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A Short Review of Bernina 1010 – A Basic Sewing Machine

A Short Review of Bernina 1010 – A Basic Sewing Machine

Bernina has always been trusted by its clients when it comes to producing sewing machines. And they’re right for doing so, because Bernina deserves the trust. This comes because their products are always high quality, easy to use, integrated and best of all, affordable. If you are currently looking forward to buying a suitable machine, turn your eyes on Bernina’s 1010 model which will probably be perfect for you. It is mostly suitable for non-experts of sewing, in other words, beginners because of its simplicity but even if you are a professional sewer, it will suit you too because it will help you design and sew your perfect piece of clothing.

This model has many advantages included when purchasing it. First of all, it has sixteen built in stitches, including design stitches, stretch and utility ones too. It also has a hopping foot, all parts made of metal which are hard to be broken or damaged, five different needle positions and it also features a 100 meter bobbin. Some features, such as the 16 stitches can be considered as disadvantages, but that’s not necessarily true. Users who reviewed this model said that the fact that it only has 16 stitches makes it a basic model which will always be reliable. And this is so true!

To sum up all that has been said, Bernina 1010 is a very nice model of Bernina’s sewing machines, which has basic functions but as a result, it can perfectly fit beginners. It has simple features, including 16 stitch options and a free-arm, but it also has an affordable price. So all I can say is that if you are planning on buying a new sewing machine for yourself or your business, make sure to consider Bernina 1010 as a possible option, it will definitely not let you down! Best of luck!…

Proper Lighting For a Jewelry Store

Proper Lighting For a Jewelry Store

Proper store lighting can attract more customers to any establishment, help sell more product, and strengthen a store’s image. Many designers argue that the most important element of a store’s design may be its lighting. Unfortunately, lighting is often the most neglected component of store design.

When choosing the lighting for any store or display cases, here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

Ceiling Height: The height of a store’s ceiling is one of the most important factors that goes into a plan for lighting a jewelry store in such a way that the merchandise looks spectacular. As the source of light moves farther away from the merchandise the power and intensity of the light diminishes. Stores with higher ceilings (over 9′) face some challenges with lighting. Stores with ceiling that are taller either have to use more lights that are spaced closer together to illuminate a showcase or bring the light source closer by dropping down a track or using a pendant.

Color: The color of light is measure in Kelvin (temperature). The higher the temperature (Kelvin) reading the cooler the color of light and the lower the temperature the warmer the color. For example a light that is 3000K would be a warmer color and a light that is 4000K would be a cooler light. As the temperature of light gets too high (over 4200K) the color of the light begins to take on a blue quality. Lights that are in the 5500K to 6500K will look “blue” to the eye.

Bulb Life/Quality: How long a bulb is expected to last is based upon its “rated life”. The better bulbs have a rated life in excess of 10,000 hours. The quality of a bulb can also be measured by its CRI (Color Rendition Index). The higher the CRI of a bulb the better the quality of the light that it projects will be. CRI numbers over 80 signify a very high quality of light. CRI numbers over 90 signify an exemplary quality of light.

Power of Light: The power of a bulb is measured in lumens. The amount of light that is generated is measured in Lux or, more commonly, in foot-candles (“fc”). The higher the lumens the higher the amount of foot-candles that will be generated by the bulb.

Different Light Sources: There are three main sources of light that are used in Jewelry stores. They are (1) Ceramic Metal Halide (2) Halogen (3) Fluorescent. LED technology is being used more and more but is still far behind the main three. The best source of lighting for jewelry is still Ceramic Metal Halide. This is due to its qualities. They are energy efficient, powerful (lumens over 6000), come in warm and cool colors (3000K to 4200K) has excellent CRI (over 80 and in most cases over 90 CRI) and can provide foot-candles that can exceed 400. Halogens are hot, have lower CRI’s, do not maintain their color over the life …

Tenant Mix Analysis

Tenant Mix Analysis

The most common problem in tenant mix strategy is lack of focus and relevance. As a common rule, identify your tenancy strengths and build around them and on them. To do this you need to respect and understand what the market and customer needs.

Shopping Centres

Tenancy mix becomes very important in retail premises of multiple tenants; that will be shopping centres of all sizes and types. A property that does not reach the needs or interest of a customer, is going to fail.

A customer wants to be well served in their shopping needs and feel good about it when they visit your property. Visit the competition shopping centre properties nearby to compare them to that which you are currently leasing. You must understand the other properties that you are competing against together with the strengths and weaknesses that they experience.

In reviewing these other properties you look at things such as:

o The entrance ways

o The car parks

o The flow of people

o The places where people stop and congregate

o The larger anchor tenants type and location

o Standards of signage

o Lighting internally

o Transport to and from the property

o The tenants that seem more successful than others

o The tenants that seem to feed customers off each other

o The amount of time that people spend at the shopping centre

o The busier days for customer shopping

When looking at these other properties it is wise to take selective photos of the things that may be relevant to compare to your property. You can analyse the photos later and revisit your ideas. Note that some property owners and managers will be sensitive to you taking photos around their property. Discretion is the rule here.

Seek to Strengthen your Rent

The only way you can underpin your rental and strengthen it is through a good tenancy mix. Given that the leases in premises are for lengthy periods of time, any mistake with tenancy mix will exist for years and frustrate the rent, the customer, the tenant, and the property. Hence you must choose tenants well and then place them with a lease that is in harmony with surrounding premises.

As parts of that process look at these issues in balance so that any concerns of tenant mix occupancy are removed and nullified. Understand:

1. Income exposure at expiry

2. Option exercise potentials

3. Exclusive or Permitted uses in the leases

4. Vacancy effects on other existing tenants

5. Relationship building or conflict potential between sitting tenant types

6. Know why tenants like or dislike your property

7. Know how your existing tenants maximise their business operations at your property

If you follow these steps, you will be armed with the strategy you need to put you in the ‘driver’s seat’ as you implement a new leasing campaign and tenancy mix for your managed property. You will know the tenant you want and you will have the selling points to attract them.

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Origins and Functions of Clothing

Origins and Functions of Clothing

Clothing is a garment made from various kinds of materials and taking several forms used by men and women to cover their body. These garments maybe made from woven materials (silk, polyester), animal skin (leather and fur) or from synthetic materials (spandex). Some of the pieces of clothing commonly worn are slacks, jeans, skirts, shorts, shirts, blouses, vests, coats.

Origins of clothing

Fur, leather, grass or leaves were believed to be some of the earliest materials that made up clothes. These materials were tied around the body, draped or wrapped. Archeologists and anthropologists debate on the exact date of the origins of clothing since clothes made from fur, leather, leaves and grass deteriorate rapidly compared to other materials. In Kostensi, Russia, prehistoric sewing needles made of bones and ivory were identified as from 30,000 BC. There was also a discovery of dyed flax fibers in a prehistoric cave in the Republic of Georgia that is believed to be 36,000 years old.

Functions of clothing

The primary function of clothing is the covering of the body as protection against the elements. In cold regions, it is to keep the body warm. In warm regions, clothes serve as protection from sunburn or wind damage. Early humans may have saved the skins of the animals they hunted and used them as clothes to keep warm or gathered leaves and grass to cover their bodies.

The social aspect of the wearing of clothes is another function. Clothing is used to serve as class distinction. In American Indian tribes, their chief or leader wore elaborate headgear. In Ancient Rome, the wearing garments dyed with Syrian Purple were limited to senators.

Another function of clothing is the maintenance of decency. In the Bible, Adam and Eve covered their bodies when they realized that they were naked after eating the fruit from the forbidden tree. In some Islamic countries, women were required to cover the whole of their bodies except the face. In most societies, it is indecent for men and women to mingle with others without wearing clothes. With more relaxed standards in modern times, this function is being undermined as some clothes tend to be provocative that the distinction of decency is becoming blurred.

Another use for clothing is for uniforms for occupations, affiliations, etc. Judges and magistrate wear robes in courts. The members of team sports wear identical jerseys to distinguish themselves from other teams. Even in the military, each unit (army, navy, air force) have their distinct uniforms.

Self-expression is another function of clothes. In general, wearing clothes with the color of black is a sign of mourning. Also, modern times have seen the influence of fashion to pop culture. Elaborate and artistic pieces of clothing for every occasions and moods are almost always available to most.…

Solutions – My Most Valuable Tips

Solutions – My Most Valuable Tips

Why More People Are Using Celigo Integration Platform as a Service

In today’s world, technology is more important than ever before. The truth is that if you want your company to be successful, you owe it to yourself to invest in technology. It should be stated, of course, that this can be difficult. Keep in mind that the world of technology is always evolving. With things moving so quickly, you will struggle to keep pace. Fortunately, there is a way to improve the situation. By investing in Celigo’s innovative platform as a service model, you can get the help that you’ll need to improve your company.

This technology is used by hundreds of people each and every day. There are actually several advantages to using this platform. Keep in mind that flexibility is actually very relevant. The truth is that your business is a completely unique entity. You need to find a plan that will work for your particular situation. If you want to see your company improve, you’ll want to start investing in Celigo iPaas.

When you’re evaluating your software, it’s important to think about your integrations. Keep in mind that in today’s world, software is incredibly prevalent. Your company may use dozens of different programs to complete different tasks. With so much going on, it can be difficult to keep things straight. The only way to really be successful here is to look at your approach to integration. You simply are not using your time efficiently if you are having to use multiple programs. This approach will also lead to errors. Fortunately, there is a way to improve the situation. By using Celigo integration platform as a service, you can dramatically improve the way that your company uses software.
Software: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

As you evaluate your software, there are a number of factors that you’ll want to look at. To get started, you should think about ease of use. The truth is that you need software that is logically designed. You will only become frustrated if your software is difficult to use. If you’re working with a larger company, this becomes even more important. Remember that some of your employees will not be entirely confident with technology. If you can, you should invest in software that works out of the box. Remember that your time is valuable. You may not have the time that you need to really set up a complicated program. Remember that if you want your company to become more efficient, you owe it to yourself to look at Celigo IPaaS.
How I Became An Expert on Options

Never underestimate the value of versatility. You should be able to use your software in a variety of situations. By investing in Celigo integration platform as a service, you can get more from your small business.…

Prevent Pushout Theft – Ways to Reduce Shoplifting and High Volume Merchandise Theft

Prevent Pushout Theft – Ways to Reduce Shoplifting and High Volume Merchandise Theft

Shoplifting is one of the most common crimes in the world. Statistics from the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention states that approximately 1 in 11 Americans are shoplifters. Some shoplifters have discovered that with the use of a shopping cart, they can look less conspicuous and retrieve more items at once, rolling large volumes of unpaid goods out the door. This type of shoplifting is called pushout theft. This term is used in the retail industry describing an event in which a person fills a shopping cart with merchandise and exits the store without paying. Thieves have discovered they can steal high volumes of expensive merchandise in a pushout theft event. The availability to easily resell items on the Internet makes this type of crime all too desirable. Due to the recent economic downturn as well as the organized retail crime on the rise, pushout theft is continuing to grow, severely reducing store’s revenue.

There are a number of methods stores can use to prevent loss. Loss prevention measures to prevent pushout theft ranges from item sensors, security cameras, security guards, and vertical pole shopping cart attachments. However, the most effective solution to prevent pushout theft is with the use of a shopping cart locking wheel solution.

Shopping cart locking wheel solutions work by replacing one wheel on each cart with a locking wheel. Any exitways out of the store have an invisible perimeter in place. Carts equipped with a locking wheel become disabled at the exit when a shoplifter attempts to quickly leave the store. Shoppers that have paid for their merchandise may exit having never known the system was in place. An in-store visible and audible alarm enables store personnel to respond immediately when a theft event occurs and recover the merchandise that could not be pushed out of the store. This type of system can also be tied in with video monitoring systems to record the event as well. The cost to invest in a cart wheel lock pushout theft prevention system is quickly recouped from the amount of merchandise that is recovered. The Return on Investment for this type of system is estimated to be under one year.

There are also a number of unique products designed to prevent the use of merchandise if it is stolen. These unique products consist of sensors or pieces of plastic attached to the merchandise. Although item sensors and plastic attachments can be extremely effective, they do not always prevent the merchandise from leaving the store, as many thieves have found ways to remove the sensors. Even when sensors are left on some gutsy thieves have been known to run when the alarm sounds or in other scenarios they walk out next to someone else and when the alarm sounds they pretend the alarm was due to the other shopper then slyly slip out of the store while the others check for sensors perhaps accidentally left on items in their own bags. Additionally, one other downfall can be that some …

Knowing the Virgo Woman As a Lover – 5 Techniques to Make Her Yours

Knowing the Virgo Woman As a Lover – 5 Techniques to Make Her Yours

Virgo women are intellectual with a strong drive to succeed and be known — the most dominating positive trait of Virgos is that they are very humble, in all angles. When they work, they work for the success of the majority and find recognition and greed very distasteful. That’s why being involved with a Virgo woman is a lover will surely push you back to the right track — they are great motivators and communicators that they will never stop until they can see tangible results. To get to know her better, start knowing the Virgo Woman as a Lover now — plus techniques to make her yours:

  • Impress her with intelligence. You don’t have to start memorizing encyclopedias to do that — sometimes, it’s in how to speak or in how you catch her attention on something that interests her as well. As an intellectual, she also craves for a smart partner — and lover. So get those brain cells on gear soon.
  • Take over. Being bossy may be a little unpleasant to almost everybody but to a Virgo, it’s something we should call, “a turn-on”. Virgo women love men who make them feel every inch a woman — meaning you must know how to have control, take the lead and dominate her (but of course, that doesn’t mean you should be a push-over).
  • Show dedication. Virgo women are hardworking so a great chance says she expects the same with you. Practically, she would prefer someone who’s much more successful that she is, someone older or even someone who earns more than she does.
  • Shower her with compliments. Compliments are every woman’s weakness and a Virgo woman needs to be flattered every once in a while. Although they aren’t the once who feel very comfortable with being showered with recognition, they do when it comes to romance. She needs to know that she’s beautiful and desirable — it adds up to her confidence and be prettier and better for you.
  • Make her do something new. Virgo women are also very focused and dedicated to the point of exhausting themselves sometimes — they will not stop until they finish they’ve started. That’s why you’re greatest mission is to get her to loosen up and have fun once in a while. Do that and she’ll be even more romantic and good to you as a lover.

If you want more techniques and to uncover the secrets on how to be attractive and absolutely desirable to the opposite sex, get a free dose of your daily seduction techniques and other tips in knowing the Virgo woman as a lover by visiting by website now! Know her sign and get her full profile and other Chinese astrology romance compatibility predictions today! My website holds all amazing methods on how to do it all! You’re one click away from all the excitement.…

Tips for Female Emcees of Wedding Ceremonies

Tips for Female Emcees of Wedding Ceremonies

A wedding ceremony is something very special for the couple. This is the celebration of the couple’s unity. This is why it is important to hire the best master of ceremony for that special day. Most of the time, the master of ceremony is a male. But there are now lots of female emcees particularly for wedding ceremonies these days. If you think that you can be a great wedding emcee, then you should follow these tips especially if you are a female emcee.

As female emcees, it is normal for you to focus your attention to the bride since you are both females. However, you should never forget about the groom. You should focus your attention to the couple and the celebration. As the emcee, you should know the details of the event. You should be able to lead the event and make it as organized as possible. You should also be informed of the program of the event so that you would know how to introduce each and every part of the event as well as the participants of the segment.

Also, you should be well prepared for the event. You can make your own plot of the event according to its proper flow. With this, you would know what to say on each and every part of the celebration. Make sure that you write down your script or lines. It is best if you can memorize the whole program but if not, it is also wise to bring along your script so that you will not forget any of your lines.

Before going to the event, make sure that you say your lines all over again. This will serve as your final practice. By doing this, you would know if there are some things that you need to change in your speech. This will also help you memorize the lines that you will be saying. Keep in mind, practice makes perfect.

You may keep the communication line open with the couple or with the events manager. This will give you an idea on what lines you have to give out during the event. You will also know what things the couple would like you to say or mention in their special day. With this, you will also know the program or flow of the event.

Dress up and make yourself look beautiful as well. It is better to dress up in a simple yet presentable manner. You do not have to over dress because you are not the center of the event. Make sure that the attention of the audience will be on the couple and not on you. Make this the night of your clients. This is their most special day and you should make it memorable for them. Being female emcees entail a big responsibility in managing the event that you are to host. So, make sure that you perform it right.…

Advantages and Disadvantages of Professional Shopping Cart Software

Advantages and Disadvantages of Professional Shopping Cart Software

Advantages & Disadvantages of professional shopping cart software As e-Commerce is becoming a regular technique in the business industry it appears that more and more software development firms are developing professional shopping cart software to be released in the market. There is currently a huge range of free shopping cart software that has been released, and it seems that most e-Commerce website owners prefer these free systems over paid for professional shopping cart software. In this article we are going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of professional shopping cart software.


• Even though you will have to pay for the solution, you get a cart package that has been fully developed, tested and used in the real working world by other e-Commerce websites. If the solution is used by a popular website service then the chances are it has been under more than enough testing to be deemed ready for use.

• Professional shopping cart software will be supported by the people who developed it. A lot of free solutions out there are simply developed and then discontinued as the freelance developers move onto their next project. Support is essential if you are going to want upgrades as mentioned in our next point.

• As the system is supported, the development team are likely to fix any bugs that may occur and provide patches and security fixes. This means the shopping cart software will only get better as time goes on and furthermore improve your e-Commerce website.

• Your site is likely to be more secure when using a professional software solution as in most cases the it developed house private content management systems. This improves security as public content management systems such as WordPress are constantly under threat from hackers as they try to compromise the free source code.

• Another huge advantage of using professionally developed software in e-Commerce is that they will already support a huge range of different payment options for your customers. There are various carts – that only offer PayPal for payment by standard, and it can take a very long time to find plug-ins or figure out how to add other methods yourself. With professional software you can save time and possibly money as it is all included.


• Your e-Commerce venture might be a small time project and professional cart does cost money which you may not have. In this case you may have to make do with a free shopping cart solution. The good part of conducting business online is that after you have made profit with the free system you can reinvest your money to buy a professional package.

• You trust the developers to do everything they promise to ensure the best experience. It might be slightly difficult to use at first and you might have to spend some time getting used to the bespoke system. You also have to understand that you are vulnerable until patches are made if a security flaw is found.…

Buying Jewelry For Your Girlfriend – A Practical Guide

Buying Jewelry For Your Girlfriend – A Practical Guide

If you’re a man, you’re probably not much into jewelry. Most men, by and large, aren’t. Nevertheless, maybe it’s your girlfriend’s birthday or it’s Christmas or (heaven forbid!) it’s Valentine’s Day and you’ve decided you want to give your special girl the gift of jewelry. Good for you! It’s a wonderful choice, assuming, of course, that you already know that your girlfriend loves and appreciates nice jewelry. Okay, so now what?

Step One: Decide how much you can comfortably spend. Or, if you’re rolling in money, decide how much you’re willing to spend. If you’re barely scraping by, don’t beat yourself over a lack of funds or get the idea that unless you put yourself into dire financial straights over this purchase, you aren’t loving her enough. That’s nonsense, and any woman worth her salt will tell you so. When it comes to jewelry, we gals know that it’s not a guy’s cup of tea, that they are out of their depth and probably afraid they’ve made the wrong choice. We get it. And we appreciate the fact that you’re willing to try.

Step Two: Once you’ve got an idea of your budget, decide what form this jewelry gift will take. Will it be earrings? A necklace? A bracelet? A ring? If money’s a concern, earrings or a pendant necklace, especially if we’re talking about fine jewelry, are probably the most affordable pieces of jewelry. For the uninitiated, you can translate ‘fine jewelry’ to mean anything that has a K in it – as in 10k gold, 12k gold, 14k gold, etc. Earrings are pretty self-explanatory. A pendant necklace usually means a precious or semi-precious stone or two in a gold or silver setting, suspended by a chain of the same metal.

By the way, there is absolutely nothing wrong with opting for a piece of fine jewelry that’s 12k gold or even 10k. The gold content is distributed throughout the jewelry piece, so put aside any fears you may have that the gold will ‘wear off.’ If it’s all you can comfortably afford, it’s fine. And it will look good, too. This is supposed to be a token of affection and thoughtfulness, not a test of how much you care nor a measure of how much she’s valued. We’ve got to lose this notion that someone who receives an 18k gold ring is more loved than someone who receives a 10k ring. It’s ridiculous.

If the budget can’t accommodate a gift of fine jewelry, then consider Sterling silver jewelry. There are many beautiful Sterling silver pieces available, many with gorgeous semiprecious gemstones. Or you can stick with straight Sterling, no gemstones, and find your dollar will go quite far. For the same amount of money you’ll pay for a pair of, say, diamond stud earrings, you can probably buy your girl a completely new wardrobe of Sterling silver jewelry.

When you deciding on what kind of jewelry to buy, please take your girlfriend’s style into consideration. If …