7 Ways to Celebrate Your Marriage Anniversary in Saudi Arabia

Are you planning for an exotic marriage anniversary celebration? If you have not zeroed on the destination country, why not explore Saudi Arabia on this special day? This wonderful Gulf country offers a lot of exclusive restaurants, cafes, shopping malls and other recreational mediums that can help you celebrate marriage anniversary in a special manner. Pack your bags now and head towards Saudi Arabia for a memorable celebration of your marriage anniversary.

Have a sip of coffee under stars and sky- Make your marriage anniversary special by ordering two refreshing cups of hot caffeine drink. With perfectly brewed coffee, you can take some time off from the noisy roads of Riyadh. There are numerous roadside cafes that can offer you a perfect dose of caffeine. You can enjoy the best coffee on the vast expanse of desert on either side of roads along with your partner.

Enjoy night view with your partner- If you are a true lover of night life, enjoy the enchanting night view of Saudi Arabia with your partner on the anniversary day. Get a rejuvenating experience at The Skybridge, The Globe Experience or The Water Tower viewing deck and speak your heart out to your beloved partner. This will be a memorable experience and more fulfilling than to send gifts to Saudi Arabia for your loving wife.

Pamper yourself with special cuisines- Spend your marriage anniversary celebration by gorging down on the special cuisines of Saudi Arabia with your wife. You can try the lip-smacking dishes such as Kabsa, Basbousa, Haneeth, Maqluba, Saleeg, Masgouf, Harissa and other such cuisines on this special day.

Offer a traditional dress to your partner- If you are looking for exciting Saudi Arabia gifts, offer the traditional dress of the country as special souvenirs. While women can choose ankle-long shirt called “thawb” or “bisht” for their men as the anniversary gift. Men can buy traditional dresses like “Abaya” or the outer cloak and “Shayla” meaning scarf for their beloved wife.

Go for a desert safari- Want to witness the huge sand dunes that keep on shifting? It is time to enjoy the desert safari with your partner on the occasion of marriage anniversary for the perfect celebration. Don’t miss out this fun while on a trip to Saudi Arabia.

Interact with the local tribes- Saudi Arabia is home to a large number of tribes such as Bedouin and other local tribes. Spend the day experiencing the hospitality of these tribes and celebrate your marriage anniversary in a special manner.

Dates- The wonderful country is also known for its huge date plantations. Offer the best collection of dates to your partner as a special anniversary gift. If you are miles away from your wife, send mouth-watering dates with the help of a reliable gift delivery in Saudi Arabia.

So, make your marriage anniversary special and memorable by exploring this unique gulf country. It is time to go for a change and plan out an exotic anniversary celebration now.