3 Stop Smoking Patch Reviews – Do They Really Work?

Barriers to Quitting Smoking

Out of the many different products available to help smokers quit, patches have been by far the longest and most established methods. But now, in 2010, there are more cigarette smokers than ever before in the United States. Given that these products are very well known, the question must be asked whether stop smoking patches really work. What follows in this article is an examination of the features of 3 patches to find the answer.

1. Equate:

Found exclusively in drugstores, Equate is basically a generic version of brand name Nicotine transdermal patches. They are identical in function and effectiveness to their competitors. Depending on the amount purchased, savings you will keep with Equate or other store brand patches may range from $10-$20.

Because these patches contain Nicotine, however, the calming effects of the patch will wear off as soon as their use stops. The patch user inevitably goes back to smoking because he never actually severs ties with the active ingredient in cigarettes: Nicotine. For this reason, smokers who genuinely wish to quit with stop smoking patches should find another solution if possible.

2. Nicoderm CQ:

This is the flagship brand of Nicotine transdermal patches. Since their original release many years ago, Nicoderm has come out with many new innovative modifications. They come in varied Nicotine strengths, and even offer a clear patch to help conceal visibility on the body. When compared to Equate or other store brand patches, however, Nicoderm offers absolutely no difference in effectiveness.

Despite Nicoderm’s identical formula to generic brands, the company is able to sell considerably more of its product. The only logical reason users buy this product over the cheaper competitors therefore must be from its strong marketing campaign, from tv ads to coupon offers. In the end though, because Nicoderm also continues to deliver Nicotine to the body, its users will invariably return to smoking cigarettes. Less than 5% of Nicoderm users actually quit smoking for good. But there is an alternative.

3. Zero Nicotine:

This natural transdermal patch is distinct from other stop smoking patches because, as its name states, the product does not contain Nicotine. Using an array of natural ingredients, the patch reduces cravings by treating your Nicotine addiction rather than satisfying it. Among all other stop smoking patches, this company takes a clearly unique approach.

Unfortunately, because Zero Nicotine is relatively new to the heavily marketed stop smoking patch market, most consumers looking to quit never discover this alternative. But with time, as more and more smokers discover that continuing Nicotine use will not end their addiction, Zero Nicotine will naturally start to rise in popularity. For smokers who are seriously looking to quit, this stop smoking patch is the best choice.