4 Killer Tactics Guaranteed to Satisfy Women in Bed – Make Them Beg For More

So what are the true secrets to satisfying women in bed? What do they prefer? What do they like? Well there are some things women like and dislike in bed and this is what determines whether you are good or bad in bed. There are little known secrets and techniques every woman absolutely love in bed and is guaranteed to bring them continued pleasure if you learn and practice them. Read on to discover some of the best killer secrets guaranteed to satisfy women in bed and bring you earth shattering results.

Learn to use your fingers- Make good use of your hands and make sure you give her as much oral as possible before the big act. Every woman wants good oral in bed but some men are simply either lazy or not in the mood to provide them with it and this is the reason why they are not able to satisfy women in bed.

Go slow- There is no hurry as you are not running a race therefore make sure that you take it as slow as possible because the slower you go the more pleasure she would gain out of the whole act which would mean greater satisfaction for her.

Keep changing- Never stick to one position or one routine for too long as it gets boring and you become simply too predictable. Remember the more surprises you can give her the more excited she would be which would lead to more satisfaction now.

Keep her waiting- This technique gets her to orgasm within minutes of intercourse. All you need to do is to keep her waiting and not get into intercourse immediately after oral. Let her know that you are about to give it but do not do it yet. Remember the more you make her wait the stronger the orgasms she would get.