Article Marketing: Just One Bite at a Time, Then Chew

I did a "happy dance" around the kitchen this morning when I saw my view numbers. That meant that people were reading the web articles I had posted!

Article marketing to promote a business website can make the numbers grow right in front of your eyes. Writing articles for other websites with links back to your site will drive traffic where you want it to go-home to you! Just count up the article views and the clicks back to your site.

In writing the articles, search engine optimization is an important step. This means including at least six SEO words per search to help drive traffic. If you are writing about Costa Rica farmland to promote your website, you should have "Costa Rica farmland" and your web address in the article at minimum five or six times. This will help rank your article at the top of Google or Yahoo searches when someone looks for Costa Rica farmland. And the clicks continue.

The more you write, the more your words are linked all over the web and you are considered as an expert in your field. This creates publicity for you and your websites, which leads to more article recognition, which leads to more traffic back to your site. And the threads get stronger and longer as you stick with it.

When I launched my two websites together – my personal freelance site and my health site – I learned about article marketing. Since I cut my writing teeth on articles (newspaper, magazine, online for years), I figured that I was the "Article Queen" and this would be where I should focus my efforts.

But when I looked at the magnitude of my plan, I did not feel like dancing. I was paralleled with my hands hovering over my keyboard. Where do I start?

I made the plan too big. I wanted to submit hundreds of articles to 20 different websites because I like to do things fast, fast, fast. I made myself crazy with too many ideas, signing up on too many article websites. I thought about spending 75 hours churning out top quality articles that would send massive links to my sites.

OK, slowww down. (Always a daunting challenge.)

  • Choose ONE site to start.
  • Decide on one or two topics to focus on.
  • Write one article every two or three days.

I decided to post articles to and write about healthy coconut water and promotional writing skills. These would create links back to both of my sites. That was my plan. You know what they say about the best-laid plans …

The coconut water articles took off! Should I go with that path only or force out links to the other? I had to gauge my heart-meter, and went with doing more for the health side of my sites. keeps article-view numbers for you. In my first 20 days, I had:

  • 8 articles
  • 438 article views
  • 20 author profile views
  • 33 clicks through to my websites
  • 5% click through rate

Since I had started at ZERO, I was amazed. IT WORKS!

Then I started getting comments on my website from readers of my articles.

The marketing manager from ONE Coconut Water, one of the top three brands, wrote to me that she LOVED my website.

Hi Janet,
I have posted a few articles from your site, actually, all over our FB
and Twitter page already! You have great information, and it does not
go over anyone's heads, if they are not familiar with coconut water, as
we are. I also love the easy sharing abilities of your website. It
made it very simple to share on our social media pages.

Lucy, Marketing Manager at ONE Coconut Water

I first thought maybe it was someone posing as an ONE executive. I emailed her back and now I have a new "BFF" who sends my articles and website information out to ONE's almost 5000 fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter!

We chat back and forth, and I alert her when a new article is coming out as a "prime the pump" action step. She also said I could use her email as a testimonial anywhere I wanted!

Lucy's latest email to me was asking if I had ever tried coconut water in a can and was I concerned about the PABA in the cans. She wanted to know my opinion and if I had links to any articles I had written on the subject. (Am I hearing "expert" here?)

I immediately told her my humble opinion and assured her that I was researching the topic and would be posting an article on it very soon. (Great idea- how could I ignore this hot topic?)

Another article reader asked about posting coupons for coconut water on my site. Why did not I think of that? Of course, that's on my list to do ASAP.

So article marketing rocks! In 20 days I was able to:

  • Drive quality traffic to my websites
  • Gain "expert" status from credentialed sources
  • Amass thousands of fans and followers on others' social media pages
  • Move my website and articles to Google pages 1,3, 4, and 6 for certain keywords
  • Receive readers' comments on my websites, which generated new topics for my websites and articles

Oh, and I had signed up for Google Alerts for anything "coconut water" that gives me email updates of relevant web mention for those words, and guess what?

I was a Google Alert for two of my recent articles! (Fist pump and another dance around the kitchen!)

Article marketing to drive quality traffic to your websites is a "do-able" promotional method. Post on popular article websites your compelling content on topics readers are "googling" and let it fly!

Your articles will also be grabbed and posted on different websites. I found my "Coconut Water Benefits for Athletes" article on a men's bodybuilding site.

To start, do not try to eat the whole pie. Small bites, a few goals at a time, will make this process manageable. Then chew on it for a little while, posting in a time frame you can do without getting crazy and overwhelmed.

And do not forget to sit back, breathe, and revel in what you see growing out there. It's not called the "web" for nothing. Watch the threads grow longer and intertwine with more and different sites and people. And have fun with it! Do the kitchen dance for each exciting blip that pops up online!