5 Tests Women Play On Men And How To Overcome Them

Do you find yourself struggling to deal with a womans behavior when she is around you? Have you ever been asked a tough question by a woman but didn’t know how to respond? For a long time I always folded during these sorts of situations. I always seemed to mess up just when things seemed to be going in the right direction. I’ve since learned how to handle these tests that women play. In this article were going to take a look at 5 tests women play on men and what I have learned on how you can deal with them.

Test #1 I Don’t Need A Man

This is probably one of the more common tests you will run into if you approach really attractive women who get hit on allot. These are the types of women who have the attitude of “I don’t need a man because I’m a hot independent woman.” You might have your own words for these types of women…

There are ways of dealing with these sorts of women. The truth is that ignoring them is probably your best option. Why? Because you have to decide if you really want a woman who is angry, lacks respect for men, thinks she is better then others, and has no personality.

I know you feel like teaching her a lesson and punishing her… those things are not really effective. All that does is show her what power she has over you. Move on to a woman who is of much higher quality.

Test #2 Call Me At 00:00 pm

One of my first girlfriends use to tell me when to call her. “Call me when you get home.” Okay? I thought this was great because it meant she wanted more of me in her life. The truth is that if she really wanted more of you in her life she would call you herself!

The best time to call is when you feel like it and have time for it. If you call when she asks you to it just shows her how much importance you place on her. Don’t you have something else you need to do besides just talk to her when she asks you to?

Test #3 I Have A Boyfriend

Women throw this statement around all the time. You don’t know if she has a boyfriend, if she is just dating casually, or if she is bored with her current boyfriend. In many cases she just says it to make herself look like more of a challenge and to see how persistent you will be.

The only way around this is to pursue her anyways without being too aggressive. This way you can learn more about her and her current relationship status. Even if she is unavailable you could always make friends with her witch can allow you to meet some of her attractive girlfriends. Most guys don’t look at it in this way.

You: Would you like to go out for coffee sometime?

Her: I have a boyfriend.

You: What does getting coffee have to do with your boyfriend?

Her: My boyfriend might not like it.

You: Then why don’t you bring a friend along so that way it won’t be a date? This will make you and your boyfriend feel allot better.

Test #4 I Don’t Like Men Who Play Mind Games

This one is classic. How many times have you heard a woman say I don’t like a man who plays games or something similar? I have heard it many times. If you read some of those profiles on online dating sites you will see it come up allot.

What does it really mean when a woman says this to you? It means she is a woman who likes to play games and have lots of drama in her relationships. Yikes! It really is the truth. She tries to make it appear like every guy she has ever dated played mind games with her. This is a RED FLAG. Every woman I have ever met who says this loves drama and mind games. Now you know the opposite is true.

You can handle this by stop dating her or to see if she will live up to your standards.

Her: I don’t like men who play mind games.

You: I always dump girls who like mind games and drama.

See how she responds to that.

Test #5 I Don’t Like This Place

Some women will criticize where you take them on dates. She may even tell you where she would rather have you take her. This is a test to see how insecure you are. It may not matter where you take her she may still complain and blame you if she doesn’t have a good time.

Her: I don’t like this place.

You: Your welcome to leave, but I’m not leaving until I finish eating.

That’s all you have to do. Just show her that you are comfortable with your decision to take her there. If she leaves then so be it.


As you can probably tell dealing with a woman tests is really about not putting up with her attitude. It is possible that you will make her mad at you, but what you get in return is her respect. She will learn that you can’t be pushed around like all those other nice guys she has dated.