a high standard, then you need to write with a purpose in mind, as well as with a specific tone and audience in mind. Choose a topic and then research it before you make a decision no how to write about it. As you are doing your research, you want to consider what you want to say about the topic. It is up to you, the writer, to understand the topic before you can effectively communicate it to other people.

When you start thinking logically about your topic, then you’ll want to identify the purpose statement, which causes you to determine what you are exactly writing about and what kind of response you are going for, in regards to your audience. The purpose statement can simply be a few words within the document or it can be the sentence that leads into an outline. Statements can be both indirect or direct, but the goal is to make readers interested in the topic you are writing about.

The Audience

Writing is formulated with the audience in mind. An audience is a specific group of viewers or readers that the topic is aimed at. As for how to profile an audience, there are a few things you want to bear in mind, such as who’ll be reading the message and what are the things they should know about the topic? Keep in mind the relationships between the writer and the readers and what is the audience’s reading style?

Who Will Read It?

Who are your actual readers? Vision them in your head as you get ready to write. You can’t put names or faces to the people you want to target. However, you can create a generic profile about them.

A profile may consist of a number of things, such as their ages, employment backgrounds, their needs, their education and their expectations to name a few. When you know who your audience is, then you can create customised messages that speak to them. Trust us when we say this will come in handy, so make sure to create a profile in your head about your audience.

The Subject

You have to have an idea of what your audience knows about the subject you’re going to write about. Some people will have limited knowledge, while others will have extensive knowledge. Where does your specific audience sit because when you know …