4 Tips Before You Begin a 3D Origami Model

3D Origami is an ancient paper folding originated from China; it consists of making triangular modules using a small rectangular sheet of paper. Each finished 3D Origami model may consists of a large number of triangular modular units. Below are the 3 tips that can help you to have a smooth journey in your model creation.

1. Choose the right kind of paper

Choosing the right kind of paper is critical in making your 3D model because it is recommended to use a thicker paper rather than the usual origami paper. For my models, I use the paper for printing, where you can find it in any store.

2. Visualize, draw or sketch your model

Have a sketch or a visual of the 3D model that you are creating. You must always plan first before making the model so you will have in mind the colors, materials and pieces that you will need to complete your 3D origami.

3. Star off with easy ones

Don’t start off with big projects, which requires a lot of pieces or projects that includes different kinds of shapes or forms. Start off with simple shapes, like a circle. As you makes more and more you will be able to grasp the techniques or creating and shaping into make different forms and shapes.

4. Pause and take a break

Don’t rush to finish your craft, from my experience I have realized that when I rush to finish a project the quality degrades and you might have wasted all your time and sometimes you might have to redo the full model again. Therefore, take a break as often as you can. The purpose of doing origami is for you to relax and have fun.