A Short Review of Bernina 1010 – A Basic Sewing Machine

Bernina has always been trusted by its clients when it comes to producing sewing machines. And they’re right for doing so, because Bernina deserves the trust. This comes because their products are always high quality, easy to use, integrated and best of all, affordable. If you are currently looking forward to buying a suitable machine, turn your eyes on Bernina’s 1010 model which will probably be perfect for you. It is mostly suitable for non-experts of sewing, in other words, beginners because of its simplicity but even if you are a professional sewer, it will suit you too because it will help you design and sew your perfect piece of clothing.

This model has many advantages included when purchasing it. First of all, it has sixteen built in stitches, including design stitches, stretch and utility ones too. It also has a hopping foot, all parts made of metal which are hard to be broken or damaged, five different needle positions and it also features a 100 meter bobbin. Some features, such as the 16 stitches can be considered as disadvantages, but that’s not necessarily true. Users who reviewed this model said that the fact that it only has 16 stitches makes it a basic model which will always be reliable. And this is so true!

To sum up all that has been said, Bernina 1010 is a very nice model of Bernina’s sewing machines, which has basic functions but as a result, it can perfectly fit beginners. It has simple features, including 16 stitch options and a free-arm, but it also has an affordable price. So all I can say is that if you are planning on buying a new sewing machine for yourself or your business, make sure to consider Bernina 1010 as a possible option, it will definitely not let you down! Best of luck!