A Melody on Love

Love is born from your heart, a feeling which will never die, as true love is undying. Love is a space in which all other emotions can be experienced, and people make love consistently, but actually never talk about it, but it is actually a loving healing energy exchanged between two souls.

Kindness is the ability to love a person, and love is what makes the journey worthy, and perfect kindness acts without thinking of kindness.

In my life's experience of love, it is not all aboutazing at each other, but looking outwards, and if you do not succeed, try a little harder! It is easy, just lay on the sofa, and you will be easily won over.

We must always believe in the miracles of love, when a child is born for example, or never to underestimate love at first sight, that can surprise you, and blow you away, and this normally happens when you least expect it.

We are all really loving souls, and when we have been through a tough time with relationships that have failed, we must always inwardly face our sorrows, heal, and learn to trust in the life, believe in who you are, and graciously recognize that It was an experience in our journey through this life of understanding, learning to move forwards a wiser person with more knowledge and wisdom.

We all deserve love, and love is the most powerful healing force in the universe, even if we have experienced failed relationships, we must forgive and let go, not only does a huge weight drop off your shoulders, but most importantly, the doorway to Your own self love opens up, and the whole picture changes, ie how you perceive things, how you live your life as you move forward into your future, so you want to make the best relationship with yourself, and really love 'YOU'. You must remember that we are all taken care off on a higher level.

Always believe in your power, if you do not, have a leap of faith, and you will discover parts of yourself which you thought were not there.

If you have been in a long term relationship, there surely must have been times where you have been tested and tried, but here is a beautiful recipe which I would like you to do.

Sit opposite each other holding each others hands. Look into each others eyes, a few nice deep breaths and release any judgments, and allow yourself to be with this person.

What you actually see is a reflection of you, a reflection of what is in you. Say it is okay, we are all one, we breathe the same air, drink the same water, we have the same desires and needs. We all want to love and be loved, live peacefully and prosper, and live our lives with fulfillment. Allow yourself to look at your partner with love, and be willing to receive the love back, and know you're safe.

As you look at one another, ask for good health and a loving relationship, so you are surrounded by loving energy, comfort and safety, and what you are giving out will be multiplied. So affirm the very best, and know your partner desires it, and see them willing to accept it. This will empower your relationship, and you will feel and see the difference.

I feel that those who are alone, men or women, and looking for love after a traumatic relationship / break-up, should try to be brave, embrace your future, go out with friends and smile at all the men and women what you find Attractive, and see who comes to speak with you.

We must remember that love between a man and woman is so mysterious, so miraculous, so wonderful, it at times defies simple definition. It is the most deranged, delusive, and yet strangely most desired state of all, and we all love, love. It lifts us up, makes us happy, so turn your darkness to light, bang those drums, go out and turn mundane minutes into magic moments. Let your eyes wonder, and everyone you speak to, make eye contact, turn them into VIP's with the extra flash of eye contact, and it will make a world of difference to how people respond to you. You will be on your way to finding new love.

So, if you are confused with a problem, your subconscious mind has the answer, it really is waiting inside of you to be disclosed. If the answer does not come, turn the problem over to your deeper mind prior to sleep. Keep on turning your request over to your subconscious until the answer comes. The response will be a certain feeling, an inner awareness, whereby you know what to do. Guidance in all things comes as the still small voice within. It reveals all.

So, please embrace your future, as you are never asked to do more than you are able without being given the strength and ability to do. Take heart, truth and happiness will get you in the end.

Nothing is by chance.

Love and light