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6 Timeless Advice for a Dapper Look

6 Timeless Advice for a Dapper Look

“A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.” ~ Hardy Amies

Whether you agree or not, the look and appearance have become judging criteria these days. Gone are the days when men were barely concerned about their clothing. The dressing style of an individual plays a very vital role in determining the personality. This is the reason why most men invest a lot of time in getting the much-desired dapper look. However, being dapper is generally misunderstood for donning the tuxedo look. Being dapper is not just about wearing the best clothes. In fact, In fact, regardless of your wardrobe, it is a way of stylizing yourself.

The write up has compiled some quick tips, for all the style connoisseur who want to don an impressive look. Apply the timeless fashion advice and caution in your daily life in order to turn dapper.

  • Self-grooming: Personal hygiene and grooming are one of the most decisive factors. No matter what you’re wearing, a neat, clean and classy look is a proven weapon to turn every head around. So, before you decide your wardrobe for the day, make sure that you take your hygiene to the extreme. Remember to bathe well and trim your beard before leaving home. Wash your face and apply a moisturizing lotion to remove the white patches and flakes. Along with this, your clothes should be neat and well-ironed.
  • Get the clothes tailored: Tailoring your clothes appropriately is the best way to get a noticeable difference in your appearance. Wearing the wrong fit is one of the major error of fashion. Not every man is as particular about the size as the ladies. The wrong fit can make or break your look. So, make sure that you get your attire tailored accordingly. Do not wear it if doesn’t fit. The attire should fit you like gloves.
  • Dress according to your age: Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable, but the style is more about being yourself. The contemporary styles may intrigue you at times, but make sure that you dress according to your age. So, do not try to fit into the fashion, but choose a style that fits your personality. This is the best way of dressing to the nines.
  • Accessorize your clothing: As a gentleman, you can never go wrong with a timeless statement wristwatch. It not only adds flair to your look, but also gives an elegant look. Most dapper men will be seen in a neat pair of formal shoes. Wearing an elegant footwear helps in power dressing. Along with this, the accessories should be according to the clothing. In case, you are in your formals, then, the ensemble should be formal as well. For casual outfits, you can go with the subtle ones that get you an easy-going look, yet oozes effortless style. Right from the cuff-links to the undergarment, everything contributes to the overall personality. Wear
Chinese Wedding Custom 2 – Wedding Day

Chinese Wedding Custom 2 – Wedding Day

The Wedding Day! 大喜日

Fetching the bride 迎亲

If the bride’s family required a matchmaker 媒婆for the chinese wedding, she will accompany the groom to fetch the bride. The matchmaker, or Best man if there is no matchmaker, will carry a red tray containing a red packet with the bride’s price, a piece of raw pork front leg which is the mother’s reward for bringing up the bride, even number of oranges, dried persimmons, longan, lotus seeds, and magnolia petals (pak hup).

The red tray will be returned with the oranges replaced in even numbers to signify that the newly joined families will share their good fortune. An even numbered portion of the bride’s price will be returned in the red packet. Even numbered cans of pork trotters or a red packet may be used instead of the raw pork leg.

Bride’s younger brother to open the bridal car door 小舅开车门

The groom must not open the car door when he arrives to fetch his bride. The bride’s younger brother will pass him two oranges before opening the door. The two oranges will be left in the bridal car for good fortune. The groom will give this younger brother a red packet after he opens the car door. If the bride has no younger brother, a younger male relative or a younger male friend can play the role.

Kiss the bride! 亲亲新娘

The groom and the brothers’ troop will be served sweet desserts with pink rice ball and snacks at the bride’s home. The groom will enter the bride’s room and lift her veil to kiss her. Taoist couple will pray to the bride’s ancestors and family gods before leaving the bride’s home.

Chinese Wedding Ceremony 过门/拜堂成亲

The chinese were mainly Taoists or ancestor worshipers before foreign religions such as Christianity, Muslim or Buddhism enter China. Taoists believed in the power of heaven and earth to witness important events on earth. It was also believed that a parent or family elder must acknowledge a union for it to be official.

In traditional chinese wedding ceremony the bride and groom will first pray to heaven and earth, then to the groom parents or family elders and lastly bow to each other 一拜天地,二拜高堂,夫妻交拜. The three prayers sealed the marriage. The couple was escorted into the bridal chamber, the equivalent of the bridal room, to consummate their marriage.

Modern chinese wedding skip the ritual of the three prayers. The bride and groom will enter the bridal room directly after entering the groom’s home. Groom’s family members will hide in the house to avoid clashing of fortune with the new couple. After the family members have returned to the family hall, the couple will join them. The Taoist bride and groom will pray to the groom’s ancestors and family gods at this time.

Wedding Tea Ceremony 敬茶

Without the traditional three prayers, the tea ceremony becomes the most significant event in the modern chinese wedding ceremony. The bride and groom are formally introduced to …

11 Ways to Turn Her 9th Wedding Anniversary Up to 11!

11 Ways to Turn Her 9th Wedding Anniversary Up to 11!

All wedding anniversaries are special — whether it is the second year or the second decade. In these days of quick-marriage-and-even-quicker-divorce, any marriage that lasts beyond the honeymoon stage deserves to be celebrated!

Nine years of togetherness is no laughing matter — definitely a milestone in every sense of the term. A special day commemorating a special event in your life — to be celebrated with that special person.

Naturally, gifts and anniversaries are inseparable. So, what gifts are you planning to give your spouse which will tell her just how very unique she is?

For those creatively inclined, your choice is restricted only by your imagination! However, for those who seem to be stuck in the chocolates-flowers card rut, help is at hand. Each anniversary year has its own set of traditional and modern gifts as well as flowers and gemstones. You can easily make your 9th wedding anniversary gifts a diverse mix of the modern and the traditional.

Here are some ideas that showcase your creativity and resourcefulness!

Traditional and contemporary 9th anniversary gift ideas:

1. Willow is the traditional 9th anniversary gift. Get her a delicate willow figurine or plant a weeping willow tree in the garden and watch it grow over the years — like your love.

2. Pottery is an alternative traditional 9th gift. Pottery can be elegant and classy or fun and funky — take your pick! Show her that your love is burning as brightly as it was on your wedding day with a delightful bouquet of clay/ pottery roses.

3. Charm her with some unique ceramic pottery — maybe a lovely ceramic house decorated with roses which can also function as a small table lamp. If you can splurge, then some exotic Tuscan ceramics and Italian pottery that she can show off at her next party might be a great idea!

4. Leather is the modern 9th anniversary gift. For a contemporary touch, nothing beats leather. How about a classy leather bag or purse with a special gift tucked inside?

5. For the young and trendy woman, a chic leather flask in some hot colour like pink or mauve, complete with a monogram of her name on it, will make it a one-of-a-kind gift.

6. How about a leather jewellery roll with an anniversary ring inside?

7. Get creative! Jewellery gifts should be easy since you have two gemstones for the ninth anniversary year. Wrap some Tiger Eye and Lapis Lazuli pendants around a bunch of fresh poppies (the traditional flower for this year), and place them in a ceramic vase on her bedside table. Her wide-eyed look and thrilled smile should be worth all the effort.

Romantic gifts/ ideas:

1. Nine roses for the ninth year — but with a difference. Flowers wilt all too soon –even red roses — but you want to preserve them for eternity since they symbolise your undying love for your wife. Get gold, silver, platinum or crystal roses instead. If chocolates are her weakness (after …

Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas For a Lifelong Remembrance

Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas For a Lifelong Remembrance

Your best friend is among the most important person in your life with whom you share the deepest of secrets. He or She is someone you feel should be truly thanked and gratified for always being for you. If your best friend’s birthday is knocking at the door, buy him/her a gift that would remembered always.

Birthdays are a great time to show your love and gratitude to the many special people in your life with mouth watering cakes and unique birthday gifts. Typically, the most challenging part of a birthday celebration is finding the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Sometimes finding a perfect present for your best friend can be quite a daunting task. Your best friend deserves the best and hence you cannot settle down for anything less. The gift has to be truly unique and distinctive to show your appreciation and gratitude for the friendship. The fact that you know him/her the most makes it even more difficult for you to decide on the best birthday gift. Many times we think that our best friend has everything that he/she may possibly need or want and are thereby unable to decide on a birthday gift. But there is always something that would show your love to your best friend on his/her birthday.

You can start by searching on the internet for a suitable gift for your best friend. There are various websites that offer some unique, useful and unusual gifts which would truly describe your friendship and shows how much you really care about the friendship. Some of the basic birthday gift ideas could possibly include: bestseller books, some latest gizmos, deluxe bath pillow, health or body spa specialty items and a scrape book with all of your fun memories.

If your best friend happens to be an art lover, shop for replicas of some ancient gift items or modern art memorabilia. Wines baskets are always a great way to show your feeling of admiration for his/her friendship. You can even gift a personalized engraved bottle of vodka or champagne. A CD containing all the favorite music of your best friend is another way of showing your love on his/her birthday. It reflects the time spent on gathering the many favorite songs of your friend.

But as far as the most perfect birthday present for your best friend is concerned, nothing can beat a pair of tickets to a sporting event or concert. This gift is something that a person rarely treats themselves to.

Apart from these birthday gift ideas for your best friend, you can always think of other ideas which are truly unique and thoughtful. But whatever you may decide to give your best friend on his/her birthday, always remember that true friendship lasts a lifetime and hence your gift should speak volumes about your friendship even without your having to say a word.…

How to Find Novelty Music Boxes for the Music Box and Antique Collector

How to Find Novelty Music Boxes for the Music Box and Antique Collector

For the music box and antique collector, there is an almost endless array of music boxes to collect. From carousel music boxes to ballerina music boxes, and antique music boxes to children's jewelry boxes, there is a large variety to choose from. There is also a specialty area for the music box and antique collector to consider. The area is novelty musical mechanisms. Four top novelty items to consider are furniture musical mechanisms, household items, clocks and wallets, and the automata.

Furniture Musical Mechanisms

In the 19th and early 20th century, many leading manufacturers placed musical mechanisms in furniture. Some of the most popular items their mechanisms were placed in were full sized decorative tables with a compartment for stationary or playing cards. Examples of furniture musical mechanisms include a child's rocking chair, which was made with a musical mechanism, mounted on it, and wooden chairs which movements, operated by a hinged seat, would play when someone sat down. These types of items are rarely and clearly fitted with a musical mechanism so they can be easily overlooked.

Household Utensils

Candy and serving dished have been made with musical movements. In addition, elegant teapots with designs such as cats, Victorian homes, and cows have also been made. Lazy Susan's with 18-note movements, and even musical liquor decanters with fancy styles from golf bags to cars are available. These types of novel items would have fun additions to the collection of the music box and antique collector.

Clocks and Watches

Numerous table clocks have been made with musical movements. However, when the music box and antique collector goes to an antique shop or second hand store, they may miss these special items since the musical mechanisms may not be working. Simple cleaning and oiling can get the table clocks and up and running.

Many of the cylinder music boxes were also placed in pocket watches and their cases. While early examples are rare and highly valuable, modern ones can be found.


The best automata were made in and around Paris during the last part of the 19th century. The musical movements many times were reflected in the landscape based in the body of the automation.

All kinds of unique automata were made. Among the figures that were manufactured were dolls, monkeys, jesters, and children doing all manner of complicated things. One interesting example is an extra automation manufactured by the French companyRoullet and Decamps. The figure was a Pierrot and the moon. The moon, made from paper paper mache, has a painted face with brown eyes and tongue that moves from side to side. The Pierrot raises a leg, lifts one arm and moves as if playing a guitar. Such a rare piece, despite the expense, would be a highly valuable asset to the collection of the music box and antique collector.

While carousel music boxes, ballerina music boxes, antique music boxes, and children's jewelry boxes are examples of music boxes some music box and antique collectors may already have, …

The Glorious Jewelry of Ancient Rome

The Glorious Jewelry of Ancient Rome


I lived in Italy for 5 years and adore this country. Their food, their language and their culture. Like a sponge, I soaked it all up. I particularly enjoyed the exhibits of ancient jewelry, lovingly displayed in museum showcases.

When one thinks of ancient Rome, visions of gladiators, their swords flashing in the Italian sun, billowing cloaks fastened in front with ornately decorated gold brooches, women in flowing robes, fabulous necklaces resting beneath a head of curls, comes to mind. Glorious drop earrings of coloured stones adorn their ears, gold snake-style bracelets their upper arms.

Jewelry was big in ancient Rome. Very big. Since the Romans believed that jewelry warded off the “Evil Eye”, no one went without at least one piece.

The most common pieces of jewelry in early Rome were brooches and rings. The brooch was a versatile item, securing not only cloaks but clothing in general. Since clothing was generally pinned rather than sewn, decorated items called a fibula, made of gold and decorated with semi-precious stones, were used to secure the folds.

The early Italians sculpted jewelry from crude gold, rather than silver. This jewelry was afforded by the nobles. The poor wore cheaper versions, usually from bone or cheaper natural stones.

Romans, because of the reach of the Roman Empire, were able to make their jewelry from a myriad of wonderful and exotic materials. They had access not only to gold, but to bronze, bone, and natural stones. Egypt provided them with the treasured Lapis Lazuli and pearl. They imported sapphires and diamonds from the East. Emeralds, amber, turquoise, amethysts, garnets were all present in Roman jewelry, adorning necks, wrists and arms, as long as 2,000 years ago.

The affluent women, adorned themselves with trinkets all the time, at home and when in public. It was a sign of wealth and stature, just as it is today. Bracelets, rings, amulets, necklaces, cameos and rings and an assortment of adornments on their heads such as tiaras, diadems and coronets. They copied the filigree finish which was an Egyptian style. Filigree is a delicate, lace-like design, made then in gold. Filigree is popular today and is found in costume jewelry that looks as real as the gold version. Bracelets were kept closed with a toggle-type pin. A closure that is used today for practical and decorative purposes.

Men were fond of finger rings, and were expected to wear at least one. Some men would display a ring on every finger. Placing a seal on documents, to keep the contents safe from the wrong eyes, to identify the sender and to show prestige. Rings with an engraved gemstone were used with wax.

Another popular and important item was a large pendant filled with perfume. At any time, they could dab a little on their wrists. Bathing was not a daily event, particularly with the poorer classes so this was a means to keep themselves smelling fresh.

For centuries, adorning ourselves with precious, semi-precious and imitation jewelry has …

The Difference of Western and Eastern Clothing Culture

The Difference of Western and Eastern Clothing Culture

When we talk about eastern clothing culture, what reminds of us is traditional Chinese clothing. However, to western clothing, it looks that we know fewer things. What we will think of is either western-style suit or luxurious noble clothes. Actually, the difference of western and eastern clothing culture is not simple. A clothing culture of a nationality is based on the culture of this nationality. After long history of culture, western and eastern clothing culture form unique characteristics and systems of each other. Now let me tell you something about that.

The first is the difference of color. On the one hand, the characteristic of a nationalism reflects the love of colors. In ancient China, black was considered as the imperial color. The colors of imperial clothes in ancient dynasties were black. With the development of feudal central power, people worshiped the earth instead of the god. Therefore, color of clothing was mainly in yellow. On the other hand, in west, white and purple were the most popular color in Roman times. People held the view that white was pure and honest while purple represented elegance. However, since the Renaissance, clothes developed faster and faster. With the development of luxury, bright colors were popular with people. People of Spain like rose and gray while people of England like black.

The second is the difference of the shape. In one hand, Traditional Chinese clothes embroidered the vertical feeling. This design can make people look thin and tall. The most important is that this design can make up the short stature of easterners. In the other hand, classical western clothes embroidered lateral feeling. Extravagant outline of shoulder will have radiative effect. What is more, this design was fit into the passionate temperament of westerners. In the mean time, this design was fit into the tall and strong stature of westerners.

The third is the difference of pattern. On the one hand, we can see many patterns in Chinese clothes. People hold the view that lucky patterns show the propitious wish. From ancient time till today, propitious patterns were used widely. No matter expensive silk or common printed cloth, these patterns can be seen easily. These patterns not only show the totem worship but also express the feeling of descendants of the dragon. On the other hand, with the development of history, patterns in western clothes changed continuously. In ancient time, people liked to use flowers and other plants. However, in recent generations, animal patterns were popular.

These are three main difference of western and eastern clothing culture. Wish they are useful for you. …

Coin Laundry Marketing Plan – Ideas on Promoting a Laundromat Business

Coin Laundry Marketing Plan – Ideas on Promoting a Laundromat Business

It is amazing how many entrepreneurs think that the laundromat business does not require much in the way of a marketing strategy. A common school of thought is that if you are in the right place then people will come and they will tell their friends and neighbours. While this is true to some extent, what these people don’t realize that you could do so much better if you did have a marketing plan in place.

You need a good coin laundry marketing plan if you want to maximize the potential of your location. Basically, you should start by trying to understand your prospective customers and figuring out what kind of branding and services will appeal to them. Then set out a plan to bring them in to your coin laundry and treat them in a way that makes them want to return. Below are some coin laundry marketing ideas that you may consider incorporating into your business.

Market Research

Before you can truly understand the needs of your customers you need to identify them first. Study the area around your laundromat and try to put together some typical customer profiles. Not only do you need to know if the area has enough potential but you also have to know how to best serve the people living in the area. If you target students then you would need commercial washing machines with smaller capacities than you would if you targeted families. If you are in an upmarket area then you would consider also offering a ‘wash and fold’ service or partnering up with a dry cleaner.

Distinguish Your Coin Laundry From the Competition

If you will be facing some tough competition then you should look at how you can create a better experience for people than what is currently on offer. At the basic level you can offer better equipment that is more targeted to people’s needs, but there is so much more that you can do as well.

Think of a way to design your laundromat to incorporate some unique facilities that you feel would be appealing to your target market. If your clientele include a large number of young mothers with children then you might consider having a small play area built in. Internet service, video games and snack counters are other things that you might try.

One way to distinguish your laundromat from others in your area is to design it with a theme in mind. You could have a ‘retro’ theme or an ethnic theme for example and use signage, wall space, TV and music to compliment this theme and to develop a unique experience.

Branding Strategy

Just like any other business, a laundromat needs to develop a brand that is respected and trusted in the market. Start out by choosing a great name and getting a logo designed as this will add to your image and help to enforce perceptions among customers that you are running a professional operation. Brand development is more about the …

SIM Card – The Brain of the Cell Phone

SIM Card – The Brain of the Cell Phone

Cell phones are becoming increasingly popular due to many reasons. Today, you can find it in hands of a child as well as an old person. The reason behind its popularity is that they can be taken anywhere as they are portable, they are a good way of staying in touch with other people by mean of calls and SMS (short messaging service), and they have many other functions such as internet And camera, and much more. The old cell devices were big and did not have many functions as well. But now, experts are trying their best to give maximum functions in just one device. Now, the cell phones are launched in different styles, models, designs and colors which suit every person. Some are just for style while some are for work and business.

Cell phones have become an important part of everyone's life, but to make them work, a SIM Card is required. Some mobiles do not need it but the GSM mobile phones require them to function. SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module. It is a very small microchip which is almost the size of a stamp that is required for posting something. In the cell phone, you can find it or place it benefit the battery of the cell phone. In a SIM, you can store all your important details such as contact numbers of different people. This way you can buy your new cell and simply put the SIM in it without losing the data.

The size of SIM varies. They come in three sizes. One size is the same size as a credit card, one has a thickness of 25 mm and 15 mm width while the third one is chamfered. Chamfered SIM is more popular and used more because they prevent the misinsertion of SIM in the required unit for the mobile device to work. The two SIM of smaller sizes comes attached in a card of credit card size which can be used in larger devices. If it is not used in larger devices but used in simple cell phones, then the SIM is attached to the card by small links which can be broken easily to take off the SIM and use it in the cell phone.

Some cell phones do not require a SIM card. They are specially made in such a way which has space for memory. In these mobile phones, you use special digit access 'NAM' for access to the memory. Once you have access to it, you can use any information stored there or even store new information. For security and for data not to be lost somehow, Service Provider puts a special lock on it, known as MSL (Master Confidential Lock).

There are also some cellular devices which have the capability of containing two SIM cards. This way the person does not have to keep two cell phones for two SIM cards. But naturally, they are more expensive than the normal cell phones. So when you …

Successful Cold Readings – How To Attract Girls Using Psychology

Successful Cold Readings – How To Attract Girls Using Psychology

Cold reading means when the TV psychic tells an audience member something that they're thinking and – "Yes, it's true! How did you know !?" It's not psychic power at all but a simple psychological trick. If you're looking for cold readings to help in how to attract girls, here is a list of ones that work beautifully:

"I bet you've got an older brother that you get along with really well."

This is a shot in the dark, but if it hits, she'll think you're a genius. Most women feel like they get along better with older men, and also most date older men.

"I bet you're kind of dramatic when you're with your friends."

This is a quality that probably every woman earth has. The point of it is to lead her to thinking about emotions.

"I think you're the type who's good at keeping secrets."

Most women, and men for that matter, think that they're good at keeping secrets. But what you're really getting her to accept here is that the two of you can open up with each other. The things you do tonight will not leave the bedroom. You are leaving an impression that you are not the kiss and tell type of guy.

"You've probably had to deal with issues more than I have."

By "issues," you can plug in whatever you're talking about. This one works great when you're talking about society's judgments. You want to establish that it's just society that says women should not be fully sexual. She's had a hard time with this, and you can understand. It shows you to be non-judgmental.

"I can tell that you're the independent type. You do not care what people think about you."

The idea is to frame her as independent, meaning that she's sexually independent. Lots of girls hold back because of the things society has said to them. This will get her to go along with her gut feeling. Make her feel that she is the sexual aggressor!

The idea behind all of these is that they're true of most women, but when you say them, it sounds like you reached right into her heart and dropped it out. It makes you look perceptive, like you're a great reader of people. Once she thinks you know more about her than she knows about herself, you've got her in the palm of your hand. Give these a shot the next time you're working on how to attract girls. …