5 Clues To My Cheating Wife

If your expectations are aroused and you are wondering – how do I catch my cheating wife – as hard as it might be, you need to buckle down and look out for signs of cheating, followed by getting actual proof before you start branding accusing, or Initiate heated confrontations. It is quite common to find men dealing with the thoughts of an unfaithful wife so unnerving and hurtful, that they might initially be related to deal with either the situation or their emotional turmoil.

Lets be honest, discovering your wife is engaging in infidelity, strikes and rattles the very core of being the protector and provider. However, you can not ignore it and push it under the carpet just because you feel so unsettled and uncomfortable. Failing to know the truth sooner rather than later will only make it worse for you when the reality rears it ugly head, which it inevitably will.

If you feel that your wife is cheating on you, then it is time to look for these five clues of a possible affair she may be having:

Suspicious chatter – In our current times it is virtually impossible you will find that she is having an affair without using a phone to communicate with her lover. Watch out for sudden changes in her pattern of phone usage and behavior. She may have gotten a new cell phone andave you some excuse for it, may be she is receiving mysterious calls at unexpected times … or the very common clue is watch for her getting nervous when you unexpectedly walk in the room.

She's a new woman – Do you find a sudden change in her activities? Has she picked up an apprentice new hobbies, or seeing her friends more often, or any other activities that allows her a reason, or rather excuse her to explain her unusual change in her routine?

Is not she pretty – Do you find your wife taking a sudden interest in her appearance and dressing up to look more attractive? For most people, especially women will make sudden efforts to look better, if they have a reason to appear more attractive for their new lover.

Looking the other way – One of the most common warning signs of a cheating wife is to avoid eye contact with you when she's lying. It's a reflex most of us have, to be unable to look directly at someone and lie with a straight face. Look for signs of her diverting her eyes when she answers certain questions you may have asked, for eg her whereabouts at a certain time.

Moody woman – While it's not uncommon for a woman to have mood swings, look out for a sudden increase in them. Does she apparently need more space and time for herself … and is she more hostile and getting into squabbles with you?

Despite your urge and persistent thought of – I want to confront my cheating wife – you must be more observant and patient in how you go about finding and exposing the truth. Look for the above clues, and then make sure you get actual proof of her affair before confroning her.