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Current Trends in Wedding Photography

Current Trends in Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is an evolving field that requires artistic talent, vision, and highly technical expertise.

In the past wedding photography was almost always limited to stiff posses without much regard for the underlying story, emotion, romance, and behind the scene events of the wedding day.

Although there is still a big segment of the wedding industry that practices traditional photography with its preplanned poses, and recreation of the wedding peak events such as the kiss, the ring exchange, etc., the modern wedding couple demands a more contemporary approach to their Wedding day.

Wedding photojournalism has been in vogue for the past decade. The central idea behind it has been the capture of the wedding events without any interference or direction from the wedding photographer. The photographer is there to capture the true essence of the wedding day. As a result of this realistic approach the photographs are a true representation of the wedding day. Hard core wedding journalistic will be totally opposed to placing any wedding related event. If it does not happen during the wedding it will not be recorded. This includes family group photos.

Several photographers offer a hybrid approach to wedding photography, usually a combination of traditional and journalistic wedding photography. In this approach the photographer focuses on documenting the wedding day but the coverage also includes a session with the couple for formal posed or semi-posed photographs and also family group photos.

The latest trend in wedding photography is towards a more fashionable approach. Inspired on high-end fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Glamor, GQ, American Photo, etc., and wedding magazines the photographer seeks to make the couple's fantasies real.
In the fashion wedding photography approach the goal is to make the wedding couple look their best. Their romantic interplay is glamorized to its maximum expression. The everyday couple becomes like wedding celebrities. Attention to detail is required to achieve the perfect look. This approach requires a great deal of artistic talent behind the camera and also great computer image editing skill to produce a unique photo. Half the photo is made on the camera with the second half achieved though digital image editing and manipulation.

Which style is best, is for you to decide. In our experience a big segment of the wedding couples want to capture the reality, details and romance of the wedding day but at the same time they have fantasies about their wedding and the way they should look.

When making a decision for a wedding photographer look closely to the photographer's portfolio and see how it agreements with your philosophy on how your wedding day should be photographed. Regardless of your philosophy please make sure that you select a master of the craft, you and the next generation deserve masterpiece memories of your wedding day. …

How to Become a Fashion Designer

How to Become a Fashion Designer

Is Fashion Your Passion? If you've always dreamed of becoming a successful designer, read on to learn more about how you can realize your dream and become a fashion designer.

The three most fundamental skills required to become a fashion designer are: sewing, drawing, and creativity. You can always learn both drawing and sewing in fashion school (actually, those are typically mandatory classes), but creativity is something you must have in your blood.

Beside the skills listed above, you need the following skills to become successful no matter what your career path is: motivation, determination, and commitment.

If you are serious about becoming a fashion designer, the first and most important step you'll need to take is to enroll in a good fashion design program at an accredited institute. The advantage of going to school is that you'll be taught everything you need to know in a well structured, organized environment. You'll learn the industry standards, how to accomplish required tasks efficiently, get hands on experience with the latest industry technology, and learn exactly what needs to be done to break into the fashion world and how to go about doing it well. Additional benefits include potential internships with well known companies and excellent networking opportunities.

If you're sure you want a career in fashion but are not certain as to which path is right for you, here are a few options to get you thinking: fashion design, accessory design, apparel design, fashion merchandising, fashion marketing and fashion Journalism.

As with any career, a solid plan and a good education are essential. This might be even truer in fashion design, as it is definitely not an easy industry to break into. That should not discourage you however, and if you are discouraged that easily then this probably is not the right career for you. But with hard work, dedication, and a little bit of luck, there's no stopping you from becoming the next Coco Channel or Calvin Klein.

A good first step is to pick a few good fashion schools and get some information from them regarding their programs. This can all be done quite easily now as most schools now have short "information package request" forms right on their websites. They're usually pretty short forms, you fill them out and they mail you an information package which outlines their programs in details. It's definitely worth looking into if you really are serious about getting into the fashion industry. …

Kerala’s Diverse Nature Experiences and Eco-Friendly Resorts

Kerala’s Diverse Nature Experiences and Eco-Friendly Resorts

The state of Kerala, India, is famous for its epithet ‘God’s Own Country’. The diverse flora and fauna that Kerala is abundant with, the rich cultural heritage that manifests in the fascinating architecture of its traditional homes, temples, forts and other structures and its classic art forms, the enchanting backwaters, the deep forests, the alluring hill stations and the magnificent mountain ranges, the long beautiful coastal line with sun-kissed beaches and the beautiful expanses of countryside and natural landscapes are what make the state absolutely worthy of the title.

It is this exciting topography along with the rich heritage that is unique to Kerala that attracts tourists in the millions to this state every year both from within and outside the country. Kerala has also been sprucing up to welcome visitors in the recent years. An interesting development is the homes in the state opening its doors to tourists, offering them a unique experience truly typical of Kerala, a slice of life in God’s Own Country. This has set an increasing trend of preserving all that is traditional and conserving all that is natural, which has enabled the state to be its presentable best.

Kerala is a very small state and its topography comprises of forests, hills, mountains, lakes, rivers, backwaters, seacoast and lush green countryside. Diverse wildlife, beautiful waterfalls, luxuriant plantain and coconut groves, sprawling rubber, tea and coffee plantations and rolling paddy fields make Kerala a dream destination. And what’s more, being a small state, all the locations are within easy reach from each other, making it possible for the tourist to visit several locations and enjoy varied experiences of Kerala’s vibrant nature.

Hundreds of resorts, home-stays and service villas in and around these locations provide exciting holiday opportunities for guests, without disturbing the ecology of the surroundings, conserving the biodiversity of the environment and maintaining absolute harmony with nature. Independent home-stays and villas have the advantage of being able to provide personalized services for guests enabling them to make the most of their visit and take back home with them unforgettable experiences.

Kerala is blessed with lush tropical forests with abundant varieties of exotic flora and fauna. Home-stay facilities in most of these locations ensure comfortable stay on one hand with opportunities for exciting expeditions into the forests on the other. Some of the best holiday locations are Wayanad, Kalpetta, Nilambur and Konni to name a few. Wayanad, Munnar and Ponmudi are some of the hill stations which are famous for their scenic beauty and serenity. A stay at a private villa is the best way to soak in the beauty and tranquillity of the hill stations.

Coming down from the mountains and the forests, we have the beautiful backwaters, the most beautiful of them being in Kochi, Allappuzha and Kumarakom. In addition to a wonderful stay in the eco-friendly environment, guests can have fascinating cruising experiences on houseboat cruises that include sightseeing the village life around the backwaters and enjoying typical Kerala cuisine prepared with everyday …

Things to Know Before Trying a Snowboarding Trick

Things to Know Before Trying a Snowboarding Trick

Snowboarding tricks seem pretty impossible, especially if you feel that you're not the best athlete. It certainly is not the easiest sport to pick up. The best way to pick up snowboarding is to go slowly and practice, practice, and practice some more. Before you go looking on the best snowboarding tricks you might want to learn the basics.

Before you even think about trying a snowboarding trick simple things like carrying your board without hitting someone, gliding, and skating over flat terrain should all be mastered. You can start to think about pulling your first snowboarding trick once you can get on a board without falling off a skate reasonably well.

Getting On Your Board

Getting on your board may seem easy but it falls into the looks easier than it is category. You want to get comfortable with your board because your board and how it feels is essential to making sure you pull off your cool snowboarding trick successfully.

When you first strap on your board make sure to do it in a place that is quiet with low traffic. You do not want to strap on our board for the first time with plenty of people around. Try to do this on flat ground or in an area with a very gentle incline.

Place the board on the ground with the bottom of the board faces you and the bindings are away from you. Place the board flat on the ground now. Put on the safety leash on your front leg if you are on an incline. This results the board from sliding away from you.

Your front leg now goes in the front binding. Before you fasten the ankle strap make sure your heel is securely in place. Now fasten the toe strap. It should be snug otherwise your foot is going to come loose but not to the point of causing pain.

Once your foot has been securely strapped in you can now move your board around. Stand up and then bring the board towards you with just the one foot strapped in. Your knee should be bent to help you bring the board towards you. Do this a few times to get the feel of the board.

Now you want to repeat this step in a reverse fashion. Place your free foot in front of the board and lift your board behind you, pushing your leg out. This should help prep you for the next step of learning a snowboarding trick. Getting comfortable with you board is important before you try to do any snowboarding trick. …

Wallets for Women and How They Differ From Men’s

Wallets for Women and How They Differ From Men’s

Leather wallets are among the most popular of its kind mainly because of their durability, versatility and beauty. Indeed, most of the iconic, classic and trendiest wallets for women are made from leather with accents. Of course, wallets are also made from other materials like fabric, plastic and even metal but leather still dominates the market.

Function, Form and Fashion

Before we go into the differences between men’s and women’s wallets, we have to know the similarities between the two products. This way, we are better able to appreciate the subtleties of wallets as designed for either gender.

Wallets must serve a practical function first and foremost. Designers and manufacturers of these products provide for compartments in which to store important objects like coins and currency on one hand as well as credit cards, debit cards, driver’s license, identification cards and other documents on the other hand. Obviously, the size of the wallet determines the quantity and quality of things that can be securely placed in it.

Then, the wallet should also conform to the personal sense of aesthetic of whoever is using it – form and fashion. Wallets for women, be it in fabric or leather wallets, are in the forefront of such a requirement mainly because wallets are part of their personal accessories instead of just being a functional item.

Differences in the Genders

With that being said, here are a few of the differences between wallets designed for men and for women. Take note, nonetheless, that there are wallets designed for both sexes so much so that you can purchase these products as gifts for everybody in your circle of family and friends.

• Women’s wallets often have more compartments than those designed for men. The compartments are more numerous because women tend to place more things in their wallets from the usual currency, coins and cards to the pictures, mementos and other odds and ends with sentimental value. As a result, women’s wallets tend to be larger, too.

• There are more embellishments on wallets for women, too, which are mainly added to satisfy the fashion demands for these types of personal accessories. Keep in mind that each season, new lines of wallets are being introduced to complement the clothes on the runway. Embellishments include metal hardware, stitching, quilting and possibly semi-precious and precious gemstones.

• The choices for women’s wallets in terms of material are more numerous than those available to the men. Women have the choice of leather wallets accented by fabric or fabric wallets accented by leather, among other choices. Men usually only have leather as acceptable materials for wallets, be it for casual or for formal affairs.

With these differences spelled out, you will understand why wallets for women are also designed to fit into a larger purse or bag. Women will think twice about placing their wallets inside their jeans’ pockets or in inside their suit pockets – a bag is always necessary for wallets to be safely stored away from …

Colour and Sexuality

Colour and Sexuality

There is a lot of information around colours and the emotions they represent. Certain colours are associated with certain emotions for example red represents anger. But does favouring a certain colour have an effect on what you are attracted to? It is quite possible, as your sexuality is orientated around your emotions.

If we look at what each colour means, we can analyse the possibility of how that colour affects your sexual behaviour. White on its own is a representation of purity. In weddings the bride often wears white, as traditionally she is supposed to be a virgin and by wearing white she shows her purity and honesty. In some cultures it represents kindness, which is why within those cultures it’s worn at funerals.

In love, white stands for loyalty. White is technically not a colour, which is why it stands for purity, as it completes light. Because it can change into any colour, it has some meaning as a good omen for new beginnings. Sexually, people who favour white are conservative. Owing to the purity aspect, it could be said that people who are fond of white are shy to show affection in public and tend to dress under the covers. They would probably shower both before and after making love.

Red stands at the opposite of white. Red represents passion and heat. The colour stands for a variety of things in different cultures. In China it’s the colour of prosperity and joy, whereas in western societies it can represent anger and violence. Mars is a red planet and in many ancient cultures represented the God of War. Because of this long association with violence and aggression, red now represents danger.

In our own bodies, blood is red, which brings with it symbols of life and vitality. Sexually, red lovers tend to be wild and explore different aspects of lovemaking. Two people who love red would probably be highly adventurous.

Purple has achieved mythical status in the colour world. Owing to it being associated with spiritual fulfilment, it is said that people who favour this colour are sexually deprived. As a colour, purple is associated with peace of mind and royalty. It’s the colour of the magician’s cloak and indicates magic. Sexually, as mentioned, there is a myth for purple lovers. People who prefer purple are rumoured to be non-fuss types and have a very businesslike approach to bedroom antics.

Black is generally associated with death, evil, and the opposite of white. However, this isn’t always necessarily so. In the Native American culture, they thought black was a good colour as it was the colour of the soil, which gives life. There is also a sense of mystery to the colour, which gives hope to potential and possibility.

Police psychologists have shown that most sex offender’s favourite colour is black. However, this might not always be the case, as described above, there can be possibilities for other attributes with black and sexual behaviours.

Green is the colour of healing, …

Types of Collars on Men’s Sherwani

Types of Collars on Men’s Sherwani

Sherwani is one of the most preferred traditional attire for men. Men prefer to wear them on festivals like Diwali, Eid and also love to wear them on wedding occasions. The collar of the sherwani makes it stylish and trendy.

The style of collar in a sherwani depends on following 2 basic factors

  • Your face cut- For example if you have wide jawlines you should choose proportionately large collars similarly if you have a narrow jaw structure go for little round collars
  • Your shoulder structure helps to define space between the collars for example if you have well toned straight shoulders always go for wide and V collars.

Choice of collars in Indian sherwani depends on person to person. Few of the most popular style of collars in Sherwani’s are –

1) Rounded Collar Sherwani –

  • Stiffed round collar It is in shape of English letter “O”
  • It has a short width
  • It creates a very stubby look around the neckline
  • If the collars are really close knitted they are also called crew neck

2) V neck Collar Sherwani – V necklines are always in style and in fashion

  • It is in shape of English letter “V”
  • It is one of the sexiest styles of collar available for men’s dressing
  • They make you look slim. They take the focus of away from the rounder area of the neck and jaw

3) Mandarin collars/Chinese collars/Cadet collar

  • It’s a small standing collar open at the front
  • They are very popular among Indian traditional jackets and sherwanis

Cbazaar and Homeindia offer a wide range of designer Sherwanis online for various occasions like weddings, festivals and special events.…

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Linen Clothing

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Linen Clothing

Linen fabric is liked by everyone. People like using linen fabric for a variety of purposes from home furnishings to clothing. There is a definite expansion and growth in the variety of linen clothing available. Linen fabric was once used extensively for men suits because of its soft and smooth texture. But over a period of time, linen clothing revealed its many different uses to the people.

Linen clothing has its respective advantages and disadvantages, just like any other fabric. Price, quality and durability are the three most important things people tend to keep in mind while purchasing any kind of clothing item for them. Linen fabric is made from one of the aged natural fibres – well-known as the flax fibre. It is admired because of its strength and stylish texture.

Many industries are working on finding a mix of two well-liked fabrics: cotton and linen. Merging the strengths of both the fabrics will produce an even better end product. At the same time, one should keep in mind that any fabric, which is given the needed attention and care would obviously last longer. It would also not lose its charm. Therefore, to counter the negatives of pattern clothing you should use some techniques that lessen the chances of this fabric getting dried out quickly.


Some of the positives of using linen-clothing are that it adds to charm and trendiness to any attire. Being a stylish fabric, you can buy nicely printed pattern clothing and look extremely fashionable. Many designers now display linen clothing that is well-liked by the people around. Pattern clothing has a natural luster.

Linen-clothing can last longer because of its characteristics; such as high strength and durability. Texture clothing is made from strong flax fibres which mean that it is available in a variety of textures.

Linen-clothing can be worn in any kind of weather. It can even be worn in a hot and humid weather, because it is highly absorbent. Pattern clothing makes you feel fresh because it is not sticky and removes skin perspirations. Linen clothing can be tailored without any trouble.

Linen clothing can be washed and dried easily. It can even be hand-washed. In fact, washing makes linen clothing softer, however, make sure you use soft water. It does not stretch or elongate but keeps in shape even after routine washes, hanging and ironing. Linen clothing can be printed, finished and designed easily.


With a number of advantages linen fabric comes with various disadvantages as well, however, they are not many in number. Linen clothing can lose its charm if washed with hard water. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while washing texture clothing with chemicals and detergents. Texture clothing is restricted to a small range of colours, providing not much variety.

It wrinkles and creases easily which can make you look untidy. It is best not to fold linen clothing for storage, you should hang it. Another disadvantage is that pattern clothing is a little more expensive …

What Are the Services Offered by Event Management Companies?

What Are the Services Offered by Event Management Companies?

When it comes to event planning, there are just so many aspects that need to be taken care of in order to ensure a successful and worth remembering occasion. If you are so busy that you can’t handle the preparation yourself, you might as well consider the services of event management companies. Apparently, these companies are the real event organizers that help both individuals and businesses in putting together successful functions. Whether it is a wedding party or a private celebration, these professionals take time to incorporate their brilliant ideas into the preparation process in order to come up with a successful event. With their broad range of skills, they can surely give any event a perfect touch.

Putting together a memorable event can be real tough. This clearly explains why a lot of people prefer to use the services of the professionals when it comes to planning special events. Companies that specialize in event planning handle the most delicate part of the process very well. As a matter of fact, they have a team of highly skilled professionals who are not only creative but also organized, adaptable and have the most excellent customer service skills. They handle both private and corporate events with accuracy. In order to make sure that things will turn out as planned, they organize their thoughts before jumping into anything.

Event management companies do offer a wide range of services. More often than not, they employ specialists that conceptualize and implement big budget event for both local and international companies. With their few years of experiences, they can actually come up with highly impressive designs, memorable closing receptions as well as exceptional meeting structures. They are trained to apply not only their knowledge but also their skills when it comes to providing an interactive experience for all of their clients. Before accomplishing anything, they understand the need of every client which then leads them to planning out an effective strategy. With the most appropriate strategy, they then organize the occasion in a very remarkable manner. They can also come up with more creative ideas without having to spend that much in case you are working on a very tight budget.

With experts such as these professional planners, they do have almost everything in order to make any event outstanding and more memorable. As a matter of fact, they can just about any type of occasion, event it is a private party or a corporate function. Apart from budgeting and planning, these individuals can also help in marketing the social gathering. In case you need to look for sponsors, they can also help in reaching out to some generous patrons. That being said, it is important that you hire a professional planner in case you are trying to put together a corporate function that needs sponsors and other supporters. With their broad range of skills and exceptional creativity, they can surely help you with all of the aspects of event management.…

Why Diabetes is Bad For Sex

Why Diabetes is Bad For Sex

Diabetes is bad for sex because when it is poorly controlled it does not only bring sever complication to the normal functioning of the body, but it can have devastating effects on your sex life. The sex implications are dire if the situation is not arrested early. Vaginal dryness can be as a result of other factors but diabetes can immensely contribute to vaginal dryness. This brings a lot of discomfort for both partners during sexual intervention. Vaginal dryness can cause sexual interference to be painful, a situation called neuropathy. It can make you dread sexual encounters with your mate for fear of pain. Although it can be solved by an over the counter lubricant, check with your doctor in order to salvage your sex life.

The damage infected on nerve endings by diabetes greatly affect the genital area. The genital area gives the body the sexual gratification and when it is affected it implains clearly that diabetes is bad for sex. This can contribute to stress for both partners as the word sexual satisfaction becomes just an imagination or a fantasy. This is because the skin sensations around the genitalia lessen or disappear. This makes it quite difficult for a woman to attain orgasm. It also affects the man as he might think that his sexual act is wanting. It stresses him that he can not make his partner feel anything during sexual interference. The woman feels the pressure to reach an orgasm but to no avail. It puts the couple in an awkward position. The situation can ring a death knell to a fulfilling sexual relationship in a couple.

Diabetes can change a man's sex life by causing erectile dysfunction. This is a death blow on a person's sex life as it means you can not attain the required inspection that can make it possible for sexual penetration. A flaccid or limp penis can not penetrate a woman whatever. It needs a hard and stiff penis to successfully penetrate a vagina during sexual intervention. However blood sugar levels interfer with the normal functioning of body mechanisms. Nerve signals are sent from the brain to the penis causing a blood rush to the penis. This fills the many blood crevices with blood causing the penis to stiffen. With the sunset of diabetes, it is always difficult for the body to accomplish such a natural function. Diabetes is bad for sex therefore a regular check up is recommended.

Diabetes which is poorly controlled can immensely reduce testosterone levels in a person. This is a male sexual hormone that is responsible for an agile sex drive. A drop or reduction in the level of this important hormone lowers a man's sex drive since the declaration that diabetes is bad for sex. A person may lose interest all together. Sex is a form of exercise for person suffering from diabetes can cause blood sugar levels to either go high or drop. Lack of an equilibrium and stability in blood sugar levels will …